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Rigging & Marine

Welcome to the U L S online Material Handling and Lifting Equipment store. Feel free to browse through the web pages to find the items you require, as our pages are packed full of information to help with your decision making process. We have partnered with all leading manufacturers to bring to you products of the highest quality , very competitive prices and all products supplied are CE marked and comply with current legislations and will be dispatched with correct paperwork and EC Declarations so the goods can be used immediately on delivery.

If you cannot see an exact match – Please do not hesitate to call or email us and we will endeavour to help with your requirements, as we have access for 1000s more products than shown currently throughout the website.

To purchase via the website, please select from one of the product categories below

Nylon Rope


Nylon Rope is one of the strongest synthetic ropes available. It is a very tough rope and used most commonly for lifting, winching towing or mooring applications - Nylon Ropes also have a very soft and smooth feel and also used quite commonly with height safety lanyards when spliced in accordance to height safety standards.

£39.88 ex VAT

£47.86 inc VAT

Split Film Polypropylene Rope


Split film Polypropylene Rope, commonly known as "blue split" rope is an economic and cost effective general purpose rope, very popular for pulling applications , lashing down on lorries and popular amongst the marine and sailing industry.

£11.12 ex VAT

£13.34 inc VAT

Staplespun Polyprop Rope


Staplespun Rope is a top grade polypropylene rope manufactured to a British Standard . It is still classed as a general purpose rope, but due to the way it is spun into a finished rope gives it a lot higher strength than the split film (blue Split) ropes - therefore can be used for lifting applications as well as mooring and lashing applications .

£19.97 ex VAT

£23.96 inc VAT

Manila Rope


Manila Rope is a top quality natural rope that originates many 100s of years ago from manila in the Philippines. It is strong, flexible and durable  and one of its key plus points is its resistance to salt water, hence it has been used within marine environments heavily in fishing nets and rigging applications. 

£43.77 ex VAT

£52.52 inc VAT

Polyhemp Rope


Polyhemp Rope is a sort of best of both worlds - It has the properties of the synthetic ropes like polypropylene yet has the look to a natural rope like Sisal / Manila. Being synthetic means it will not shrink, swell or rot when used outdoors, making this rope great for out door projects from decking ropes to outdoor gymnasiums.

£50.80 ex VAT

£60.96 inc VAT

Sisal Rope


Sisal rope is a quality natural rope which is multi-functional with many useful purposes - It can be used as a lifting sling and within the shipping industry as a mooring rope.  But due to its low cost it is frequently used nowadays as a decorative rope around the home and garden and used as a tug of war rope or even a scratch post for cats.

£26.89 ex VAT

£32.27 inc VAT