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Floor Mounted Jib

We can design and build cranes to your precise requirements.

We can also provide installation, maintenance and servicing.

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Ultimate Lifting Solutions Ltd

Leading supplier of all major brands of lifting and material handling equipment nationwide.

We offer technical advice, maintenance and servicing on all equipment we supply.


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We offer a complete solution for material handling equipment


Providing everything from a Pallet Truck to a Hydraulic Drum Truck.

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ULS is a UK leading supplier offering nationwide coverage of lifting gear and materials handling equipment whose expertise goes beyond the standard “off the shelf” products.
We understand that customers want access to quality products, from reputable brands, at competitive prices, which is where ULS excels. We have partnered with most of the major brands within our industry which are known to be both reliable & safe to meet your H&S requirements.
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Most of our items are available for next day delivery on orders placed before 2pm


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Same day delivery is available on selected lines. Please call us on 01384 986 026 to discuss your delivery requirements.

Best selling Products

DTS - Forklift Self Tipping Skip


DTS Forklift Mounted Tipping Skips, available in five popular sizes and manufactured in the UK. Built to a high specification and made to last.

Ideal for transferring materials/rubbish on a modern-day building site, construction site, farmyard or factory environment. Includes a Tip Handle and automatic reset mechanism.

£539.98 ex VAT

£647.98 inc VAT

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FXAH-120 Probst Vacuum lifter


This highly popular lifting solution is a revolutionary new tool. It is a battery-powered vacuum lifter that basically picks up a huge range of site materials from drywall, exterior building panels, tombstones, patterned slates/floor panels, textured glass and granite to concrete, patterned steel, and wood and will even grab to rough, porous and wet surfaces

£245.00 ex VAT

£229.98 ex VAT

£275.98 inc VAT

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Probst VPH 150 Vacuum Power Handy Slab Lifter

Probst VPH 150

VPH 150 Probst Vacuum Slab lifter - Powerful battery-powered professional slab lifter for simple and easy lifting, transporting and positioning of kerb stones and slabs such as granite or high quality concrete elements up to 150 kg weight.

£1,953.00 ex VAT

£1,799.98 ex VAT

£2,159.98 inc VAT

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ES150 IMER Scaffold Hoist - 150Kgs


The ES150 Scaffold Hoist from Imer is a quality, industry favourite site hoist used by both roofers and builders due to its high reliability. 150 kg capacity, boasting a lifting height of 30m and a fast lifting speed of 18.5m/min. 110-volt power supply and waterproof 1.5m pendant and plug. These quality-made hoists are fitted with upper-limit safety devices to protect from the over the lifting of goods.

£986.00 ex VAT

£864.98 ex VAT

£1,037.98 inc VAT

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Featured products

L'Europea HE150 Veloce Scaffold Hoist

HE150 Veloce

HE150 Veloce - 150 Kgs Heavy Duty Scaffold hoist with super fast lifting speed.

Manufactured  by L'Europea from their professional range of hoists. This hoist is supplied with everything you need in the box for fast and easy set up. Heavy Duty Scaffold Support Frame, 40m lifting cable and pendant control all included. Power supply 110volt

£749.98 ex VAT

£899.98 inc VAT

Stahl ST Electric Chain Hoist - 400volt output


The ST Electric Chain hoist series from Stahl is an acknowledged top-level quality product that ranks amongst the world's most distinctive and extensive ranges of electric hoists on offer - A robust classic design/layout which proves itself in operation day for day. Powerful, reliable yet undemanding with power consumption and maintenance.

£968.98 ex VAT

£1,162.78 inc VAT

1,800Kgs Hydraulic Furniture Movers - FM180B


Hydraulic furniture movers with 250mm lift, have been designed to aid the transportation of all heavy and bulky box or crate-type objects.

s easy to use, simply use the two securing straps and secure each strap around the crate/object and lock back onto the frame of the mover. Pump the hydraulic lifter to raise the load off the floor and once lifted these furniture movers make moving heavy loads effortless due to the large swivel castors fitted.

£524.98 ex VAT

£629.98 inc VAT

Hydraulic Low Profile Drum Lifter & Loader


Heavy duty, Industrial hydraulic hi-lift drum trucks with low profile front castors for loading and unloading 210-litre steel drums on and off pallets, drum sumps, flatbed trucks and into and out of vans. A proper multi-purpose drum lifter.

£479.98 ex VAT

£575.98 inc VAT

Featured products


ES150 IMER Scaffold Hoist - 150Kgs


The ES150 Scaffold Hoist from Imer is a quality, industry favourite site hoist used by both roofers and builders due to its high reliability. 150 kg capacity, boasting a lifting height of 30m and a fast lifting speed of 18.5m/min. 110-volt power supply and waterproof 1.5m pendant and plug. These quality-made hoists are fitted with upper-limit safety devices to protect from the over the lifting of goods.

