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Probst Handling Equipment

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Probst Handling Equipment

Probst Handling Equipment is a specialist European manufacturer of professional industrial-quality products aimed for use by the Construction, Civil Engineering, Block Paving, Landscaping, and Infrastructure industries. At ULS Lifting we offer the largest range of Probst Paving Tools, Probst Site Equipment, and Probst Lifting Equipment available to aid the cutting, marking, lifting, and carrying of paving blocks, kerb stones, and concrete elements. We also offer a comprehensive range of Probst Screeding equipment for preparing the base ground.

To complement the range of new Probst Equipment available, Ultimate Lifting Solutions offers an extensive range of spare parts and replacement parts for Probst Equipment, from replacement rubber grippers to suit the Probst Scissor Grab to a replacement seal to suit the Probst VPH150 Vacuum Lifter. You can find them all within the Probst Spare Parts division on the  website.

If you need any assistance with Probst Lifting equipment, Probst Material Handling Equipment or with Probst Spare Parts feel free to call the ULs Lifting sales team to discuss your requirements

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Probst TELEPLAN TP Hand Screeding System

Probst Teleplan TP

The Probst TELEPLAN TP Hand Screeding System is classed as an adjustable Two Person Hand Screeding system, ideal for screeding different working widths up to 3.5m wide (11 feet). Perfect for creating perfect consistent levels over the full continuous length being worked. A great addition to any Landscapers/Block Pavers helpful tools.

£259.00 ex VAT

£242.98 ex VAT

£291.58 inc VAT

Probst Telescopic Screeding System TAS-UNI

Probst TAS-UNI

The Probst Telescopic Screeding System TAS-UNI can be classed as the universal "all-rounder" screeding system for both large and small construction sites. perfect for screeding long wide areas quickly. The Probst TAS-UNI is designed with a bigger profile which helps move and screed larger and more rough screeding materials.

£2,154.98 ex VAT

£2,585.98 inc VAT

FXAH-120 Probst GRABO Pro Lifter

FXAH 120 Grabo Pro Lifter

Probst FXAH 120 Pro Lifter, designed for landscaping and tiling professionals that needs a reliable portable vacuum lifter that can securely grab almost any surface with ease. Can even lift rough, porous and wet surfaces perfect for landscapers and tilers

£370.00 ex VAT

£339.98 ex VAT

£407.98 inc VAT

FXAH-120 Probst Vacuum lifter


This highly popular lifting solution is a revolutionary new tool. It is a battery-powered vacuum lifter that basically picks up a huge range of site materials from drywall, exterior building panels, tombstones, patterned slates/floor panels, textured glass and granite to concrete, patterned steel, and wood and will even grab to rough, porous and wet surfaces

£245.00 ex VAT

£228.98 ex VAT

£274.78 inc VAT

Probst SAFEFLEX SF (Paver/Brick) Clamp


The Probst Safeflex SF is an innovative clamping device to safely secure bricks, pavers and slabs before cutting. This paver clamp makes cutting with angle grinder or disc cutter easier, safer and gives a more precise cut.

£199.98 ex VAT

£239.98 inc VAT

Probst Adjustable Block Paver Cart VTK-V

Probst VTK-V

Probst Adjustable Block Paver Cart VTK-V is the market-leading heavy-duty paver blockcart that grips, lifts, and transports multiple pavers, blocks, kerbstones, or slabs from the floor or pallet to the working area effortlessly. Cutting out the old-fashioned way of filling up a wheelbarrow to transport those pavers.

£968.98 ex VAT

£1,162.78 inc VAT

Probst Adjustable Brick Handle

Probst KKT

Probst Brick Handle, designed to pick up and transport multiple bricks together without damaging the end bricks. Heavy duty build quality with galvanised finish - aimed at professionals.

