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Screeding Finisher - Probst MINIPLAN MP70

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Screeding Finisher - Probst MINIPLAN MP70



Probst MP-70 Screeding Finisher is a Screeding Finisher Tool (MINIPLAN MP) by Probst. Small, handy tool used to finish off and great for reworking screeded areas. covering screed rail marks, footprints, or tidying up around drains.


£71.00 ex VAT

£67.98 ex VAT

£81.58 inc VAT

Can be used along side the Probst Screeding Rails and EP-UNI screedding kits

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Probst MP-70 Screeding Finisher is a Screeding Finisher Tool (MINIPLAN MP) by Probst. This small and handy tool has been designed to help "finish off" or help with reworking the screeded area to leave that perfectly flat area ready for the block paving or slabs to be laid. Can also be used to quickly level out small areas where the larger screeding kits would not be practical, or along edges or finish off around drains etc.

The lightweight sliding finisher is fitted with a wooden handle and a 700mm long aluminium curved profile edge that can be used to distribute freshly laid material and screed. But this smaller screeding tool can also be used to re-work any small area that the larger EP UNI Hand Screeding system (Probst Part Number 51000040 or 5100041). The curved design allows the operator to decide if he wants to dig in deeper to move more material around or just use the tip to float on the top for final finishing work. 

ModelDescriptionProbst Part Number
Working Width
MP-70Sliding Finisher 700mm51010004
700 mm1.7 Kgs
HV - MPHeight Adjuster Tool4101003945 - 170mm0.8 Kgs

Why Use the Probst MP70 Screeding Finisher Handle - Idea for small reworking areas and subsequent connections to the bedding. Perfect for use around drains. The MP-70 is an easy-to-use tool that allows the user to simply and effortlessly flatten off any screeded area, and use the sliding finisher to level out sand, screed or any other light material. Cover footprints, and clean up screeding rails that have been used for larger sites. This smart addition to your screeding kit can also help screed large areas quickly even around gully's with different levels.

The MP70 Sliding Finisher has a hollow profile making it both extremely light yet robust. The wooden handle fits snuggly in place via screws.

Optional Accessory

Probst HV-MP Height Adjuster. This Clever attachment simply attaches to the aluminium curved profile ( can be used on either the left-hand side or right-hand side). The perfect height can now be set when used off edge or kerb stone or small wall. any height can be achieved from 45mm deep to 170mm deep.

Main features for the Probst MINIPLAN MP Sliding Finisher, commonly known as a Screeding finisher.

Probst Part Number 51010004 - Probst MP-70 Screeding Finisher.

ModelDescriptionProbst Part Number
Working Width
MP-70Sliding Finisher 700mm51010004
700 mm1.7 Kgs
HV - MPHeight Adjuster Tool4101003945 - 170mm0.8 Kgs

MP70 700mm wide. (MP30 is also available 300mm wide)

Aluminium Hollow Profile.

Very Light yet robust design.

Sturdy Holder for the handle.

Perfect to distribute material, screed, minor adjustments

Probst - Making hard work easier !!!!

For over 60 years Probst have been manufacturing tools and equipment that have made everyday life on the construction site easier. Thanks to many important ergonomic and efficiency-enhancing innovations, Probst Material Handling today are the world market leader and define the handling of construction materials on sites and in concrete plants.

The headquarters are in Erdmannhausen (Germany), the Competence Centre Robot Production in Könitz (Germany),as well as at our five subsidiaries in Great Britain, France, Italy, Poland and the USA, find the optimal solution for our customers every day. We are present worldwide with over 450 sales partners. Since 2020, the entire corporate group has been climate-neutral.

Whether in structural or civil engineering, whether in the garden or on the street: Probst products are at home on all construction sites. there machines and tools make life easier for everyone who works with paving stones, pipes and other concrete products. WHY - Because they put efficiency and ergonomics first, and have become the world market leader in the field of gripping and laying technology through numerous innovations.

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