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Lashing Chains & Fittings

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Lashing Chains & Fittings

Ultimate Lifting Solutions offer strong, quality heavy duty lashing and tiedown chains to suit all situations, but commonly used to securing broken down vehicles to the back of recovery trucks, lashing chains are also used to secure heavy machinery on the back or transport lorries and a tiedown chains are great for securing steel sheets, plate and other steel structures on delivery wagons – The ULS Lashing chains are a single leg chain sling with either one hook or hook both ends – you can choose which style to have, choose one end or both ends even choose the exact length you require – Ultimate lifting solutions supply load binders to suit the tie down chains and lashing chains can be supplied to BS EN12195-3

If you cannot see what you require call ULS on 01384 986 0326 or email us on and we will contact, you back immediately

Lashing Chain Kits c/w both chain and loadbinders


Lashing Chain Kits c/w both chain and load binders are perfect for lashing down equipment ready for transporting loads such as diggers, JCBs, Machinery or Steel plates & sections, or any other situation when a traditional webbing ratchet strap would not be suitable or strong enough.

£11.45 ex VAT

£13.74 inc VAT

Lashing Chains with Hook Ends


Lashing Chains with Hook Ends are perfect when transporting heavy and bulky loads such as diggers, JCBs, Machinery, and steel plate & sections. Our lashing chains can be assembled to suit your requirements, choose your capacity, choose your length, and choose your style of hooks - All slings come with certification.

£11.45 ex VAT

£13.74 inc VAT

Ratchet Load Binder with Grab Hooks


Ratchet Load Binder with Grab Hooks that are used to tension lashing chains on trailers and low loaders. matching chain sets available from ULS Lifting. Once under tension, these load binders with hook ends will not unscrew meaning your valuable load is secure for the full trip

£25.00 ex VAT

£30.00 inc VAT

Lashing Chain

Lashing chains or Tie Down chains are commonly used when heavy engineering products or large machinery or even vehicles are needed to be secured before transportation. It could be securing a load within a container for overseas shipment. It could be a farmer needing to move a tractor and wants to make sure his farming machinery is secure before transportation, it could be a JCB or a digger, needing moving to a construction or builder’s site. It can even be a steel stockholder that needs to secure their load before transporting engineering steel profiles and plates. No matter what the requirements ultimate lifting solutions can offer lashing and towing equipment to suit – the ULS range of low loader chains start from 8mm dia chain with a high strength lashing capacity of 4 tonne or 4000daN (kgs) – these are great for lashing down smaller loads such as mini diggers on trailers. The 8mm lashing chain are very strong and have a minimum breaking load of 8 tonne. Our most common size is 10mm with a lashing capacity of 6.3 tonne, idea for lashing down medium sized structures and vehicles. 10mm lashing chain has a minimum breaking load of 12.6 tonne and when used in pairs or in multiples of four, are idea for a multi-point lashing chain system of loads between 10 tonne and twenty tonnes. If you are required to secure large loads and long heavy loads, then you might consider either big heavy duty 13mm lashing chain systems or our 16mm lashing chain systems. 13mm lashing chain have a 10 tonne capacity per lashing chain and 16mm tie down chains have a lashing capacity of 16 tonne per chain – both these chains are big and heavy and consideration required on when to use this size of lashing chain, due to their physical size and weight.

Lashing Chain end fittings

Depending on what type of vehicle you are lashing down onto, or maybe your securing a load inside a container, on the back of a flat bed with lashing points then the end fittings of the lashing chain might need to be different – the standard lashing chain come with either the small grab hook or the sling hook – The Grab hook is just wider than the chain diameter is easily slides over a link of chain to lock into place. The sling hook will snap onto the chain, and is great for natural choking or tightening up on to the chain.

Ratchet Load binders 

The standard ratchet load binder is a great accessory used to tighten and secure the chain from the machine to the bed of the truck – they come in 4 sizes to suit the chain diameter. Once fitted, the operator can use the handle to ratchet the chain tighter and tighter until the load is totally secure  and the loadbinder is left in situ and will not unwind until the operator switches the load tensioner into the open position

Lashing Chain Kits

Ultimate lifting solutions try and think of everything to help our customers when it comes to purchasing tie down kit or lashing chain kits – it can be simple – just chose your chain diameter and follow the simple steps to create your kit – chose the end fitting of the lashing chain, then chose the second end fitting. Next will be chain length and finally add the load binder – that makes one lashing down chain, just select how many you need.

Ultimate Lifting Solutions assemble all the lashing chains to customer requirements, we can make and dispatch within one day – So if you cannot see the exact tie down chain sling required – Give ULS a call today to go through your requirements