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Mechanical Lifting Clamps & Grabs

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Mechanical Lifting Clamps & Grabs

Welcome to the Mechanical Lifting clamps & Grabs section of the ULSLIFTING.COM website.

Within this section you will find one of the largest selection of professional tools aimed at civil engineers, landscapers and paving layers. We stock a comprehensive range from Probst Handling Equipment and Eichinger Equipment as our main manufacturers, both offer quality build industrial class manual handling equipment commonly found on any construction site or builders site.

If you can not see the mechanical lifting clamp or grab you require you require, feel free to contact our fully trained technical sales team on 01384 986 026 or email

Concrete Step Gripper UH 1546.1

UH 1546.1

A great semi-automatic gripper with universal handles makes this item the contractor's choice for lifting bigger and heavier kerb stones, Edging angles and concrete blocks.  Designed with a simple easy pick-up and a laying mechanism that saves valuable site time.  Fitted with a lifting eye for attaching to chain slings enabling the ability to lift loads up to 500Kgs. 

£514.98 ex VAT

£617.98 inc VAT

Concrete Step Lifter KL 1542.1

KL 1542.1

A great universal handle designed for lifting and transporting concrete steps, kerbs, edging angles, "L" Stones, and similar. Adjustable opening range and fitted with a lifting eye for attaching to a crane or chain sling

£464.98 ex VAT

£557.98 inc VAT

FXAH-120 Probst GRABO Pro Lifter

FXAH 120 Grabo Pro Lifter

Probst FXAH 120 Pro Lifter, designed for landscaping and tiling professionals that needs a reliable portable vacuum lifter that can securely grab almost any surface with ease. Can even lift rough, porous and wet surfaces perfect for landscapers and tilers

£370.00 ex VAT

£334.98 ex VAT

£401.98 inc VAT

FXAH-120 Probst Vacuum lifter


This highly popular lifting solution is a revolutionary new tool. It is a battery-powered vacuum lifter that basically picks up a huge range of site materials from drywall, exterior building panels, tombstones, patterned slates/floor panels, textured glass and granite to concrete, patterned steel, and wood and will even grab to rough, porous and wet surfaces

£245.00 ex VAT

£229.98 ex VAT

£275.98 inc VAT

Grabo Plus Battery Vacuum Lifter

Grabo Plus

Grabo Plus Battery Vacuum Lifter that securely lifts almost any surface with ease. Rough, porous, and wet surfaces! lift, transport, and lay all types of porous materials Patio slabs, concrete slabs, natural stones, tiles, and the absorbent building materials.

£232.00 ex VAT

£184.98 ex VAT

£221.98 inc VAT

Grabo Plus Battery Vacuum Lifter Twin Pack

Grabo Plus TWIN PACK

Grabo Plus Battery Vacuum Lifter Twin Pack. Designed to securely grab and lift almost any surface with ease. Rough, porous, and wet surfaces! lift, move, and lay all types of porous materials concrete slabs, natural stones, tiles, and absorbent building materials.

£464.00 ex VAT

£345.00 ex VAT

£414.00 inc VAT

Grabo Pro Battery Vacuum Lifter 170Kgs

Grabo Pro

The Grabo Pro Vacuum Lifter is designed for professionals that need a reliable portable vacuum lifter that can securely grab almost any surface with ease. Can even lift rough, porous, and wet surfaces perfect for landscapers and tilers

£309.00 ex VAT

£289.98 ex VAT

£347.98 inc VAT

Kassel Kerb Lifter KKL1562

KKL 1562

Kassel Kerb Lifter is a quality Kerb Grab that makes very light work when you need to lift and transport large pre-cast concrete products, kerbstones, bus stop kerbs and similar in a safe and efficient manner.

