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Block Grabs

Welcome to the ULS block grab storefront, where we offer a large selection of quality manufactured block grabs from top brands. With scissor block grabs from renowned brands such as Probst, as well as reliable Eichinger safety nets, ULS stock everything you need for your next project.

If you cannot see an exact match, please do not hesitate to call or email us. Not only do we have an extensive number of products in our warehouse that are not currently listed online, but our helpful team of experts have the knowledge to help you purchase the very best block grabs and lifting equipment to meet your requirements. 

Explore our range of block grabs and related equipment below!

Block Grab with Rubber Pads

BG 1083

These quality manufactured Scissor action block grabs designed with personnel safety in mind are commonly used to lift palletized brick or slab or concrete produce such as kerb stones, paving stones, slabs, steel strapped bricks, etc - The Rubber lined pads help minimize damage to loads and reduce marking or breakages

£2,048.98 ex VAT

£2,458.78 inc VAT

Probst SG PGL2 Scissor Block Grab


Probst SG PGL2 Scissor Block Grab is an industry-leading mechanical Block Grab used for lifting and transporting unpalletized building materials up to 1800Kgs such as breeze blocks, bricks, and kerb stones around construction or building sites. 

£2,440.00 ex VAT

£2,189.98 ex VAT

£2,627.98 inc VAT

Eichinger Safety Restraint Net


Good quality safety restraint net that has been designed for use with the Eichinger Block Grabs and Crane Forks.

£124.98 ex VAT

£149.98 inc VAT

What Is A Block Grab?

A block grab is a mechanical device used in construction and material handling industries to lift, move, and position heavy blocks or objects. These blocks can vary in size and weight, ranging from concrete blocks to large stones or even steel blocks used in industrial settings.

Block grabs typically consist of a set of jaws or clamps designed to securely grip the block. These jaws are often operated hydraulically or pneumatically, allowing for controlled and precise handling of the block. Some block grabs may also feature additional features such as rotation mechanisms to aid in positioning the block as needed.

How Do Block Grabs Work?

The operation of a block grab involves positioning the jaws around the block to be lifted, activating the gripping mechanism to securely hold the block, and then lifting it using a crane or other lifting equipment. Once lifted, the block can be moved to its desired location and released by deactivating the gripping mechanism.