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Concrete and Screeding Equipment

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Concrete and Screeding Equipment

Welcome to the ULS Lifting Concrete Screeding Tools and Equipment Section. ULS offer an ever-growing range of quality tools for use within the construction industry. We pride ourselves on offering equipment to make everyday tasks easier for both professionals working on construction sites, DIY enthusiasts and those carrying out restoration projects. If you can not find an item you are looking for, feel free to call the ULS technical sales team today 01384 986 026

Altrad Belle Concrete Placer with Handle


Altrad Belle Concrete Placer with Handle is a rake-style tool that makes it easy to drag concrete when slab pouring. Double-edged blade, one side for moving higher volumes of material and the other for small surface adjustments.

£59.33 ex VAT

£44.44 ex VAT

£53.33 inc VAT

900mm Aluminium Dapple Bar


High-quality 900mm Aluminium Dapple Bar / Tamping Bar, ideal for removing bubbles in liquid screed and self-leveling concrete in or around doorways and small screeding areas. Supplied with 38mm diameter bottom bar and long cranked handle for superior movability.

£69.98 ex VAT

£83.98 inc VAT

Altrad Belle Easy Bull Float c/w Swivel & Handles


Altrad Belle Easy Bull Float c/w Swivel & Handles is a lightweight magnesium alloy blade with reinforcement that helps prevent warping. Supplied with three extension handles to suit a 6m bay length.

£400.81 ex VAT

£284.88 ex VAT

£341.86 inc VAT

Altrad Belle Easy Screed Pro Drive Unit - Petrol


Altrad Belle Easy Screed Pro Drive Unit - Petrol powered is a high-performance free screeding machine, designed for levelling and vibrating concrete slabs. Formwork and Free Screeding are possible and beams available from 1.5m up to 6m Long.

£2,148.34 ex VAT

£1,478.88 ex VAT

£1,774.66 inc VAT

Altrad Belle Megavib+ Handheld Poker Drive


Altrad Belle Megavib+ Handheld Poker Drive unit is a compact high-frequency handheld vibrating poker system. Select from four interchangeable poker heads that allow the user to select the best size poker shaft for the application of air removal from concrete

£458.52 ex VAT

£314.98 ex VAT

£377.98 inc VAT

Chapin 1949 Industrial Concrete Sprayer - 13.2 litre


Chapin's 1949 Industrial open head Concrete Pro Pressure Sprayer with a 13.2 litre capacity tank, is a best-selling concrete sprayer with unmatched quality. It's compatible with most professional concrete applications and extreme chemicals.

£157.94 ex VAT

£189.53 inc VAT

Chapin 26021XP ProSeries Pump Sprayer - 7.6 Ltr


Chapin 26021XP ProSeries Poly Sprayer, Does not matter if you are a professional landscaper or avid gardener, Chapin's 26021XP is a must-have tool for all your spraying requirements.

£54.48 ex VAT

£65.38 inc VAT

Chapin 26031XP ProSeries Pump Sprayer - 11.2Ltr


Chapin 26031XP ProSeries Poly Sprayer, with large 3 Gallon capacity. Does not matter if you are a professional landscaper or an avid gardener, Chapin's 26031XP is a must-have tool for all your spraying requirements.

£69.98 ex VAT

£83.98 inc VAT

Liquid Screed Flow Test Kit c/w Cone & Plate


The Metex Liquid Screed Flow Test Kit is supplied with cone and plate. Manufactured from heavyweight stainless steel to create and robust liquid screed slump testing kit.