£986.00 ex VAT

£864.98 ex VAT

£1,037.98 inc VAT

Imer Tipping Buckets - 3 Sizes Available


Imer Tipping Buckets are our number one scaffold hoist accessory. Available in three sizes, 150Kgs / 200Kgs and 300Kgs capacity and designed for lifting or lowering materials on site. Fitted with lifting eye that easily fits to any scaffolding hoist hook.

£179.98 ex VAT

£215.98 inc VAT

Probst EP-UNI Hand Screeding System

Probst Easyplan EP

The Probst Easyplan EP-UNI One Person Screeding Kit is a useful hand tool system that can screed different working width and great for small and medium sized sites. Designed to help the user create a perfect consistent level over the full continues length being worked. Great addition to any Block Pavers tool box.

£527.98 ex VAT

£633.58 inc VAT

Probst STS-33-F Block Cutter


The Probst STS-33-F Block and Stone Splitter is there latest block cutter, with more splitting force with reduced effort - which in turn creates a clean cut on Block Paving Blocks and similar products with ease. 

£415.00 ex VAT

£384.98 ex VAT

£461.98 inc VAT

Pramac Agile Plus Semi Electric Pallet Truck

Agile Plus

The Pramac Agile Plus is the first innovative motorized pallet truck with two motor wheels for better stability and traction. Light and compact design this great machine is simple and easy to use as a hand pallet truck with powered drive giving a convenient solution that can be used in most environments

£1,469.98 ex VAT

£1,763.98 inc VAT

FLTS2013 Forklift Tipping Skip

FLTS 2013

The FLTS 2013 quality Forklift Tipping Skip is an ideal solution for moving waste or materials around a factory floor, construction site or any situation that requires storage and transportation of loose materials or scrap and waste.

£574.98 ex VAT

£689.98 inc VAT



FALL@RREST MEWP Safety Restraint Harness Kit - Supplied with Two Point Harness, Lanyard and Kit Bag perfect for mobile elevating work platform situations or similar.

£37.56 ex VAT

£45.07 inc VAT

Probst AZL-EP Screeding Rail Set

Probst AZL-EP

AZL-EP SET Screeding Rail Pole Kit is a lightweight set of screeding side rails to aid setting of a consistent and accurate level for screeding materials. giving a perfectly level professional finish to block paving, concrete blocks or slabs.

£194.98 ex VAT

£233.98 inc VAT

Grabo Plus Battery Vacuum Lifter

Grabo Plus

The Grabo Plus Vacuum lifter. Securely lifts almost any surface with ease. Rough, porous and wet surfaces! lift, transport and lay all types of porous materials concrete slabs, natural stones, tiles and the absorbent building materials

£199.99 ex VAT

£169.45 ex VAT

£203.34 inc VAT

Grabo Pro Battery Vacuum Lifter 170Kgs

Grabo Pro

The Grabo Pro Vacuum Lifter, designed for professionals that needs a reliable portable vacuum lifter that can securely grab almost any surface with ease. Can even lift rough, porous and wet surfaces perfect for landscapers and tilers

£265.00 ex VAT

£254.98 ex VAT

£305.98 inc VAT

Pramac GS EVO Hand Pallet Truck 1150x525mm (improved design)


The GS EVO Series of  Pallet trucks from Pramac is a more professional quality truck designed for intensive use with maximum easiness of use to the operator due to its superior ergonomic. These are European manufactured machines, reliable and easy to maintain.

£344.98 ex VAT

£413.98 inc VAT

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Drop Bottom Skip


Heavy duty drop bottom skip, designed for fast and easy movement / tipping of bulk waste materials on constructions sites, factories and farm yards.

£1,029.98 ex VAT

£1,235.98 inc VAT


Goods Carrying Cage with Ramp

CC 1058.3R

Heavy Duty Carrying Cage with Ramp and lifting lugs, designed for moving unpalletized bulky products, boards, or equipment around a construction site. Built to last and supplied fully tested and certified.

£1,598.98 ex VAT

£1,918.78 inc VAT


ARC FLEX EX Transmitter


Replacement Arc Flex EX Gen 1 Radio Remote Control Transmitter / Handset only. Brand New controller to replace damaged or broken FLEX Gen One models only. FLEX EX4, Flex EX8 and EX12 available from stock.

£549.98 ex VAT

£659.98 inc VAT


Unikey Manhole Cover Lifting & Stopcock Interchangeable Key Set

Unikey KEY004

Unikey is a Manhole Cover Lifting & Stopcock Interchangeable Key Set with a lifting capacity of 250Kgs and comprising interchangeable tips that can be easily and quickly swapped over

£43.68 ex VAT

£52.42 inc VAT


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WHO WE ARE... Your Ultimate Lifting Solution

Ultimate Lifting Solutions is a partnership grown out of a passion for people and problem solving, with decades of experience from the ground up.

We’re dedicated to providing a complete solution for all your lifting and material handling needs. Our ethos is firmly ‘safety before sale’ and we work tirelessly with you to make sure we find the right equipment, at the best price, in the timescale you need.

From your first call about that lifting sling problem, to the installation and servicing of your Jib Crane, and even a spare part 5 years from now on an old electric hoist... We’ll be here, helping you stay safe and legal every step of the way.

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