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Screeding Equipment and Tools

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Screeding Equipment and Tools

The Ultimate Lifting Equipment Screeding equipment and tools division is the place to shop for all things relating to onsite screeding. The ULS professional range of screeding tools and accessories simplify the task of preparing the sub base and levelling the ground in readiness for laying of block paving for driveways or walkways, garden paths, concrete slabs or block paving on any housing estate or construction site  or recreation area. At Ultimate Lifting Solutions we only sell quality products at reasonable prices from the leading manufacturers, our extensive range of screeding equipment from Probst is  known throughout the world for its quality and competitive pricing.

Ultimate Lifting Solutions offer everything required from small lightweight MINIPLAN hand held screeding finishing tool, the Probst EASYPLAN EP Hand Screeding System  or the new TELEPLAN Hand Screeding System with the sickle shaped aluminium handle.

If you can not see the Screeding accessory that you require, please feel free to call us to discuss your requirements - Call ultimate Lifting solutions today on 01384 986 026 and talk to our friendly and technical trained team.

Probst TELEPLAN TP Hand Screeding System

Probst Teleplan TP

The Probst TELEPLAN TP classed as an adjustable Two Person Screeding system, ideal for screeding different working width up to 3.5m wide (11-foot). Perfect for creating perfect consistent levels over the full continues length being worked. Great addition to any Landscapers/Block Pavers helpful tools.

£239.98 ex VAT

£287.98 inc VAT

Probst Telescopic Screeding System TAS-UNI

Probst TAS-UNI

The Probst TAS-UNI Telescopic Screeding System can be classed as the universal "all rounder" screeding system for both large and small construction sites. perfect for screeding long wide areas quickly. The Probst TAS-UNI designed with bigger profile which helps move and screed larger and more rough screeding materials.

£2,074.98 ex VAT

£2,489.98 inc VAT

Lightweight Galvanised Wheelbarrow


Sealey Lightweight Galvanised Wheelbarrow - 65 litre Volume / 120Kgs Capacity. Ideal for gardening, light construction and general domestic use.

£79.95 ex VAT

£95.94 inc VAT

Polypropylene Wheelbarrow


Polypropylene Wheelbarrow - 85 litre Volume / 150Kgs Capacity. Ideal for gardening, light construction and general domestic use.

£99.98 ex VAT

£119.98 inc VAT

Screeding Finisher - Probst MINIPLAN MP70


Probst MP-70 Screeding Finisher is a Screeding Finisher Tool (MINIPLAN MP) by Probst. Small, handy tool used to finish off and great for reworking on screeded areas. covering screed rail marks, foot prints or to tidy up around drains.

£65.03 ex VAT

£78.04 inc VAT

Probst EP-UNI Hand Screeding System

Probst Easyplan EP

The Probst Easyplan EP-UNI One Person Screeding Kit is a useful hand tool system that can screed different working width and great for small and medium sized sites. Designed to help the user create a perfect consistent level over the full continues length being worked. Great addition to any Block Pavers tool box.

£527.98 ex VAT

£633.58 inc VAT

Probst AZL Screeding Rails for TAS-UNI

Probst AZL

The Probst AZL Screeding rails are a lightweight, strong and simple to use set of screeding side rails designed specifically to be used with the TAS-UNI Screeding systems. Manufactured from 60mm x 60mm aluminium.

£874.98 ex VAT

£1,049.98 inc VAT

Probst AZL-EP Screeding Rail Set

Probst AZL-EP

AZL-EP SET Screeding Rail Pole Kit is a lightweight set of screeding side rails to aid setting of a consistent and accurate level for screeding materials. giving a perfectly level professional finish to block paving, concrete blocks or slabs.

£194.98 ex VAT

£233.98 inc VAT