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Grabo Spare Parts

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Grabo Spare Parts

Ultimate Lifting Solutions offer a full range of official spare or replacement parts to suit the full range of Grabo handheld vacuum lifters. A spare Grabo battery is the most common spare and is available from stock, then the hard wearing replacement seals that can be easily replacement into wither the Grabo Plus and Grabo Pro Vacuum Lifters ULS Lifting also offer spare carrying bags, great for keeping the battery powered vacuum lifter in a safe place for both storage and for carrying around site. The battery charger is a commonly bought replacement part, as these get left on site or just misplaced around the home. All Grabo spares, and the Grabo Plus, Grabo Pro lifters are available from ULS Lifting stock and available for same day dispatch

Grabo Battery Charger


Official Battery Charger from Grabo. This dual voltage charger is compatible with the Grabo Plus and Grabo Pro vacuum Lifter. Ultimate Lifting Solutions are a UK stockist of all Grabo spare and replacement parts. These official Grabo battery chargers are identical to the ones supplied with all-new Grabo handheld vacuum lifters.

£21.28 ex VAT

£25.54 inc VAT

Grabo Brace Seal


The Grabo Brace Seal is the newest specialist seal for the GRABO Plus and GRABO Pro Vacuum Lifter, This low-profile seal has been specifically designed with thin materials in mind. Ideal for glass under 6mm

£24.48 ex VAT

£29.38 inc VAT

Grabo Extra High Capacity Battery


The official spare / replacement battery to suit the Grabo Plus and Grabo Pro handheld vacuum lifter. ULS Lifting stock a full range of official spare parts

£38.88 ex VAT

£46.66 inc VAT

Grabo Replacement Foam-Rubber Seal


Grabo Replacement Foam-Rubber Seal is the official replacement rubber foam seal to suit all Grabo vacuum lifters. Buy with confidence from the ULSLIFTING official stockist of all official spare and replacement parts to suit all Grabo vacuum lifters.

£21.98 ex VAT

£26.38 inc VAT

Grabo Rock Seal


The Grabo Rock Seal attachment fits on all Grabo vacuum lifters. This great new seal attachment is aimed at landscapers making it easier to pick up rough materials such as rocks, stones, or surfaces with variations in height up to 10mm.

£23.98 ex VAT

£28.78 inc VAT

Grabo Slender Seal


Official Grabo Slender Seal Foam attachment that suits all Grabo vacuum lifters. Great new seal system, ideal for Tilers and Landscapers that need a lifter to suit thinner tiles and garden slabs.

£38.48 ex VAT

£46.18 inc VAT

Grabo Carry Bag


Official replacement Grabo lifter carry bag with zips and handles. This replacement tool storage bag is identical to the original that was supplied with either Grabo plus or Grabo pro handheld vacuum lifter. Designed for the safe storage and transportation of all Grabo suction lifters and space for accessories such as spare Grabo battery, Spare Foam Seal, and battery charger. 

£27.98 ex VAT

£33.58 inc VAT