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Recovery & Restraints

Welcome to the Ultimate Lifting solutions extensive range of quality Recovery and Restraint equipment - Within this section you will find all the recovery equipment required to aid in the recovery / loading of broken-down vehicles including axle chains, pulling chains and recovery shackles. 

Ultimate Lifting solutions offer a vast range of Restraint equipment as well, which is idea for load restraint within a van, inside a trailer or on the back of a lorry. ULSLIFTING offer a large selection of Ratchet Straps and lashing down chains supplied with or without loadbinders, to aid the safe transportation of all loads – If you cannot see what you require, give us a call and discuss your requirements, we at ULS can make bespoke and special lashing chains and can offer made to order ratchet straps to suit your requirements.

Restraint Equipment.

Ultimate Lifting Solutions offer a huge range of restraint equipment used to secure loads before transportation. All our load restraint equipment can be broken down into two sections webbing load restraint equipment and chain load restraint equipment.

Webbing Load Restraint Equipment.

Webbing style load restraint equipment such as ratchet straps, also commonly known as Tie Down Straps, lashing strap or load strap are a prefect answer for securing a load that are easily marked or scratched. The soft wide webbing sits nice on the surface to be secured, they will not mark paintwork or similar surfaces – Ultimate Lifting Solutions supply ratchets straps starting from the small 25mm wide ratchet strap , ULS also stock 35mm wide ratchet straps, 590mm wide tie down straps and 75mm wide ratchet straps – the most common size is the 50mm wide ratchet straps, these 2” wide load straps are perfect balance between strength and cost and come in many sizes starting from 3m long. As standard they are fitted with claw hooks, yet other end fitting is available including snap hooks and S hooks. Ultimate lifting solutions can also offer bespoke ratchet straps manufactured to your requirements, any length no matter how long is available.

 Lashing Down Chain Equipment.

Lashing Down chain are manufactured mainly from High tensile chain which are very strong but are also very hard. It is not practical to use them over a load that can dent or scratch easily – Therefore Lashing down chains are more commonly used to secure loads within the engineering, agricultural and vehicle industries where your lashing points are usually underneath the load to be secured. Lashing chains are commonly used to secure large agricultural vehicles such as tractors or perfect to lashing down a JCB or a digger on a flatbed wagon or trailer for a mini digger, the chains can be secured under the wide on to suitable hard-wearing parts such as the vehicle axle. Some larger construction site equipment comes with lashing points, making it easier to secure the load before transportation. The chains which come as standard with lashing hook or can be replaced to have hook with catch. Load binders are commonly used in conjunction with the chains to aid in the tightening up of the lashing chain being used.

Lashing and recovery accessories.

To compliment the ultimate lifting solutions, range of lashing and recovery products, lashing shackles and towing shackles are available in many sizes and many capacities. These alloy steel high strength shackles for both lifting or towing are great when used to attach lifting or towing slings to the recovery truck. They are compact in size and have easy to turn load pins make them a great addition to any towing trucks it to aid the recovery of broken-down vehicles. 

Another key accessory is webbing slings – choose either a flat lifting sling with eyes each end or the circular lifting sling that can also be used for pulling stuck vehicles. Ultimate lifting solutions stock a huge selection of slings to suit your requirements. If you cannot find what you are looking for, Give the sales team a call at ultimate lifting solutions on 01384 986 026 and speak to our very helpful sales team.