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Hand Operated Winch

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Hand Operated Winch

Welcome to the ULS online Material Handling and Lifting Equipment store. We have partnered with all leading manufacturers to bring to you products of the highest quality , at the most competitive prices. All of the hand operated winch products below are CE marked, comply with current legislations, and will be dispatched with the relevant paperwork and EC declarations so your goods can be used immediately on delivery.

With products from Yale, Tiger and Pfaff, ULS have a broad range of trusted and reliable hand winches for sale. Whether you're searching for a heavy-duty hand winch, a classic crank or ratchet winch, or accessories such as a simple winch strap or winch wire ropes, you'll find it here at ULS.

If you cannot see an exact match, please do not hesitate to call us on 01384 986 026 or email us at, and we will endeavour to help with your requirements. We have access for 1000s more products than shown currently on our website.

HW-C Yale Spur Gear Drive Manual Wire Rope Winch


The HW-C is a Spur Gear driven manual Wire Rope Winch. Ideal for mounting on walls, poles, towers or horizontally mounted.

£59.16 ex VAT

£70.99 inc VAT

HW-CS Yale Spur Gear Drive Manual Stainless Wire Rope Winch


The HW-C Stainless Steel Spur Gear Manual Wire Rope Winch. Being St/St it has extra protection against the elements and great for mounting onto walls, poles and towers etc.

£194.98 ex VAT

£233.98 inc VAT

LB Pfaff Wire Rope Winch - Galv Design


LB Galv Wire Rope Winch is a classic styled hand winch. Designed as a base or console mounted hand winch. The Pfaff LB wire rope winches are from our best selling winch range and used for a variety of both lifting and pulling applications

£168.43 ex VAT

£202.12 inc VAT

LB Pfaff Wire Rope Winch - Stainless Version


The LB Stainless Wire Rope Winch is a console-mounted winch. It is from our corrosion-resistant winch range used for a variety of both lifting and pulling applications in outdoor or wet environments - Designed for maximum versatility and efficiency.

£464.74 ex VAT

£557.69 inc VAT

BHW Tiger Hand Winch


The Tiger BHW Braked Hand Winch is a high-quality multi-purpose hand-operated winch used for various lifting and hoisting applications. Fitted with an automatic brake that ensures the load remains suspended when the hand crank is released and avoids unchecked descent of the load.

£42.98 ex VAT

£51.58 inc VAT

BHW-OCP Tiger Hand Winch Corrosion Protected


The Tiger BHW OCP Braked Hand Winch with corrosion protection is a high quality multi-purpose winch used for a wide variety of lifting and hoisting applications. fitted with an automatic brake that ensures the load remains suspended when the crank is released and avoids unchecked descent of the load.

£79.98 ex VAT

£95.98 inc VAT

SF2200 Tiger Heavy Duty Hand Winch

SF 2200

The SF2200 Hand winch from Tiger Lifting is described as a heavy-duty hoist of industrial quality - Can be used for both Lifting applications up to 1000kgs and Pulling applications up to 2000Kgs

£259.98 ex VAT

£311.98 inc VAT

Tiger Hand Winch - Noiseless Version


The Tiger BHW Braked Noiseless Hand Winch is a high quality, compact & lightweight multi-purpose hand operated winch with a built in quiet brake feature, that virtually cuts out all noise created by a traditional hand winch.

£69.98 ex VAT

£83.98 inc VAT

Tiger Winch Strap


Winch Strap with safety hook to suit Tiger Hand Winches

£23.98 ex VAT

£28.78 inc VAT

Tiger Winch Wire Ropes


Our range of top quality galvanized winch cables manufactured to suit the Tiger Lifting BHW range of winches

£32.98 ex VAT

£39.58 inc VAT

What Does A Hand Operated Winch Do?

A hand-operated winch is a mechanical device used to lift, lower, or pull heavy objects by manually turning a handle or crank. It consists of a spool (or drum) around which a cable, rope, or chain is wound. When the handle is turned, the spool rotates, winding or unwinding the cable, and thus moving the attached load. Hand-operated winches are commonly used in various applications such as loading boats onto trailers, pulling vehicles out of ditches, lifting heavy equipment, and tensioning cables.

What Types Of Winches Are There?

Hand Crank Winch (Manual Winch):

This type of winch is operated by manually turning a crank handle. It is suitable for lighter loads and offers control and precision in lifting or pulling tasks. They are often used for boat trailers, small utility trailers, and other light-duty applications.

Hand Ratchet Winch:

This manual winch uses a ratcheting mechanism, allowing the user to lift or pull heavy loads in a more controlled manner. The ratchet mechanism prevents the handle from spinning backward, providing additional safety and ease of use. These winches are ideal for applications where controlled, incremental movements are required.

Electric Winch:

Powered by an electric motor, these winches are used for heavy-duty applications where manual operation would be impractical. They are commonly found on off-road vehicles, tow trucks, and industrial equipment.

Hydraulic Winch:

Driven by hydraulic power, these winches are used in heavy industrial applications, including construction, logging, and marine operations. They offer high pulling power and are suitable for continuous use.

Air (Pneumatic) Winch:

Powered by compressed air, these winches are often used in hazardous environments where electric or hydraulic power sources might pose a risk. They are commonly used in mining and offshore drilling operations.