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Air lifting Bags (Pneumatic)

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Air lifting Bags (Pneumatic)

The ULS LIFTING range of Inflatable Air lifting Bags (Pneumatic) also known as Air Jacks are manufactured in the UK from quality materials and available from stock. Air Lifting Bags work at only 8 bar of pressure and can be used for industrial applications or to lift /reposition cars, caravans, and machinery with very little effort.

These Pneumatic industrial lifting bags come in two models the Air (Pneumatic) Lifting Jack - Powermat 8 Bar and the StakJak Lifting Mats - 8 Bar Both inflatable air bags will offer a solution to all your air lifting problems. Both models of Air Bag Jacks are available in a wide range with lifting capacity starting from 1.4 tonnes up to 67 tonnes. The Powermat inflatable lifting air bag range has a thickness of 25mm giving a low insertion height and being able to be side under or in between compact spaces.

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Air (Pneumatic) Lifting Jack - Powermat 8 Bar

Powermat KS

Air (Pneumatic) Lifting Jack - Powermat 8 Bar are UK manufactured heavy-duty, high-pressure (8 bar) air lifting bags designed primarily for lifting operations such as cars and other vehicles, machinery, steelwork, and even bridges. inflates quickly on air only to give an easy to use the air lift bag.

£148.98 ex VAT

£178.78 inc VAT

StakJak Lifting Mats - 8 Bar

StakJak KSM

The MFC StakJak Lifting Mats - 8 Bar are a range of quality UK-manufactured, high-pressure (8 bar) flat profile pneumatic air jacks, primarily for heavy-duty lifting operations such as machinery, steelwork, bridges and vehicle recovery. The Flat profile has several advantages over normal pillow lifting bags.

£648.98 ex VAT

£778.78 inc VAT

The Powermat inflatable air bag has models that start from as little as 1.4-tonne capacity up to 67 tonnes capacity and can even be used stacked to give a very versatile airbag lifting system - This is the perfect industrial air bag lifter if being used as an airbag jack for cars. The Powermat is a Kevlar air lifting bag, these rubber cushions also known as pillow lift bags or air bag jacks are very versatile, these air bag jack lifts are commonly used for numerous lifting processes from positioning machinery, balancing a caravan, or just as an airbag lifting system within a factory.

The Stakjak KSM Air Lifting Mats are our professional heavy-duty range of pneumatic lifting bags.  Great for heavy machinery or other industrial lifting requirements, such as levelling a bridge, this range of airbag lifting systems start from 3.6 tonnes up to 24.6 tonnes and are also stackable to give a greater lifting height.  the flat design has many advantages over the traditional pneumatic lifting bags, they can be stacked on top of each other to give a flat stable air bag jack for cars and other larger vehicles such as lorries and buses.

Both the Powermat KS Inflatable bags and the Stakjak KSM Lifting Mats have many uses as inflatable air lifting bags, from their beginnings as primarily used as air bag jacks for cars within the breakdown and recovery industry, where they were ideal when jacks suck as hydraulic jacks or powered jacks could not be used. these airbag car lifts were perfect for lifting cars off the ground to be recovered. Nowadays these pneumatic lifting bags are commonly used for many lifting applications, from replacing a car jack with an air car lift to save weight and space, to a full airbag lifting system to help lift or stabilize a building or structure. These airbag-lifting devices are used all over the world by rescue and recovery teams.