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Contact Attachments

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Contact Attachments

Ultimate Lifting Solutions offers the full range from UK manufacturer Contact Attachments, who are known as the quality leader of forklift truck attachments, Lifting Attachments, and material handling products. The range includes Tipping Skips, Forklift Crane Jibs, Access Platforms and Safety Cages, Snow Ploughs, and Forklift Sweepers and Yard Scrappers. Contact Attachments also manufactures in the UK a range of Telehandler attachments including Big Bag Handlers, Telehandler Skips, Buckets, and Scoops. One of the Top selling items for ULs Lifting is the Heavy Duty Forklift Extensions. Call ULS Lifting today if you require any assistance choosing the correct forklift attachment

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Fork Extensions - Heavy Duty Range


Fork Extensions - Heavy Duty Range manufactured from 6mm steel. Ideal for extending any forklift's reach, allowing larger and longer loads to be lifted and transported safely. Our Fork Extensions are manufactured in the UK and available from stock today

£259.98 ex VAT

£311.98 inc VAT

Forklift Access Platforms 1-2 Persons


Quality UK manufactured Forklift Access Platform offering an ideal solution when elevating 1 or 2 people to carry out inspection or repair work. Fitted with safety harness rails and positive heel locks.

£638.48 ex VAT

£766.18 inc VAT

Forklift Snow Plough - Fixed Blade


Quality UK manufactured Forklift Snow Plough - Fixed Blade version that is angled to clear snow on car parks, schools, roads, and farm yards. The snow plough comes fitted as standard with a heavy-duty steel wear strip

£648.48 ex VAT

£778.18 inc VAT

Forklift Snow Plough - Rubber Blade


Quality UK manufactured forklift mounted Snow Plough with rubber blade and angled to clear snow on car parks, schools, roads and farm yards.

£674.98 ex VAT

£809.98 inc VAT

Pedestrian Salt Spreader


The Pedestrian Salt Spreader is a manual push-along version that is ideal for quickly and manually spreading rock salt onto pathways and walkways to combat those frosty winter days and nights. To be used with Dry White Rock Salt Only

£189.98 ex VAT

£227.98 inc VAT

Towable Salt Spreader

SSM 190L

The Towable Salt Spreader has been designed to be towed by forklift trucks and vehicles that have standard ball hitch or towing pins. Has a large 190-litre capacity and flow control lever to ensure the correct supply of dry white rock salt during winter

£648.98 ex VAT

£778.78 inc VAT

Ultra Heavy Duty Fork Extensions


Our best-selling Ultra Heavy Duty Fork Extensions are manufactured in the UK and supplied fully tested and certified. Supplied with extra strengthening, and thicker walls making them the strongest fork extensions on the UK market

£255.48 ex VAT

£306.58 inc VAT

Forklift Drum Grab UK Manufactured


Quality UK Manufactured Drum grab - Our Best seller bar none. This idea entry level drum grab is suitable for low to medium movement of steel drums around any factory or store.  Fully automatic operation.

£444.88 ex VAT

£533.86 inc VAT

Forklift Jibs - Low Liner Version


Quality yet inexpensive UK manufactured Jib Arm. Ideal when extra long reach is required to pick up those awkward loads from inaccessible locations.

£569.98 ex VAT

£683.98 inc VAT

Adjustable Fork Mounted Hook


Quality UK-manufactured Adjustable Fork Hook - Simple & easy method of converting a forklift into a safe mobile lifting crane.

£194.98 ex VAT

£233.98 inc VAT

Forklift Sweeper - Economy Model


Quality UK-manufactured economy forklift sweeper - Fitted with 5 rows of replaceable bristles 310mm deep. Great for occasional or light-duty sweeping applications.

£688.98 ex VAT

£826.78 inc VAT

Forklift Sweeper - Medium Duty


Quality UK-manufactured medium-duty forklift sweeper - Fitted with 8 rows of replaceable bristles 310mm deep. Great for sweeping applications on or around farm yards, building sites or places such as car parks and factory yards

£959.98 ex VAT

£1,151.98 inc VAT

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Since its inception in 1974, Contact Attachments Ltd has become "The Quality Leader in Forklift Truck Attachments". Along the way, they have acquired an enviable reputation within the industry, of which they are rightly proud.

From holding the position as one of the first forklift truck attachment manufacturers in the UK, Contact Attachments Ltd has continued to grow and prosper by adhering to the company philosophy of offering first-class customer service, being on-hand to provide technical help and guidance when needed, and manufacturing a high-quality product that is competitively priced within the market. Exciting new opportunities in the overseas market have also further helped develop the Contact brand beyond the UK shores.

They remain committed to serving the material handling industry, maintaining a reputation as a premier solutions provider, and above all, committed to providing our industry with a professional, experienced and reliable source to turn to for any particular material handling problem.