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Bohle Group

The Bohle Group offers an extensive range of Lifting and transporting devices that have been specially developed for the glass trade to make this work easier, all available from ULS Lifting. Feel free to call to discuss your requirements at 01384 986 026 or email us at

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BO 5107900 - Bohle Professional Glass Cleaner

BO 5107900

Price is for a 12 cannister box size.

Can be used for glass, smooth plastic surfaces, mirrors, car windows, tiles · for workshop and home, showcases and display windows · sparkling surfaces without streaking · environmentally sound propellant Ideal for cleaning glass parts after fusing.

£39.98 ex VAT

£47.98 inc VAT

BO 5000220 - Clamping Carriage

BO 5000220

This innovative helper saves you time and staff expenses when transporting and mounting furniture. Ideal for transporting glass, doors, partition walls, sheet / plate materials and structural components with a maximum thickness of 100 mm and a maximum weight of 200 kg.

£248.98 ex VAT

£298.78 inc VAT

BO 5065501 - Bohle Carrying Strap Leather

BO 5065501

Leather carrying strap to assist with transporting large heavy panels - suitable for glass, Stone or metal. Fitted with large wooden handles for a comfortable fit and strap bearing point fitted with additional felt lining as both wear and chafe protection.

£114.98 ex VAT

£137.98 inc VAT

BO 5065600 - Bohle Carrying Strap Linen

BO 5065600

Heavy Duty Linen carrying straps to aid transporting heavy panels - suitable for Glass, Stone or Metal. - Fitted with two large hand loops and strap bearing point fitted with additional felt lining as both wear and chafe protection .

£18.98 ex VAT

£22.78 inc VAT

12 24 48

The Bohle Group is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers and wholesalers of tools, machinery, and accessories for glass processing and glass finishing. The family business, founded in 1923, is now represented by almost 400 employees at fifteen locations in Germany and abroad. Divided into Hardware, Handling, Glass Cutting (manual and automatic), Glass Bonding, Surface Protection, and Tools and Machinery product divisions, the total product range is precisely tailored to the respective customer groups from trade, industry, and retail.

Quality is the leading principle at Bohle – in every area. To live up to this requirement, the company develops and manufactures many products themselves, for example. A modern logistics centre quickly sends the ordered goods on their way to the customer.