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Lifting Skips & Tubs

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Lifting Skips & Tubs

Welcome to the ULS Lifting online Lifting Skips and Tubs section of the ULSLIFTING website, where we offer a large selection of quality manufactured attachments to be used with forklifts, overhead cranes, or hoists all supplied by top UK and European manufacturers. One of the most popular items supplied is the Concrete Pouring skips, ideal for aiding the pouring of concrete into columns and formwork. for transporting large amounts of mortar around building sites we offer large Mortar Skips with chain slings, if you need to move small amounts of cement, concrete, or mortar, then check out our quality range of plastic forklift mortar tubs and crane lift mortar tubs. OR for removing muck and waste around the site safely then the self-discharging boat skips are the go-to skip on modern-day construction sites. 

If you cannot see an exact match – Please do not hesitate to call our sales team at 01384 986 026 or email us at and we will endeavor to help with your requirements, as we have access to 1000s more products than shown currently throughout the website. 

Geared Coneflow Skip CS 1025H

CS 1025H

The CS1025 Coneflow Concrete Skip is a long standing favourite skip that is ideal for pouring large volumes of concrete with maximum efficiency, due to its geared gate mechanism.

£1,528.98 ex VAT

£1,834.78 inc VAT

Twinflow Skip Geared CS 1020H

CS 1020H

The CS 1020H Twinflow Skip is very useful universal pouring skip. Can be used to quickly pour concrete in high volumes where accuracy isn't a requirement or this model includes a fold away chute, which can be used to direct the flow of the concrete if necessary. 

£1,859.98 ex VAT

£2,231.98 inc VAT

250 Litre Mortar Tub

MT 250TL

250-litre Standard Mortar Tub with a flat bottom for mixing, storing, or transporting wet and dry building materials around building sites or construction sites. Manufactured with an extra-strong rim to suit Telehandler / Forklift Forks

£88.88 ex VAT

£106.66 inc VAT

250 Litre Top and Base Lift Mortar Tub


250-litre Top & Base Lift Mortar Tubs with reinforced rim and floor creating a universal liftable mortar tub where both the base and rim can be utilized by Telehandler or Forklift to pick up and transport both wet and dry materials around building sites or construction sites.

£87.03 ex VAT

£104.44 inc VAT

Circular Muck Skip MS 1224

MS 1224

The Circular Muck Skip MS 1224 is able to transport heavy loads, whilst remaining stable due to its safety locking "fingers". This ensures a secure transport and safety for the operator.

£279.98 ex VAT

£335.98 inc VAT

Concrete Column Pouring Skip CS 1034C

CS 1034C

Concrete Column Pouring Skip CS 1034C with Bale Arm is an ultra-versatile skip to aid the pouring of wet concrete into all types of formwork, standard, narrow, and difficult areas, and pouring concrete into columns, walls, and pipe laying work.

£2,096.98 ex VAT

£2,516.38 inc VAT

Concrete Column Pouring Skip CS1034CE

CS 1034CE

Ultra Safe Concrete Pouring Skip with lifting points. Column Skip allows concrete to be easily poured into columns and formwork, it also improves safety for the operator as it removes the crushing points of the bale arm, by using a two leg chain slings to lift.

£2,098.98 ex VAT

£2,518.78 inc VAT

Crane / Forklift Mortar Skip 360 litres

MS1047.5 - 360ltr

These high quality steel fabricated Mortar skips have been designed to meet all the basic needs of moving mortar and other raw materials around site. Fitted with both lifting lugs and fork pockets meaning these rigid, strong and durable can be used with any hoist, site cranes, forklifts and telehandlers to lift and move mortar or other site materials safely

£244.98 ex VAT

£293.98 inc VAT

Drop Bottom Skip


Heavy duty drop bottom skip, designed for fast and easy movement/tipping of bulk waste materials on construction sites, factories, and farm yards.

£1,029.98 ex VAT

£1,235.98 inc VAT

Forklift Concrete Pouring Skip

FCS 2016

Forklift Concrete Skip for use on building or construction sites in areas that have no crane available, these concrete pouring skips can be used with a suitable forklift to transport and pour wet concrete

£768.98 ex VAT

£922.78 inc VAT

Self Discharge Boat Skip

BS 1045FA

Boat Skips with automated tipping are designed to remove muck and waste around a site safely in line with health and safety guidelines - The added bonus with boat skips is the bespoke lock and release mechanism on the lifting arm which eliminates the need for employees to be inside the danger area when emptying or tipping these skips.

£689.98 ex VAT

£827.98 inc VAT

Twinflow Concrete Skip CS 1020

CS 1020

The CS 1020 Twinflow Skip is very useful for quickly pouring concrete in high volumes where accuracy isn't a requirement. This model also includes a fold-away chute, which can be used to direct the flow of the concrete if necessary. 

£1,289.98 ex VAT

£1,547.98 inc VAT