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Snow Ploughs

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Snow Ploughs

Ultimate Lifting Solutions offer a range of fork mounted snow plough attachments, which will help convert a common everyday forklift truck into a invaluable snow plough machine that will be ready to clear newly fallen snow immediately after it has been connected to the forks of the fork truck.

ULS offer both fixed blade snow ploughs and adjustable blade snow ploughs from our specialist fork lift attachments range. The ultimate Lifting Solutions range of forklift mounted snow ploughs are quality UK manufactured forklift attachments and ideal for clearing newly fallen snow as well as compacted snow and a forklift mounted snow plough makes clearing snow safer and easier compared to conventional shovelling.

ULS offer a full winter range of equipment, we do not only offer forklift mounted snow ploughs, ULS also offer pedestrian snow ploughs, which again are much easier to use than shovelling snow. If you cannot see the snow clearing equipment required, please give the ULS sales team a call on 01384 986 026 today or email

Forklift Snow Plough (Reversible Rubber Blade)


Reversible Forklift Snow Plough that clears snow to left curb or right curb. Fitted with flexible hard wearing polyethylene dish that protects floor being cleared of snow

£444.98 ex VAT

£533.98 inc VAT

Forklift Snow Plough Attachment


The Fork Mounted ISP Snow Plough is an invaluable piece of equipment for the winter months. It has been designed to clear freshly fallen or compacted snow in industrial areas aiding pedestrian or vehicle access. Also commonly used around carparks, access roads and service yards. Finished fully galvanised to protect against the winter elements.

£598.98 ex VAT

£718.78 inc VAT

Snow Plough Forklift Attachment with Rubber Blade


Quality fork mounted Snow Plough with Rubber Blade as standard. Invaluable piece of equipment for the winter months clearing snow on car parks, schools, roads and farm yards and rest of year as a yard scraper.

£524.98 ex VAT

£629.98 inc VAT

Adjustable Snow Plough


Just like our standard forklift mounted Snow Ploughs, these attachments are invaluable when it snows and you need a carpark or yard clearly fast and easily. Our Adjustable Snow Plough means you can adjust the blade angle enabling the plough to sweep left , right or straight on. Rubber Blades and castors fitted as standard to this premier model

£1,168.13 ex VAT

£1,401.76 inc VAT