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Lifting Cages & Frames

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Lifting Cages & Frames

Welcome to the U L S online Lifting Cages and Lifting Frames section of the ULSLIFTING website, where we offer a large selection of quality manufactured Lifting Cages, Forklift access platforms and lifting frames and bottle lifting cages from top manufacturers. 

If you cannot see an exact match – Please do not hesitate to call or email us and we will endeavour to help with your requirements, as we have access for 1000s more products than shown currently throughout the website. To purchase via the website, please select from one of the product categories below

Big Bag Lifting frame

BBL 1097

Universal Big Bag Lifting Frame is designed to lift and transport bulk bags safely and securely. It can be used with an overhead Crane, Hiab, or Forklift. Manufactured as a 4-point spreader beam suitable for 1-tonne builder's bulk bags and other oversized bags.

£444.44 ex VAT

£533.33 inc VAT

Crane Pallet Fork Cage


Quality manufactured Crane Pallet Fork Cage designed to be used with Self Balancing Crane Forks to aid the safe lifting of brick packs, blocks, and other building materials at height, whilst also providing safety for any potential collapsed loads during operation

£1,142.98 ex VAT

£1,371.58 inc VAT

Forklift Access Platforms 1-2 Persons


Quality UK manufactured Forklift Access Platform offering an ideal solution when elevating 1 or 2 people to carry out inspection or repair work. Fitted with safety harness rails and positive heel locks.

£638.48 ex VAT

£766.18 inc VAT

Forklift Access Platforms with side gate (foldable)

FLC 1073.3

The FLC1073.3 Foldable Access Platform with locking side gate entry is a quality manufactured Work Access Platform that fits securely onto forklift forks to give the operator a safe area to work from when carrying out repair or maintenance jobs up high around the workplace, guttering or roof. 

£694.98 ex VAT

£833.98 inc VAT

TTB Camlok Big Bag Lifter


The Camlok TTB Big Bag Lifter was designed to lift and transport large and bulk bags safely and securely. Loved by builder's yards and on construction sites for relocating 1-tonne bulk bags of gravel or sand and similar goods

£419.58 ex VAT

£369.98 ex VAT

£443.98 inc VAT

Gas Bottle Carrier GBC1328

GBC 1328

Craneable Gas Bottle Carrier/Lifting Cage from Eichinger is a perfect solution either on-site or within a factory, where it is common to move pressurized bottles. All Steel constructed safety cage with gated bars to protect the bottles 

£679.98 ex VAT

£815.98 inc VAT

Goods Carrying Cage

CC 1058

These heavy duty rugged goods carrying cages with lifting lugs, are suitable for moving unpalletized bulky products, boards, or equipment around a construction site. Built to last

£1,259.98 ex VAT

£1,511.98 inc VAT

Goods Carrying Cage with Ramp

CC 1058.3R

Goods Carrying Cage with Ramp and lifting lugs, designed for moving unpalletized bulky products, boards, or equipment around a construction site. Built to last and supplied fully tested and certified.

£1,598.98 ex VAT

£1,918.78 inc VAT

Single Man Access Cage

AC 1074.1

Single Person Safe Cage, supplied fully certified to BS EN 14502-1 and PM28. Supplied with fork Pockets, Harness Points and four lifting points. Typically used in confined spaces, where access may be an issue and other larger cages would not be practical.

£1,949.98 ex VAT

£2,339.98 inc VAT

2 Person Access Cage

AC 1073.2

2 Person Liftable Access Cage complete with tool tray and high kick plates that prevent any equipment stored inside the access cage to accidental fall, making the AC1073.2 Access Cage a perfect universal access platform for contractors to work safely at high level.

£1,394.98 ex VAT

£1,673.98 inc VAT

4 Person Access Cage

AC 1074.4

Multi-person Man Cage can be used with a crane or forklift. Fitted with front tool tray Conforms fully to BS EN 14502-1 and PM28

£3,978.98 ex VAT

£4,774.78 inc VAT

Stretcher Cage (2 Person)

SC 1075

Craneable Stretcher Cage supplied with lifting chains. This fully tested and certified quality built accident rescue cage intended for use where a casualty needs safe evacuation from height. Large enough to suit two personnel (1 causality on a stretcher & 1 attendant).

£2,219.98 ex VAT

£2,663.98 inc VAT