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Block Paving Tools and Equipment

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Block Paving Tools and Equipment

Ultimate Lifting Solutions is a leading supplier of hand tools and equipment to aid many tasks such as levelling out ground, marking out, cutting, and laying of block paving, or paving stones. The whole range of paver lifting tools is designed to help the operator work safer and more efficiently onsite to help create professional finishes for any size of block paving project. From Hand Screeding Systems such as the EP UNI with or without the adjustable roller units and Screeding Rails AZL to Belle Warrior Wheelbarrows and Probst Block Paving Cutters / Splitters, we have the essential tools that help mark out new paving designs and also supply a block paving kit including a block paver hammer that is long handled, a block paver extractor, and a block paver aligner that will leave all the finished design in perfect neat lines giving that professional finish.

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Probst TELEPLAN TP Hand Screeding System

Probst Teleplan TP

The Probst TELEPLAN TP Hand Screeding System is classed as an adjustable Two Person Hand Screeding system, ideal for screeding different working widths up to 3.5m wide (11 feet). Perfect for creating perfect consistent levels over the full continuous length being worked. A great addition to any Landscapers/Block Pavers helpful tools.

£259.00 ex VAT

£242.98 ex VAT

£291.58 inc VAT

Probst Telescopic Screeding System TAS-UNI

Probst TAS-UNI

The Probst Telescopic Screeding System TAS-UNI can be classed as the universal "all-rounder" screeding system for both large and small construction sites. perfect for screeding long wide areas quickly. The Probst TAS-UNI is designed with a bigger profile which helps move and screed larger and more rough screeding materials.

£2,154.98 ex VAT

£2,585.98 inc VAT

120 litre Forced Action Mixer IMER


Quality European-built IMER MIX 120 Plus Forced Action Mixer is ideal for mixing a broad range of both dry and wet materials up to 8mm in diameter, such as plaster, mortar, screed, concrete, and resin

£2,657.00 ex VAT

£2,324.98 ex VAT

£2,789.98 inc VAT

134 litre IMER Rollbeta Concrete Mixer

Rollbeta 1105402

IMER Rollbeta 134litre Concrete & Cement Mixer is an industrial quality machine. Compact & lightweight, perfect for landscapers, block pavers, and small building sites or refurbishment work

£349.95 ex VAT

£419.94 inc VAT

ALMI AL33D Block Splitter Spare Blade

AL33 Blade

The official ALMI original replacement blades for the ALMI AL33D Block Splitter also fits the Probst AL33 Block Cutter. These 4 sided square blades are easy to fit and manufactured from hardened steel. The blade is 330mm long.

£44.44 ex VAT

£53.33 inc VAT

Belle Minimix 150 Cement Mixer 110 volt

Minimix 150 M12B

Belle Minimix 150 Cement Mixer 110 volt Electric. Aimed at both professional and rental companies and is ideal for small to medium projects. Portable, easy to use and store, and designed to mix a full barrow load of concrete or mortar.

£595.66 ex VAT

£494.94 ex VAT

£593.93 inc VAT

Belle Warrior Wheelbarrow


The Belle Warrior Wheelbarrow by Altrad Belle is known as the No-1 for Construction Wheelbarrows. Described as a must for professional builders looking for a long-lasting and heavy-duty wheelbarrow suitable for the heaviest work. 1 Year Warranty

£248.20 ex VAT

£158.98 ex VAT

£190.78 inc VAT

FXAH-120 Probst GRABO Pro Lifter

FXAH 120 Grabo Pro Lifter

Probst FXAH 120 Pro Lifter, designed for landscaping and tiling professionals that needs a reliable portable vacuum lifter that can securely grab almost any surface with ease. Can even lift rough, porous and wet surfaces perfect for landscapers and tilers

£370.00 ex VAT

£339.98 ex VAT

£407.98 inc VAT

FXAH-120 Probst Vacuum lifter


This highly popular lifting solution is a revolutionary new tool. It is a battery-powered vacuum lifter that basically picks up a huge range of site materials from drywall, exterior building panels, tombstones, patterned slates/floor panels, textured glass and granite to concrete, patterned steel, and wood and will even grab to rough, porous and wet surfaces

£245.00 ex VAT

£228.98 ex VAT

£274.78 inc VAT

Grabo Battery Charger


Official Battery Charger from Grabo. This dual voltage charger is compatible with the Grabo Plus and Grabo Pro vacuum Lifter. Ultimate Lifting Solutions are a UK stockist of all Grabo spare and replacement parts. These official Grabo battery chargers are identical to the ones supplied with all-new Grabo handheld vacuum lifters.

£21.28 ex VAT

£25.54 inc VAT

Grabo Brace Seal


The Grabo Brace Seal is the newest specialist seal for the GRABO Plus and GRABO Pro Vacuum Lifter, This low-profile seal has been specifically designed with thin materials in mind. Ideal for glass under 6mm

£24.48 ex VAT

£29.38 inc VAT

Grabo Extra High Capacity Battery


The official spare / replacement battery to suit the Grabo Plus and Grabo Pro handheld vacuum lifter. ULS Lifting stock a full range of official spare parts

£38.88 ex VAT

£46.66 inc VAT

The ULS range of professional block paving tools and equipment will aid any size block paving job from small paths to large driveways or pave installation. Many different types of hand essential tools are available from paver lifting tool, and other general tools for paving. If the correct tools are used then a quality finish to the newly paved area will be created that both the customer and the laying team will be proud of. Our very popular hand screeding handle kit when combined with screeding rails will leave the ground perfectly level ready for laying block paving or slabs.

Take the stress out of moving heavy paver blocks from the delivery pallet to the working area by using the very popular Probst adjustable block paver cart, which can pick and move numerous blocks at one time (gone are the days of the need to fill up a wheelbarrow to move bricks and blocks). Measuring can not be easier with the measuring and marking out tool available and then use a manual block cutter to help create a clean and accurate cut paver block with ease. (Why use a manual block cutter over a powered cutter, The simple answer is manual paver block cutter/splitter creates no dust and no air pollution, is safer on the user, and removes the risk of losing fingers or toes).

The block paving range of equipment and paver lifters from ultimate lifting equipment will not only help you create that professional finish it will save you time and will also take that extra stress on the body as you're letting the paving tools and equipment do the work in instead of the work force lifting heavy items such as paving stones.

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