£109.98 ex VAT

£131.98 inc VAT

Manta Dust Suppression Water Bottle Container Tank 14 Litre


The S1400 Manta Dust Suppression Water Bottle (14 litre Capacity) is supplied with a 3m hose and standard hose connector. Robust and easy to use. Designed for use on-site or with Tool Hire for suppressing dust created during drilling, cutting, and grinding applications. Helps prolong diamond blade life

£32.98 ex VAT

£39.58 inc VAT

Stainless Steel Screed Levelling Tripod


Stainless Steel Screed Levelling Tripods, are ideal for levelling liquid screed and self-compacting concrete to give an even floor thickness of between 10mm to 150mm. **SAVINGS WHEN BOUGHT IN BOXES OF 20 UNITS **

£13.98 ex VAT

£16.78 inc VAT

Zinc Plated Mild Steel Screed Levelling Tripods


Zinc Plated Mild Steel Screed Levelling Tripods, commonly known as Screed Spiders or Screedpods. These quality-manufactured adjustable screed levelling tripods are ideal for levelling liquid screed and self-levelling concrete. **SAVINGS WHEN BOUGHT IN BOXES OF 20 UNITS **

£11.98 ex VAT

£14.38 inc VAT

What Is Screeding?

Screeding is a construction process used to level and smooth a surface, typically a floor or a slab, before the final flooring material is applied. It involves spreading and leveling a layer of material, such as concrete, mortar, or a specialized screed mix, over a subfloor or base. The screed mix is carefully distributed and then flattened using a straightedge, such as a screed board or a trowel, to ensure an even, uniform surface. This process is crucial for creating a flat and stable foundation for subsequent floor finishes like tiles, carpet, or wood, as it corrects any irregularities and provides a consistent level. Screeding is essential in both residential and commercial construction to ensure durability and aesthetic quality of the finished floor.


Screed and Concrete Tools

ULS proudly stock tools for floor levelling – ideal for laying self-compacting concrete or free-flowing self-levelling liquid screeds. Metex is well known for producing high-quality, long-lasting tools for the sector. ULS Lifting and Metex work with some of the most respected material suppliers and installers of flowing concrete and liquid screed in the UK.

Dapple Bars

Part of the Ultimate Lifting Solutions Ltd / Metex floor screeding tools range, these dapple bars are either in mild steel or lightweight, fully welded aluminium. Also known as tamping bars, they are used by screeders to release air bubbles and achieve a smooth finish when laying free-flowing self-levelling liquid screeds. They also lightly break the surface tension for a more durable and accurate finish when laying self-compacting concrete. Ideal for use with Topflow, Belitex, Cemfloor, Agilia, Breedonflow Form, Cemflow, Highflow, and many more.

Screed Levelling Tripods

Metex fully welded stainless steel & mid-steel tripods are part of the Metex range of screed leveling tools. They are used by screeders and groundworkers to achieve a level finish when pouring liquid screed and flowing concrete. Place the screed tripods at 1m to 2m intervals across a site. Then using a laser level adjust the height of each tripod in accordance with your datum point to achieve a level finish when pouring self-levelling liquid screed or self-compacting concretes from Gyvlon, Tarmac, Breedon, Aggregate Industries and many more.

Spazzles and Placers

These high-quality, lightweight spazzles and Texas concrete placers make it easier for groundworkers to place and grade large volumes of concrete and a variety of loose materials. This is ideal for levelling and manoeuvring self-compacting concrete, tarmac, and asphalt.

Concrete Floats and Tools

This range of tools from market leaders Altrad Belle and MBM Europe is ideal for both improving and finishing the final surface durability, finish, and quality by reducing surface laitance. Easy Bull Floats to flatten the concrete, Big Blue floats to achieve an excellent surface finish, and our special combination float called the Fresno Broom is ideal for applying a consistent brushed finish that will offer a non-slip surface once dry.

Sprayers for Construction

ULS Lifting offers a comprehensive range of construction sprayers from Metex and Chapin. The first choice for industry professionals who need to apply solutions such as concrete curing agents, mould oil, release agents and waterproofing coatings.

Slump Test Equipment

Robust stainless-steel flow cones & flow plates for slump testing. This equipment is used by screeders as testing kits to determine the flowability and slump of free-flowing, self-levelling liquid screeds such as Breedonflow Screed, Isocrete, Supaflo, and many more.