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Telehandler Skips

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Telehandler Skips

Ultimate Lifting Solutions offer quality UK manufactured telehandler skips, designed for transporting materials and waste around building site and construction sites. The main advantage with the telehandler skip is the auto-locking mechanism offering ultimate safety around any construction site - Manufactured in accordance with British standards and supplied CE marked and operating instructions are supplied with all our equipment

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Self Locking Telehandler Skip


1250 Litre / 2000Kgs Auto-Locking Telehandler Skip that delivers the ultimate safety and efficiency by automatically locking/unlocking from behind the fork heels. This allows the driver to remain within the safety of the telehandler cab.

£544.98 ex VAT

£653.98 inc VAT

Telehandler Auto-Locking Skip (HDTS TELESKIP)


UK manufactured Heavy Duty Auto-Locking Telehandler Tipping Skip. TELESKIP is classed as the Original "Auto Locking Telehandler Skip". Delivering the ultimate in safety and efficiency by automatically locking/unlocking from behind the fork heels.

£568.88 ex VAT

£682.66 inc VAT

Telehandler Skip with Castors (HDTS-W)


UK manufactured auto-locking Telehandler Tipping Skip with castors. The TELESKIP is the Original Auto Locking Telehandler Skip now with castors for total flexibility for repositioning around any building or construction site.

£829.98 ex VAT

£995.98 inc VAT

Ultimate lifting solutions offer a quality range of telehandler tipping skips all manufactured in the UK - our TELESKIP is an autolocking skip that creates a safe storage and transportation device on construction sites, we telehandler skips come in 5 different sizes starting from 500 litres capacity, we offer sizes of 750 litre telehandler skip, 1250 litre telehandler skip, 1500litre telehandler skip and 1750litre telehandler skip our telehandler skips have a safe working load of 2000Kgs or 2 tonne telehandler skip which will more more than enough for most construction sites. we also offer the new ECO SKIP which is also a self locking telehandler skip which has been designed cleverly for weight reduction and production processes, resulting in an a lighter telehandler skip which is been manufactured with a reduction in the manufactures carbon footprint

What are Autolocking Telehandler Skips?
a Telehandler skip with the auto-locking mechanism device fitted is the revolutionary step forward in safety onsite. If you are moving materials or waste around an construction site using a telehandler, then our autolock skip is aimed at you. Once the auto locking skip has been lifted from the floor, the rear heel pins are activated and the skip is now secure and locked onto the forks - No need for safety chain like standard tipping skips.

How does the autolocking mechanism work on a telehandler skip ?
The auto locking telehandler skips, have a floating fork heels fitted that is supported by a gas strut mechanism, standard tipping skips use safety restraint chain to help lock the skip in place. when the cab driver of the telehandler drives into the fork pockets, the heel pins that are fitted at the back of Teleskip will lock at the rear of the telehandler fork tines, when the skip is raised off the floor, the gas strut mechanism becomes active and helps the floating heels lock the forks securely in place on the skip. The skip is fully secure and safe. it can be lifted and tilted with the driver having the confidence the skip will stay safe on the telehandler.

What are the advantages of using a telehandler skip with auto locks?
the main onsite advantage of a telehandler skip with autolocking mechanism is safety, Driver does not leave his seat to add an additional safety chain for securing the skip to the telehandler. the other safety advantages being that the skip is 100 percent securely attached to the telehandler, does not matter if lifted and tilted, it is staying on.
Less Wear as no tipping handle or tilting mechanisms - a standard tipping skip requires the handle to be activated by hand to tip the bucket forward, no need with the securely fitted telehandler tip. Just drive up to the unloading area and position the skip. now just use the tipping button inside the cab, the skip remans in secure position all the time.
Another advantage is the saving of time - again, due to the autolocking mechanism, the driver does not need to get out of cab and attach the safety chains. he just drives up, locates through the fork pockets and activates the heel locking mechanism when he lifts up from the ground.