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Scaffold Hoists

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Scaffold Hoists

Welcome to the Ultimate Lifting Solutions Scaffold Hoists and Scaffold Hoist Spares section. Top industrial quality 110 volt scaffold hoists available from stock at the very best prices that can be found online. Most models are available for next-day delivery for top manufacturers including Imer Scaffold Hoists, IORI Scaffold Hoists, and L'Europea. Scaffold hoists are available from 150Kgs capacity up to 500Kgs capacity for our builder's gantry hoist system.

View our large selection of scaffold hoists and accessories from leading European manufacturers. tested and certified before dispatch and all scaffold hoists are supplied with full warranties. if you are unsure of what scaffold hoist or scaffold hoist accessory is required speak to our industry-trained sales team today at 01384 986 026

110 volt Scaffold Hoist 200Kg Capacity


110 volt Scaffold Hoist 200Kg Capacity supplied with a swivel bracket for direct fit to scaffold tubes, a Lifting height of 25m, and a lifting speed of 25 metre per minute. Quality hoist aimed at professional builders and heavy-duty lifting. The DM200I is becoming a favourite among our customers and quickly becoming a Top Selling product.

£954.99 ex VAT

£764.98 ex VAT

£917.98 inc VAT

Imer ES150 Scaffold Clamp Bolt


Imer ES150 Replacement Scaffold Fixing Clamp Bolt only - Supplied as a set including the 1 x "T" bar Bolt, 1 x Washer, and 1 x Nut

£14.98 ex VAT

£17.98 inc VAT

Imer ES150 Scaffold Clamps


Imer ES150 Scaffold Clamps. One pair of replacement scaffold clamps to suit the ES150. Great if you have lost your original clamps or you need a second pair for multi-site positioning of the hoist.

£119.98 ex VAT

£143.98 inc VAT

Imer ES150N Replacement Pendant and Cable


IMER ES150N Scaffold hoist Replacement Pendant, cable, and connection plug. Supplied with 1.5m Lead and control station. If your hoist is more than ten years old. please call for advice on the correct pendant

£198.98 ex VAT

£238.78 inc VAT

Imer TR225N Replacement Pendant and Cable


Replacement Pendant and cable to suit the IMER TR225N Scaffold hoist. Supplied with 1.5m Lead and control station. Complete Pendant for TR225/N - IMER Official Accessory

£198.98 ex VAT

£238.78 inc VAT

Lifting Wheel Barrow - 200Kgs


Lifting Wheel Barrow - 200Kgs is an industrial quality Lifting Wheelbarrow rated to lift 200Kg. To perfect aid to safely and easily lift or lower wet or loose materials between levels on a building site or construction site. These units are fitted with a central lifting point for fast and secure connection to a scaffold hoist or any other builder hoists.

£209.00 ex VAT

£194.98 ex VAT

£233.98 inc VAT

Lifting Wheel Barrow Replacement Bucket - 200Kgs


Replacement Bucket only to suit the Liftable Wheelbarrow, rated to 200Kgs - Hard wearing polypropylene tray

£94.98 ex VAT

£113.98 inc VAT

Securpulley c/w Fixed Bracket / Kit Bag


Securpulley c/w Fixed Bracket / Kit Bag system is a great lifting pulley kit that fits quickly and securely to any scaffolding tube. The kit comprises a fixed bracket that can fit directly onto a standard scaffold tube and a kit bag for keeping the scaffold hoist clean when not in use, to create an all-in kit.

£319.00 ex VAT

£279.98 ex VAT

£335.98 inc VAT

Securpulley c/w Swivel Bracket, Fixed Bracket & Kit Bag


Securpulley c/w Swivel Bracket, Fixed Bracket & Kit Bag system supplied with two mounting brackets, the standard fixed bracket and an extra swivel bracket, as well as a kit bag to keep everything in one place when not in use. The Securpulley Swivel Bracket and Fixed Bracket fit quickly and securely to standard scaffolding tubes.

£513.00 ex VAT

£448.98 ex VAT

£538.78 inc VAT

Securpulley Rope - 60m long with hook end


Securpulley Rope - 60m long with hook end, supplied fully tested and certified - Manufactured from a quality 18mm Dia polypropylene rope x 60m Long. Supplied complete with a tested lifting hook on one end. NOTE - To be used in conjunction with the Securpulley lifting system only.

£209.98 ex VAT

£251.98 inc VAT

110 volt Industrial Scaffold Hoist 150Kg Capacity


110 volt Industrial Scaffold Hoist 150Kg Capacity is a heavy-duty Site Hoist that can lift up to 40m. Supplied with a telescopic mounting bracket and a fast lifting speed of 38 metres per minute. making it one of the fasting scaffold hoists available in the UK.

£1,114.99 ex VAT

£874.98 ex VAT

£1,049.98 inc VAT

20" Rubbish Chute Kit


Quality Red 20" Rubbish Chute starter kit for standard house clearance. supplied with a top Hopper and 4 straight sections giving a 5m Rubble chute Kit, Ideal for aiding the safe disposal of builders' waste materials, debris, or rubble from a standard house roof down to a skip. Quick and easy setup, supplied with all connection chains and optional scaffold fixing frame.

£198.98 ex VAT

£238.78 inc VAT

SCAFFOLD HOISTS from Ultimate Lifting Solutions Limited

Most industrial scaffold hoists are available on next-day delivery from ULS Lifting due to our extensive range available. 110 volt Scaffold hoists are very versatile outdoor site hoists that can be used for many different applications for lifting or lower goods from a simple two-story house up to a construction site multi-story building. capacities of scaffold hoists also vary, the most common scaffold hoists are 150kg or 200kg, rising to gantry hoists at 300kg or 500kg. If you need help deciding on the best-suited scaffold hoist, feel free to call ULS Lifting today to discuss your options.

A standard scaffold hoist fits securely to standard scaffold tubes and scaffold hoists supplied by IMER, Officine IORI, and L'Europea are rated and designed to fit securely and safely on the standard 48mm scaffold poles, these are commonly rated at either 150 kg or 200kg such as the very popular ES150 IMER Scaffold hoist 150Kgs, ET200 IMER Scaffold Hoist 200Kgs or the 110 volt Industrial Scaffold Hoist 150Kg Capacity and 110volt Scaffold Hoist 200Kg Capacity. If a larger lifting capacity is required then the Imer ET300 Builders Gantry Hoist System or the IMER Builders Gantry Hoist System 500Kg Capacity would be better suited.

For a twist on the traditional scaffold hoist that is commonly fitted at the top of the building, there are now floor-mounted scaffold hoists available, ULS offers two from stock, the IORI 110 volt Floor Mounted Scaffold Hoist and the L'Europea MP200 Scaffold Hoist.

Ultimate Lifting Solutions Ethos is to supply quality products, at competitive prices, we only supply from the best brands on the market and only sell reliable equipment. all Scaffold hoists are supplied with the manufacturer's warranty. An advantage of supplying from top manufacturers of 110 volt scaffold hoists is the fact we also sell Scaffold Hoist Accessories such as brick baskets, Lifting wheelbarrows, Brick Baskets or Tipping Buckets. Spare parts to suit scaffold hoists are also available, from replacement scaffold clamps, replacement pendants and cable, or a new rope to suit the scaffold rope. If you need help with any spare part to suit a scaffold hoist, feel free to call and enquire.