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Site Equipment Civil Eng

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Site Equipment Civil Eng

Ultimate Lifting Solutions offer a large selection of tools and equipment commonly used within civil engineering, infrastructure and groundwork

Concrete Manhole Lifting Pin


Concrete Manhole Pins are usually used in sets of three to lift concrete manhole chambers. This style of concrete lifting Pins are supplied with Large flat washer and retaining pins - Other style of pins available on request

£49.98 ex VAT

£59.98 inc VAT

Probst Telescopic Screeding System TAS-UNI

Probst TAS-UNI

The Probst Telescopic Screeding System TAS-UNI can be classed as the universal "all-rounder" screeding system for both large and small construction sites. perfect for screeding long wide areas quickly. The Probst TAS-UNI is designed with a bigger profile which helps move and screed larger and more rough screeding materials.

£2,154.98 ex VAT

£2,585.98 inc VAT

Block Grab with Rubber Pads

BG 1083

These quality manufactured Scissor action block grabs designed with personnel safety in mind are commonly used to lift palletized brick or slab or concrete produce such as kerb stones, paving stones, slabs, steel strapped bricks, etc - The Rubber lined pads help minimize damage to loads and reduce marking or breakages

£2,048.98 ex VAT

£2,458.78 inc VAT

FXAH-120 Probst GRABO Pro Lifter

FXAH 120 Grabo Pro Lifter

Probst FXAH 120 Pro Lifter, designed for landscaping and tiling professionals that needs a reliable portable vacuum lifter that can securely grab almost any surface with ease. Can even lift rough, porous and wet surfaces perfect for landscapers and tilers

£370.00 ex VAT

£339.98 ex VAT

£407.98 inc VAT

Kassel Kerb Lifter KKL1562

KKL 1562

Kassel Kerb Lifter is a quality Kerb Grab that makes very light work when you need to lift and transport large pre-cast concrete products, kerbstones, bus stop kerbs and similar in a safe and efficient manner.

£1,068.98 ex VAT

£1,282.78 inc VAT

Probst BZ Kerb Handle


Probst BZ Kerb Stone Handle ideal for lifting and transporting Kerb Stones, Edging Stones, Concrete Gutters and paving materials. Can also be used with natural kerb stones and other landscaping elements.

£59.98 ex VAT

£71.98 inc VAT

Probst Concrete Gully Hook


Probst GH Gully Hook with chain sling. Designed to make lifting, handling and installing concrete gullies easier, safer and quicker. This quality manufactured handy solution fits snugly in the gully spout without the need to remove the rodding eye cover or to damage the gasket.

£332.98 ex VAT

£399.58 inc VAT

Probst Concrete Pipe Lifter RVD 4.5 ECO

Probst RVD-4.5-ECO

Probst RVD Concrete Pipe Lifter. Universal excavator attachment enabling large steel reinforced concrete pipes to be unloaded, transported, and installed on-site.

£11,244.98 ex VAT

£13,493.98 inc VAT

Probst EASYGRIP EXG Border Stone Handle

Easygrip EXG

Probst EASYGRIP EXG Border Stone Handle and Easy Grip EXG-MAXI are suitable for handling parallel, plane, and non-conical concrete elements, such as block steps, border stones, kerb stones, and slabs. Economical mechanical grab handle

£366.00 ex VAT

£331.98 ex VAT

£398.38 inc VAT

Probst FTZ Grab for Prefabricated Concrete Products


Probst FTZ Universal Mechanical Grab designed for handling standard concrete blocks, sandstone blocks and most prefabricated concrete elements safely and securely.

£1,459.98 ex VAT

£1,751.98 inc VAT

Probst FTZ MULTI-15 Grab for Wider Prefabricated Concrete Products / Boulders


Probst FTZ Mechanical Grab with interchangeable grippers, designed for lifting and handling very wide concrete blocks, concrete Lego blocks, sandstone blocks and even Ashlar rocks, boulders and other prefabricated concrete elements

£1,394.98 ex VAT

£1,673.98 inc VAT

Probst FTZ-BB Grab for Prefabricated Concrete Products


Probst FTZ-BB Grab for Prefabricated Concrete Products was specifically designed for handling and moving kerb stones with high concave sections, such as bus stops, Kassel Kerbs, Trief Kerbs and other prefabricated concrete blocks safely and securely. 

£1,478.98 ex VAT

£1,774.78 inc VAT