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FALL@RREST Global offers a quality range of height safety equipment that provides a specialist solution to prevent persons from falling from height across a wide range of industries.

Safety Harnesses, Lanyards , Fall Arrest Blocks and associated products, all fully certified. The full range of height safety equipment have been designed, developed, manufactured and certified to EN361, EN354 and EN355. Stringent quality processes are in place during the selection of hardware and webbing, then again in the manufacture of the harnesses, lanyards and Anchorage points, that ensures all items supplied from the FALL@RREST GLOBAL brand  are of the highest quality. 

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FALL@RREST 20m Horizontal Safety Line (EN795)


Fall@rrest 20m max adjustable horizontal temporary safety line for both fall arrest and work restraint for up to 3 users at same time.

£63.96 ex VAT

£76.75 inc VAT

FALL@RREST 2m Webbing Fall Arrest block with Shock Absorber


Fall@rrest 2m webbing fall arrest block with shock absorber. very lightweight, small and compact design. Can be used for both vertical and horizontal applications

£98.44 ex VAT

£118.13 inc VAT

FALL@RREST GLOBAL 30m Fall Arrest Block with Recovery Winch


The FALL@RREST 30m Fall Arrest Block with integrated recovery winch. This quality product can be used as both a standard 30m fall arrest block and a recovery winch to raise or lower a stricken person.

£879.97 ex VAT

£1,055.96 inc VAT

FALL@RREST GLOBAL Confined Space Rescue Tripod Kit


Fall@rrest confined space all-in-one rescue tripod kit to both assist when working or to aid in safe retrieval from confined space situations when required.

£1,196.94 ex VAT

£1,436.33 inc VAT

FALL@RREST GLOBAL EXCEL Superior Safety Harness


FALL@RREST GLOBAL EXCEL is a superior 4 Point Safety Harness with padded back and shoulder support for extra comfort while wearing this quality harness all day.

£71.96 ex VAT

£86.35 inc VAT

FALL@RREST GLOBAL Fall Arrest Lanyard with Shock Absorber


Fall@rrest 2m Expandable Webbing Lanyard with shock absorber. Fitted with Snap hook one end and Snap Hook other

£23.95 ex VAT

£28.74 inc VAT

FALL@RREST GLOBAL Flexi Full Safety Harness


The FALL@RREST Global Flexi Full Body Safety Harness, a quality manufactured 2 Point Full Body Safety Harness offering total wearer comfort that will twist and flex freely while being worn all day long

£39.96 ex VAT

£47.95 inc VAT

FALL@RREST GLOBAL Full Body Safety Harness


The FALL@RREST Global Core Multi Purpose Harness, a quality manufactured 2 Point Full Body Safety Harness with Rear Dorsal and Chest Attachment. designed and manufactured for everyday usage which is comfortable to wear.

£21.56 ex VAT

£25.87 inc VAT



FALL@RREST MEWP Safety Restraint Harness Kit - Supplied with Two Point Harness, Lanyard and Kit Bag perfect for mobile elevating work platform situations or similar.

£37.56 ex VAT

£45.07 inc VAT

FALL@RREST GLOBAL REPEL. Oil Resistant Full Body Harness


FALL@RREST REPEL 2 Point Full Body Oil Resistant Safety Harness aimed at operatives in the petrochemical, oil, crane or any industry that is subject to oil, dirt and even water

£55.16 ex VAT

£66.19 inc VAT

FALL@RREST GLOBAL Rescue harness


FALL@RREST Rescue and Full Body Harness with extension rescue strap, which keeps user at near vertical suspension when lifted or lowered in work or rescue situation.

£29.57 ex VAT

£35.48 inc VAT

FALL@RREST GLOBAL Scaffolders Harness Kit


FALL@RREST Scaffolders Harness Kit supplied with two point Harness, Shock Absorbing Lanyard with scaffold hook and kit bag

£45.58 ex VAT

£54.70 inc VAT

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The range starts with the Fall@rrest Global Anchorage points - Screwlock or Twistlock Karabiners, Scaffold Hooks, Concrete Anchor, Window / Door Anchor Beams and RSJ Anchor Device. within the anchorage range are the easy assembly Roof Anchors, Horizontal Safety Lines and Tripods.

