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Pump Activated Suction

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Pump Activated Suction

Welcome to the U L S online Material Handling and Lifting Equipment store. Feel free to browse through the web pages to find the items you require, as our pages are packed full of information to help with your decision making process. We have partnered with all leading manufacturers to bring to you products of the highest quality , very competitive prices and all products supplied are CE marked and comply with current legislations and will be dispatched with correct paperwork and EC Declarations so the goods can be used immediately on delivery.

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N4950 - Woods Powr-Grip Pump Activated Suction Lifter


The Woods Powr-Grip® N4950 pump-activated suction lifter with a sturdy metal handle ensuring a safe grip is suitable for transporting objects with flat and airtight surfaces. A standard tool in the glass industry for over 50 years! Long-term durability and outstanding reliability.

£157.00 ex VAT

£108.98 ex VAT

£130.78 inc VAT

BO 601G - Veribor Pump Activated Suction Lifter

BO 602.G

Veribor BO601G pump activated suction lifter, Ideally suited for small surfaces: The 1-cup suction lifter offers a firm hold in all instances where there is not enough space for attaching a 2-cup suction lifter.

£79.98 ex VAT

£95.98 inc VAT

N4000 - Woods Powr-Grip Pump Activated Suction Lifter


The Powr-Grip® N4000 pump-activated suction lifter with lightweight ABS handle is suitable for handling flat and airtight objects. The red ring on the pump tappet enables permanent visual monitoring of the vacuum.

£76.95 ex VAT

£61.68 ex VAT

£74.02 inc VAT