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Donati Cranes

Donati Cranes

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Donati Jib cranes, which can be supplied with manual or electric rotating Jib Arms in floor-mounted, column, or wall-mounted versions. Are installed to locally handle goods inside a factory, on a square, or along with operating stations. Studied and designed also for use in difficult environmental conditions, jib cranes become full operating machines if used and integrated into production areas, machine tools, or work benches. They adopt standardized parts which make it possible to create completely standardized configurations.

Donati Jib cranes perform three basic operations:

They vertically lift the load in space, using the hook of the lifting unit, generally composed of a Donati DMK chain hoist or DRH wire rope hoist;

They move the load transversally in space, with the use of a hoist-carrying trolley, either electric or manual, which moves along the radial axis of the crane arm (except for cranes with articulated arms where the hoist normally does not move on the trolley since it is connected in a fixed position at the end of the arm);

They rotate the load in space, around the constrained axis of the arm, through a manual push action of the load or electrically through a gear motor, serving the circular area below, limited by the rotation radius of the arm.

Donati Jib cranes are produced in Italy to a high standard for capacities starting from 63 to 10,000 kg and fitted with a jib arm  from 2 to 10.5 m in the following executions:

Donati Jib cranes with manual rotation, max. capacity 2,000 kg

• GBA SERIES column-mounted, 300° rotation

• GBP SERIES wall-mounted, 270° rotation

Donati Jib cranes with articulated arm, max. capacity 500 kg

• CBB SERIES column-mounted, 360° manual rotation

• MBB SERIES wall-mounted, 360° manual rotation

Donati Jib cranes with motorized arm, max. capacity 2,000 kg

• CBE SERIES column-mounted, 300° electric rotation

• MBE SERIES wall-mounted, 270° electric rotation

Donati Jib cranes with continuous electric rotation, max. capacity 10,000 kg

• GBR SERIES column-mounted, 360° electric rotation

Donati Jib cranes with continuous electric rotation, max. capacity 5,000 kg and max. manual capacity 2,000 kg

• GBL SERIES column-mounted, 360° continuous rotation