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Tipping Skips

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Tipping Skips

Ultimate Lifting Solutions offer a large selection of both standard forklift mounted tipping skips and heavy duty industrial tipping skips from stock. ULS only supply tipping skips that have been manufactured in accordance with the machinery directive and conform to British Standards. Our tipping skips are supplied to C.E. Marked and supplied with operating instructions. If you are looking for quality tipping skips manufactured in the UK then look no further than the Ultimate Lifting Solutions range of Tipping skips.

If you require a bespoke tipping skip manufacturing,  such as extended fork pockets, addition of lifting lugs. castors fitted, tipping skip covers / lid or any other additional design requirement, then contact us today by calling 01384 986 026 or emailing to discuss your requirements and we can offer a tailored quote to meet your requirements.

DTS - Forklift Self Tipping Skip


DTS Forklift Mounted Tipping Skips, available in five popular sizes and manufactured in the UK. Built to high specification and "built to last". Ideal for transferring materials/rubbish on a modern day building site, construction site, farmyard or factory environment. Include a Tip Handle and automatic reset mechanism.

£539.98 ex VAT

£647.98 inc VAT

FLTS2013 Forklift Tipping Skip

FLTS 2013

The FLTS 2013 quality Forklift Tipping Skip is an ideal solution for moving waste or materials around a factory floor, construction site or any situation that requires storage and transportation of loose materials or scrap and waste.

£549.98 ex VAT

£659.98 inc VAT

Forklift Tipping Skip (1200Litre)


1200Litre / 1500Kgs Capacity Forklift Tipping Skip is fitted with the fixed heel pin and tear drop safety feature as standard that ensures these tipping skips do not slide off the forks while in transit.

£624.98 ex VAT

£584.98 ex VAT

£701.98 inc VAT

HDI - Heavy Duty Industrial Tipping Skip


Our TOP QUALITY UK Manufactured Heavy Duty Industrial Tipping skips are an ideal solution for storing and moving debris, scrap or general waste around building sites or factory.

These quality tipping skips manufactured from thick plate steel and have a hopper body with one way entry base frame & folded top edge for extra strength.

Heavy duty safety chain supplied as standard.

£795.94 ex VAT

£955.13 inc VAT

Universal Tipping Skip - Heavy Duty


The UTS Universal Tipping Skip with 4 way entry as standard. These heavy duty UK manufactured tipping skips are ideal for transporting waste and scrap materials from the factory, farm or yard and built to withstand heavy use enviroments.

£609.98 ex VAT

£731.98 inc VAT

FLTS 2013C Crane and Forklift Tipping Skip

FLTS 2013C

The FLTS 2013C quality Crane and Forklift Tipping Skip fitted with lifting lugs is an ideal solution for moving waste or materials around a factory floor, construction site or any situation that requires storage and transportation of loose materials or scrap and waste.

£784.98 ex VAT

£941.98 inc VAT

Ultimate Lifting Solutions offer a selection of tipping skips that are designed to be transported via a forklift. All our tipping skips are manufactured from heavy duty steel. The standard tipping skips are manufactured from 3mm steel and our heavy-duty tipping skips are manufactured from 5mm steel. The fork pockets are manufactured to offer a strong and secure base for the fork tines to slide into. If you need a tipping skip with enlarged fork pockets, then the UTS Universal tipping skip will be perfect, due to its large subframe offering an easy access opening for any forklift or telehandler. 

By adding a restraint chain to the tipping skip gives you the confidence that the tipping skip will stay safe and secure in place while being transported.

All our tipping skips are manufactured with either a double rolled lip or folded top for extra strength that helps against deformation from everyday usage.

All the forklift tipping skips that ultimate lifting solutions supply are mechanically operated. They are fitted with a release handle to aid the tipping mechanism. And once returned to its resting position it will auto lock in place ready to be filled again.

Why purchase a tipping skip?

Tipping skips are an ideal solution for transporting loose materials or waste around a factory, construction site or farm that needs a portable accessory to help. ULS offer many tipping skip solutions for fast delivery to anywhere in the United Kingdom. we also offer a free delivery if a second skip is ordered and delivered to the same location.

What can you use a tipping skip for?

Tipping skip come in various storage sizes and offer a great solution for moving materials around, they can also be used storage of materials. Can be used to store scrap metal, swarf from a machine, waste materials from a production line. On a building site they can be used to transport heavy goods and materials to a specific area of site. Or used to store scrap or waste materials before they are removed from site.

 Difference between tipping skips?

Our standard tipping skips are manufactured from 3mm steel with double rolled lip around the bucket to give these skips a strong and robust finish. The heavy-duty tipping skips are manufactured from 5mm steel with a folded lip to again add strength to the bucket – The heavy-duty industry skip is heavier and aimed at companies that require a tipping skip to withstand the demands of heavier construction waste. The standard tipping skip with its doubled rolled lip offers a very strong skip that is light in design in comparison that will be suitable for 90% of building sites, factory floors and construction site. Great for swarf or small scrap metal and any most waste materials supplied by your industry sector such as construction, building, building materials, food industry, house builders, farms, civil engineering nuclear, waste and recycling.

 Can you offer bespoke tipping skips?

At Ultimate lifting solutions we have many years’ experience of supplying and selling tipping skips. We understand that special requirements are needed at times – We you require a special tipping skip, we can help. Please contact us today if you require additions such as castors fitted, steel lid fitted, canvas lid or cover for tipping skip, extra tall sides or tipping skip with mesh side. We can also offer tipping skips with lifting lugs.


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