£1,068.98 ex VAT

£1,282.78 inc VAT

Kerb Stone Handle KSH 1504

KSH 1504

The KSH 1504 Kerb Stone Handle has been designed for use in pairs in order to move kerb stones, edging blocks, natural stone blocks and concrete Fence posts, thanks to its large variable jaw width and rubber lined jaws

£59.98 ex VAT

£71.98 inc VAT

Kerb Stone Sorting Clamp SC 1541

SC 1541

Two person manual Kerbstone laying clamp that makes light work of positioning concrete kerb stones tight together and straight. Also has central lifting eye to attach to chain sling for use with telehandler or forklift for larger kerb stones.

£204.98 ex VAT

£245.98 inc VAT

Probst BVZ Universal Handle


Probst BVZ Universal Handles with large adjustable opening range, ideal for most landscaping and gardening kerb stones and other concrete blocks, such as concrete railway sleepers. 

£183.98 ex VAT

£220.78 inc VAT

Probst BZ Kerb Handle


Probst BZ Kerb Stone Handle ideal for lifting and transporting Kerb Stones, Edging Stones, Concrete Gutters and paving materials. Can also be used with natural kerb stones and other landscaping elements.

£59.98 ex VAT

£71.98 inc VAT

The ultimate lifting solutions Ltd selection of mechanical lifting clamps and grabs are aimed to provide lifting and handling solutions for civil engineers, paying / kerb layers and landscapers and there commercial and industrial contracts. with the increase of construction work, urban regeneration, road & footway improvements, construction work, carpark construction, new railway lines, new tram lines and the increase of new bus lanes and footpath within cities landscapes, there is a major increase in the need of mechanical lifting grabs and clamps. We at ULS can offer many solutions to your lifting and handling needs. from a simple paving lifter such as paving block extractors, Slab extractor, Brick handle and turf stone handles to slab handles, laying of landscape elements to efficiently lay kerbstones such as kerb stone clamps, laying clamps, concrete step handles, border stone handles, kerb lifters, grabs for prefabricated concrete products, mechanical boulder grabs and cable channel clamps. in fact, we have a handle that can fit practically every design element employed in the field of urban, open, and green space construction, with the increased construction of new roads and bus stops we cater for the civil engineers, kerb stone and edging stone layers and the street pavers by offering a large selection of kerb slab lifters, concrete slab lifters, concrete pipe grabs, manhole ring grabs, manhole lifters and Kassel Kerb Lifters. One of ultimate lifting solutions best selling kerbstone or lightweight slab clamps is the Probst VZ1, a manual two-person concrete laying clamp designed for manual placement of kerbstones, equipped with automatic release and rubber grippers which helps on larger heavy concrete elements. Or another common block lifter is our Eichinger 1546 universal grab, which is any contractor’s choice working with larger kerbstones and blocks.

Ultimate Lifting solutions offer a comprehensive range of vacuum laying tools aimed at the civil engineering and slab laying industry, Vacuum lifters have numerous benefits over mechanical grabs in lifting, handling and the installation of building materials, concrete materials, and natural stone. Vacuum lifters pick up from the middle, not the edge, creating no edge chips of cracks and the slabs can be laid without joints. Vacuum lifters offer a professional finish to laying slabs, the finished area free of joints, and any miss placed slab can be repositioned with ease. our top selling vacuum lifter being the Probst VPH150 with handles designed for two-person operation, a battery-operated vacuum lifter that will work all day long without the need for a recharge. for smaller jobs we offer the Probst FXAH120 and the Grabo Vacuum lifters, these compact vacuum lifters with a capacity of 120kgs are supplied with two batteries and can pick up any porous materials such as concrete, wood, drywall, uneven patio slabs and granite tile.

To complement our range of concrete element lifters, ultimate lifting solutions also supply a large range of lifting chain slings, snatch chains, lifting shackles and lifting slings - all can be fitted to the kerb stone lifters to help lift larger concrete slabs and Kassel kerbs. 

And if you cannot find the landscaping lifting grab you require, drop ultimate lifting solutions a call on 01384 986 026 to discuss your requirements or drop ULS an email to and we will source your concrete grab lifter or kerbstone lifter.