The FALL@RREST Global range continues with their quality harnesses aimed at various sectors and specific jobs. from the FALL@RREST GLOBAL Multi-Purpose Harness which is a 2 point comfy fit harness that can be worn to complete most everyday tasks working at height, the Fall@rrest GLOBAL Flexi harness which is a designed to be worn as a scaffolders harness due to the elasticated webbing used in the manufacture, next is the FALL@RREST REPEL oil resistant harness aimed at engineers that work within the petrochemical and oil industry, in fact it is the perfect match for any operative that works in a dirty or oily environment due to its specialist webbing that repels oils, dirt and water. The current premier harness is the FALL@RREST Global Excel Harness, it is a  easy wear superior harness packed with added features including cushioned seat strap and padded back support and added shoulder padding. The Fall@rrest Global range also includes a rescue harness with rear dorsal D-ring, extension rescue strap, back support and sit strap - In fact the manufacture has thought of everything with the inclusion of the FALL@RREST GLOBAL HI-VIS Vest Harness, which is a two point harness with all the standard features, just with the added benefit of the addition of a yellow High visibility, machine washable vest to EN ISO 20471.

All the Harnesses can be purchased in kit form to make it a quick and simple harness purchase - choose from the Two Point general purpose harness kit, this FALL@RREST GLOBAL MEWP Kit , is a general purpose harness kit supplied as a harness, 2m work positioning lanyard and a simple kit bag to keep everything safe and clean. there is also the FALL@RREST GLOBAL Scaffolders Harness Kit aimed at scaffolders that need that flexibility when working up high. the Scaffolders harness kit is supplied with a two point harness with back support and a 2m fall arrest shock absorbing lanyard complete with double action snap hook one end to fit to the harness and a spring loaded scaffold hook other end for easy attachment to scaffold tubes and again supplied with a kit bag to keep everything in one place and clean.

To keep things simple the Fall arrest and lanyards section from  FALL@RREST offers only the key requirements, the two standard lanyards are either the FALL@RREST GLOBAL Work Positioning Lanyard which is a 2m adjustable lanyard with snap hook and scaffold hook and then the FALL@RREST GLOBAL Fall Arrest Lanyard, a 2m long elasticated webbing lanyard terminated with a snap hook and scaffold hook, the fall arrestor system fitted has a fall indictor fitted , this lanyard is perfect  for allowing the operative to move freely when working at height on roofs etc, but in the event of a fall, the forces will be minimised on the body through the shock absorption created from the fall arrestor system.  FALL@RREST also offer the FALL@RREST GLOBAL Rope Grab fitted with shock absorber and karabiner and then choose length of Kemmantle 12mm rope 10m, 20m or 30m. Kemmantle is a multi-braided abrasion- resistant rope, perfect to be used as a safety line. the FALL@RREST GLOBAL Rope safety lines are fitted with snap hook one end and thimble eye fitted other. The comprehensive range of Fall Arrest blocks start with the FALL@RREST GLOBAL lightweight webbing Fall Arrest Block which is an auto-retracting 2m fall arrest block with shock absorber, next is the FALL@RREST GLOBAL Twin Fall Arrestor Block system, which utilizes two of the 2m webbing fall arrestors connected to one connection point. lastly is the wire rope fall arrestor option the FALL@RREST GLOBAL Fall Arrest Block, which is a rugged auto-retracting wire rope fall arrestor block that comes in 6m, 10m, 15m, 20m and 30m long. The FALL@RREST GLOBAL retractable wire rope fall arrestor rated to EN360:2002. If a recovery system is required with your fall arrestor, then the FALL@RREST GLOBAL retractable Fall Arrestor Block with Integrated recovery winch is the option, this rugged dual action auto-retracting recovery winch is fitted with galvanised steel wire, 30m long. The recovery winch fitted with a winching handle to EN360:2002 and EN1496:2006 Class A can also be fitted to the FALL@RREST GLOBAL Tripod and used to aid rescue within confined space.

to compliment the range of height safety equipment, FALL@RREST also offer the FALL@RREST Skysaver Backpack Rescue Kit, which contains an integrated harness with a controlled descent device, prefect for the safe evacuation from cranes, wind turbines and other high building or structures. and then the FALL@RREST GLOBAL Skysaver injured / Incapacitated Evacuation Kit, which contains a 80m portable controlled descent device, the kit includes everything required to evacuate operatives to the ground from height, evacuation from 80m takes as little as 3 minutes in emergency situations.