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Civil Engineering Equipment

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Civil Engineering Equipment

Welcome to the U L S online Civil Engineering Section of the website - ULS is one the largest UK suppliers to civil engineering sector in the UK. Working Onsite all day and everyday can be a very strenuous on skilled employees, labourer and contractors alike. The site tools and equipment that ultimate lifting solutions Ltd supply make the hard work easier. therefore it will not matter if your company specialises in civil engineering, road construction, landscaping or paver laying, ULS is confident it has a machine that can help. Please have a good look around all the pages on the website that cover all the mechanical lifting clamps and grabs and the manual handling onsite equipment and if you cannot find what you require - Give us a call on 01384 986 026 and we are more than happy to discuss your requirements.

Concrete Manhole Lifting Pin


Concrete Manhole Pins are usually used in sets of three to lift concrete manhole chambers. This style of concrete lifting Pins are supplied with Large flat washer and retaining pins - Other style of pins available on request

£49.98 ex VAT

£59.98 inc VAT

Probst TELEPLAN TP Hand Screeding System

Probst Teleplan TP

The Probst TELEPLAN TP Hand Screeding System is classed as an adjustable Two Person Hand Screeding system, ideal for screeding different working widths up to 3.5m wide (11 feet). Perfect for creating perfect consistent levels over the full continuous length being worked. A great addition to any Landscapers/Block Pavers helpful tools.

£259.00 ex VAT

£242.98 ex VAT

£291.58 inc VAT

Probst Telescopic Screeding System TAS-UNI

Probst TAS-UNI

The Probst Telescopic Screeding System TAS-UNI can be classed as the universal "all-rounder" screeding system for both large and small construction sites. perfect for screeding long wide areas quickly. The Probst TAS-UNI is designed with a bigger profile which helps move and screed larger and more rough screeding materials.

£2,154.98 ex VAT

£2,585.98 inc VAT

120 litre Forced Action Mixer IMER


Quality European-built IMER MIX 120 Plus Forced Action Mixer is ideal for mixing a broad range of both dry and wet materials up to 8mm in diameter, such as plaster, mortar, screed, concrete, and resin

£2,657.00 ex VAT

£2,324.98 ex VAT

£2,789.98 inc VAT

134 litre IMER Rollbeta Concrete Mixer

Rollbeta 1105402

IMER Rollbeta 134litre Concrete & Cement Mixer is an industrial quality machine. Compact & lightweight, perfect for landscapers, block pavers, and small building sites or refurbishment work

£349.95 ex VAT

£419.94 inc VAT

20" Rubbish Chute Kit (5 chutes included)


Quality Red 20" Rubbish Chute kit for standard house clearance. Supplied with a 1 Top Hopper and 4 Straight Chute Sections to give an approximate 5m long Rubble chute Kit (extra sections can be added to create longer kits). Ideal for aiding the safe disposal of builders' waste materials, debris, or rubble from a standard house roof down to a skip. optional scaffold fixing frame available.

£198.98 ex VAT

£238.78 inc VAT

20" Rubbish Chute Section


Quality 20" Rubbish Chute Section, ideal for aiding safe disposal of builders' waste materials, debris, or rubble from high level down to the floor or skip. Quick and easy setup, supplied with connection chains

£44.98 ex VAT

£53.98 inc VAT

20" Rubbish Chute Sections - Pack of 32


BULK BUY 32 units Full Pallet. Quality 20" Rubbish Chute Sections, ideal for aiding safe disposal of builders' waste materials, debris, or rubble from high level down to the floor or skip. Quick and easy setup, supplied with connection chains

£1,235.00 ex VAT

£1,482.00 inc VAT

20" Rubbish Chute Universal Fixing Frame


Strong and robust Universal Fixing Frame to suit 20" Rubbish Chute systems. Rubbish Chute Fixing Frame is required if securing a rubbish chute system to scaffolding on building or construction sites. Quick and easy setup, supplied with connection chains

£84.98 ex VAT

£101.98 inc VAT

Belle Minimix 150 Cement Mixer 110 volt

Minimix 150 M12B

Belle Minimix 150 Cement Mixer 110 volt Electric. Aimed at both professional and rental companies and is ideal for small to medium projects. Portable, easy to use and store, and designed to mix a full barrow load of concrete or mortar.

