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Drum Handling

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Drum Handling

Welcome to the U L S online Material Handling and Lifting Equipment store. Feel free to browse through the web pages to find the items you require, as our pages are packed full of information to help with your decision making process. We have partnered with all leading manufacturers to bring to you products of the highest quality , very competitive prices and all products supplied are CE marked and comply with current legislations and will be dispatched with correct paperwork and EC Declarations so the goods can be used immediately on delivery.

If you cannot see an exact match – Please do not hesitate to call or email us and we will endeavour to help with your requirements, as we have access for 1000s more products than shown currently throughout the website.

To purchase via the website, please select from one of the product categories below

Drum Lifter for Steel or Plastic Drums - 350Kgs


Vertically operated drum Lifter for quick & easy movement of steel & plastic 210 litre drums using overhead crane, hoist or forklift

£49.98 ex VAT

£59.98 inc VAT

Forklift Drum Lifter / Rotator


Forklift truck operated drum lifter / tilter / rotator, suitable for 210 litre steel drums. A 10 ft chain allows the drum to be tilted through 360 degs. without the driver having to leave the forklift seat, allowing for remote pouring of drum contents safely.

£449.98 ex VAT

£539.98 inc VAT

Hydraulic Corner Drum Lifter - 450Kgs capacity


Probably our premier Drum Lifter within our range. This powder coated hydraulic drum truck with angled legs for loading and unloading from corners of pallets and drum sumps. Fitted with easy action hydraulic foot pump mechanism has 2 x fixed wheels and 2 x high quality rear castors with brake. Other standard features include automatic drum grab clamp grip, fold-up pedal and manual release handle to ensure controlled lowering of drum.

£924.98 ex VAT

£1,109.98 inc VAT

Hydraulic Low Profile Drum Lifter & Loader


Heavy duty, Industrial hydraulic hi-lift drum trucks with low profile front castors for loading and unloading 210 litre steel drums on and off pallets, drum sumps, flat bed trucks and into and out of vans. A proper multi purpose drum lifter.

£444.98 ex VAT

£533.98 inc VAT

Low Profile Drum Caddy


A versatile drum caddy / trolley for 210 litre steel or poly drums. Comes c/w detachable towing handle that doubles as a drum opener. Easy to load and unload – one person operation.

£114.98 ex VAT

£137.98 inc VAT

Mobile Drum Carrier & Rotator


Manual Drum Lifter and carrier, and added benefit of being able to tilt the drums into horizontal position for decanting. Made from powder-coated steel for 210 litre steel drums or barrels

£268.98 ex VAT

£322.78 inc VAT

Single Drum Forklift attachment 600Kgs


Our most popular single drum grab forklift attachment. This quality built yet competitively priced drum grab is quick and simple to use by any forklift driver. Once lifted, standard steel drums can be lifted and transported safely and securely

£329.98 ex VAT

£395.98 inc VAT

Two Leg Drum Sling with Grabs - 1000Kgs


Two Leg chain sling with Drum Grabs for quick and easy lifting and movement of 210 litre steel drums either vertically or horizontally. Ideal for compact storage areas. These drum slings easily fit to hoists, cranes and forklifts - it is our most popular drum lifter.

£54.98 ex VAT

£65.98 inc VAT

Vertical Drum Lifter - 360Kgs


Heavy duty, 3-pronged vertically operated drum lifter for 210 litre steel drums. The 3 prongs allow for more secure load distribution keeping the drum stable while in transportation

£33.98 ex VAT

£40.78 inc VAT

Forklift Drum Grab UK Manufactured


Quality UK Manufactured Drum grab - Our Best seller bar none. This idea entry level drum grab is suitable for low to medium movement of steel drums around any factory or store.  Fully automatic operation.

£444.88 ex VAT

£533.86 inc VAT