£57.98 ex VAT

£69.58 inc VAT

Probst AL Block Cutter Spare Blade


The Probst AL Block Cutter Spare Blade is the official spare blade that suits the Probst AL33 Block Cutter. Stock and supplied from ULSLIFTING.COM. Premier Probst stockist. 330mm long blade (Block Cutter Part Number 512000059).

£42.98 ex VAT

£51.58 inc VAT

Probst Block Extractor Hammer SZH

Probst SZH

Probst Block Extractor Hammer SZH is the perfect tool for removing block pavers or stones that have already been laid without damaging neighbouring stones.

£204.98 ex VAT

£245.98 inc VAT

Probst Block Paving Rubber Hammer GH-Ergo


Probst GH-Ergo Block Paving Rubber Hammer with long handle. Equipped with 2 different rubber elements hitting straight on and one for accurate striking of paving blocks

£67.98 ex VAT

£81.58 inc VAT

Probst BVZ Universal Handle


Probst BVZ Universal Handles with large adjustable opening range, ideal for most landscaping and gardening kerb stones and other concrete blocks, such as concrete railway sleepers. 

£187.98 ex VAT

£225.58 inc VAT

Probst BZ Kerb Handle


Probst BZ Kerb Stone Handle ideal for lifting and transporting Kerb Stones, Edging Stones, Concrete Gutters and paving materials. Can also be used with natural kerb stones and other landscaping elements.

£59.98 ex VAT

£71.98 inc VAT

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Introducing Probst Lifting Equipment

For over 60 years Probst Handling Equipment has been manufacturing tools and equipment that have made everyday life on the construction site easier. Thanks to many important ergonomic and efficiency-enhancing innovations, Probst Material Handling today is the world market leader and defines the handling of construction materials on sites and in concrete plants. The tools, equipment, and machines from Probst make hard work on sites easier. It does not matter if it is civil engineering, road construction, infrastructure or roofing, landscaping, or block paving professionals, both ULS and Probst lifting equipment can offer a solution.

If you have any of the following tasks, Probst has a product to help. Civil Engineering, Manhole & Pipe Laying - Handling of Concrete Barriers - High rise and Roof elements - Joint Filling - Laying of Landscaping Elements - Paver Laying - Block paving - Professional Tools - Screeding  - Surface Cleaning - Transporting Paver - Block Barrow - Vacuum Laying - Vacuum technology. Key products include Concrete Step Handles - Speedy VS Vacuum Hand Laying Device - Accu Handy FXAH Vacuum Grabo - Paver Jointing Device - VZ1 Laying Clamp - Grab for prefabricated concrete products FTZ - Easygrip EXG Border Stone Handle and the EasyGrip EXG MAXI - Paving Block Extractor - Manhole and cone installation clamp SVZ - Stone Splitter STS - Stone Splitter - Paving Block Cutter - Adjustable Paver Transport Cart - Vacuum Power Handy VPH150 Greenline - Vacuum Handy VH - Gully Clamp SAZ - Stone Pillar Grab SLS-8 - Concrete Step Handle TSV.

Probst Lifting Equipment FAQ's

Where can I buy Probst Lifting Equipment?

Probst is a German-based manufacturer of quality construction site handling and lifting equipment. They sell through a worldwide network of distributors and resellers. Ultimate Lifting Solutions Ltd is the largest UK-based distributor of the entire Probst range of equipment - contact ULS Lifting today for a competitive quotation.

Why is Probst Lifting Equipment so popular? 

Probst offers the world's widest range of gripping and laying equipment for the civil engineering and construction industry. Their lifting equipment and tools make life easier for everyone who works with paving stones, pipes, and other concrete products.

Is Probst Lifting Equipment worth it?

The entire Probst range is manufactured in Germany or under license to Probst Handling. When a customer picks up a Probst piece of equipment, they will be using an industrial quality tool built to withstand everyday tasks on all construction sites.