£595.66 ex VAT

£494.94 ex VAT

£593.93 inc VAT

Belle Warrior Wheelbarrow


The Belle Warrior Wheelbarrow by Altrad Belle is known as the No-1 for Construction Wheelbarrows. Described as a must for professional builders looking for a long-lasting and heavy-duty wheelbarrow suitable for the heaviest work. 1 Year Warranty

£248.20 ex VAT

£158.98 ex VAT

£190.78 inc VAT

Block Grab with Rubber Pads

BG 1083

These quality manufactured Scissor action block grabs designed with personnel safety in mind are commonly used to lift palletized brick or slab or concrete produce such as kerb stones, paving stones, slabs, steel strapped bricks, etc - The Rubber lined pads help minimize damage to loads and reduce marking or breakages

£2,048.98 ex VAT

£2,458.78 inc VAT

Ultimate Lifting Solutions with over 20 years’ experience within the lifting and material handling supply chain are here to help when it comes to purchasing construction site equipment - We only supply items from the major brands and only sell items we know are up to the rigours of modern construction site stresses.

It does not matter if you are working in civil engineering, on a construction site, needing equipment to transport roofing elements or you are landscapers / pavers, we at ULS Lifting can help.

From a simple PPH30/62 slab handle up to the very popular VPH150 Vacuum power handy slab lifter from Probst or a 1504 Kerb Stone Handle to the Kassel Kerb Grab from Eichinger we can get these very popular item's on-site next day.

Our site equipment covers everything from paver laying and transportation aids, screeding equipment, vacuum laying lifters and a large selection of professional tools to help laying and extracting paving blocks and slabs, kerb stones and building blocks. ultimate lifting solutions offer a large range of manhole and pipe laying clamps and grabs. for lifting loads up high onsite ULS supply Block grabs and self-balancing crane forks, which can be supplied with restraint nets if required. 

No matter what industry you work in - groundworkers, Builders, landscapers, pavers, gardeners - if you are needing to Lift, carry, cut, and lay block paving, concrete slabs, and concrete kerb stones then Ultimate Lifting Solutions are here to help - We can offer equipment to help make the transportation easier. we have mechanical lifting devices to lift and transport most types of Blocks, stones, slabs, and kerb stones, which is perfect for the landscaping industry and civil engineering sector. if you require vacuum lifting devices, we have a nice selection starting from our Probst VH1 vacuum slab lifter, to our Grabo plus battery operated vacuum lifter up to our very popular Probst VPH150 and carry spares for the VPH150 including replacement battery charger for the Probst VPH150, replacement seal for the VPH150. new battery for the VPH150, charger adaptor for VPH150 and a replacement filter for the VPH 150. All our vacuum lifters help make lifting, transporting, and laying paving blocks and large slabs a lot easier task. We supply a wide choice of clamps and lifting devices for all types of kerb stones, blocks, slabs, and manhole covers.  If you work within the paving industry with have manual handling devices to help transport Bricks, Blocks and paving materials around site or we have our all-terrain pallet trucks available.  to compliment to paving equipment we have, we also supply block paving cutters and block paving splitters with various cutting lengths. Our ever-growing range of block paving screeding machines and screeding rails and tools by Probst are also very popular as they have been designed to make life easier on site by levelling the subbase which in turn makes laying of the block paving easier and giving a very professional finish. and if you cannot find a lifter or grab to suit your requirements, give ultimate lifting solutions a call and we are here to help you find the correct tool for the job.

The Ultimate Lifting Equipment extensive range of tools and equipment for screeding is there to assist all sizes of companies and site conditions. ULs stock a extensive range from Probst Handling Equipment arguable the worlds largest manufacture of professional site equipment. the Probst range of screeding tools and accessories start with small lightweight sliding finisher, the Levelfix LF which is aimed at landscape contractors looking for a tool for spreading and screeding bedding materials or for gardeners wanting to level the planting beds, flower beds or lawn areas . Then there is the Handscreeding systems the EASYPLAN EP and TELEPLAN TP systems, both offering one screeding system to cover different working widths. the Probst Easyplan EP handsceeding system comes complete with everything required, 1x aluminium profile, 1 x handle and 2 x telescopic units. The Probst Teleplay TP Handscreeding system, is a new system with the aluminium profile sickle shaped, this design help the profile to cut itself into the bedding material and will not move upwards.