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Crosby Straightpoint

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Crosby Straightpoint

Straightpoint is a UK Load Monitoring Manufacturer specialising in Loadlinks - Digital Dynamometers - Wire Rope Tension Meters - Load Shackles - Crane Scales - ATEX - Custom Projects. ULS Lifting can offer the full range available at a very competitive price. Straightpoint is known worldwide for there quality range of Wireless Loadlinks and cabled Loadlinks, the RLP Radiolink being the most commonly sourced unit from ULS Lifting, this range is also available in a Bluetooth version offering more freedom to the operator with no flying leads getting in the way. Also available are the Colt Line Tensiometer, and the BlueLink Bluetooth Digital Dynamometer. All Straightpoint products can be supplied fully calibrated and ready to use straight out of the box

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BlueLink Bluetooth Digital Dynamometer


Crosby Straightpoint BlueLink Bluetooth Digital Dynamometer is a compact and lightweight loadcell that has been designed to minimize headroom, standing at only 156mm (6.14") from eye to eye. Wireless Bluetooth allowing the User to stand at a safe distance from the load

£1,069.98 ex VAT

£1,283.98 inc VAT

Crosby Straightpoint RLP Radiolink Plus Bluetooth Version


Crosby Straightpoint RLP Radiolink Plus Bluetooth Version is a Wireless Tension Load Cell designed to be used with the SW-HHP Insight Software or can be Bluetooth.

£1,560.68 ex VAT

£1,872.82 inc VAT

Crosby Straightpoint RLP Radiolink Plus c/w Wireless Handheld Display


Crosby Straightpoint RLP Radiolink Plus c/w Wireless Handheld Display is a Wireless Tension Load Cell capable of weighing and dynamic load monitoring from 1 tonne up to 500 tonnes.

£2,465.98 ex VAT

£2,959.18 inc VAT

Straightpoint Colt - Clamp on Line Tensionmeter


The Straightpoint COLT is a lightweight Guy Wire / Steel Wire Rope tension meter or shunt tension meter for fast and accurate measurement of tensions up to 11,000lb or 5000 kg and up to 1” or 25mm diameter.

£3,449.98 ex VAT

£4,139.98 inc VAT

Wireless Compression Load Cell - LoadSafe Bluetooth


Crosby Straightpoint Wireless Compression Loadcell - Loadsafe with Bluetooth, available in capacities from 5 tonnes up to 1,000 tonnes capacity. These Bluetooth compression loadcells are ideal for recording the weight of a load or finding the centre of gravity

£1,702.98 ex VAT

£2,043.58 inc VAT

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Straightpoint load cells are used in many industries such as oil and gas, shipping, construction, renewable energies, lifting and cranes, topside, and tie downs. All are available from Ultimate Lifting Solutions. Kito Crosby Straightpoint has a full catalogue of load monitoring and tension meter products, manufactured in the UK with distribution from Europe and USA, as well as a global network of distributors, they can offer unrivaled quality and lead times.

Crosby Straightpoint (SP) is an award-winning, UK & USA load cell manufacturer specialising in the production and calibration of load monitoring equipment for the following applications:

Force measurement

Load monitoring

Suspended load weighing

Compression force sensing

Wire Rope Tension Metering

In these Industries: construction; container weighing; extreme sports; heavy lift; line tensioning; logistics; marine; oil and gas; stage and event rigging; shipping; testing; towage and salvage; utilities; defence; and more.