Probst Product Spotlight

Probst Screeding Equipment

Probst offers an extensive range of screeding equipment with the Probst EASYPLAN EP-UNI Hand Screeding System and the Probst TELEPLAN TP Hand screeding System being the most popular models. Screeding can be even easier to complete when used with the AZL-EP Probst Screeding Rail kits, the Probst EP-ULI RS Rollers can be added when working off a kerb to keep that level floor. Once the rails have been removed to fill in the dent left, Probst offers the MINIPLAN MP Sliding Finisher, a great lightweight tool for all screeding finishing work.

Probst offers a selection of screeding professional tools suck as Paver Lifters, Paving Block Extractor, and the Block Paving Hammer to aid in the laying of block paving.

Probst Transporting Equipment

For the effortless transportation of bound or loose pavers, kerb stones, slabs, and block paving blocks, there is no better piece of equipment than the Probst Adjustable Paver Cart VTK-V. This piece of equipment can clamp a full layer of blocks directly from the pallet and be wheeled around any building site with ease - gone are the days of filling up the Belle Warrior Wheelbarrow to transport blocks around site.

Probst Marking Equipment

To help measure and cut block pavers, Probst offers the Measuring and Marking tool, Pavermarker PM. For marking the blocks and creating those straight lines why not try the Probst Stringtight or the Flexmarker kit?

Probst Splitting & Laying Equipment

Once the pavers have been marked out, the next stage is to cut off split the block paving bricks - the newly designed Probst STS-33-F is a perfect stone splitter, providing effective and clean block cutting. For the landscapers that carry and lay patio slabs, there is no better tool on the market than the PPH Professional Slab Handle that can lift and transport standard slabs ranging from 330mm up to 620mm, or the Easylift EL-SIMLE known as the Packhorse on two wheels for slab laying.

Probst Vacuum Equipment

If vacuum is your preferred method of lifting, moving, and laying slabs, Probst handling equipment has numerous solutions starting with the VH1/25 Vacuum Handy which is brilliantly simple for dense concrete materials or natural stone. Then there is the Probst FXAH Vacuum Lifter than can lift both porous and nonporous slabs, and the Probst VPH150 Vacuum Power Handy Lifter that has been designed for two-man operation, ideal for dense slabs and works perfectly in shopping centres, along the pavement and is perfect for laying large areas easily and fast. If more power is required from your vacuum lifter then the Probst SM600 Vacuum Stone Magnet would be the best option.

Probst Lifting Equipment

This can be from the simple-to-use Probst BZ Kerb Handle or the Probst VZ1 Kerbstone Laying Clamp to stone lifters like the Probst Easygrip EXG and the Probst TSZ Uni Block Gripper. For Larger concrete lifters then look no further than the Probst FTZ Multi015 Grab, Probst FTZ-BB Grab and the Probst FTZ UNI Grab which is a universal mechanical grab designed for handling standard concrete blocks, sandstone blocks, and pre-fabricated concrete elements. Concrete Pipes are not a problem to lift and move either, with the clever Probst Concrete Pipe Lifter RVD 4.5 Eco being the most advanced and safe concrete pipe lifter available. Lastly for lifting and transporting unpalletized goods arrange a building site the Probst SG PGL2 Scissor Block Grab is an ideal solution, and can be classed as the industry-leading mechanical block grab. 

More about Probst Handling Equipment

The headquarters are in Erdmannhausen (Germany), the Competence Centre Robot Production in Könitz (Germany), as well as at five subsidiaries in Great Britain, France, Italy, Poland, and the USA, find the optimal solutions for our customers every day. We are present worldwide with over 450 sales partners. Since 2020, the entire corporate group has been climate-neutral.

Whether in structural or civil engineering, whether in the garden or on the street: Probst products are at home on all construction sites. Their machines and tools make life easier for everyone who works with paving stones, pipes, and other concrete products. WHY - Because they put efficiency and ergonomics first, and have become the world market leader in the field of gripping and laying technology through numerous innovations.