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DtEC Material Handling

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DtEC Material Handling

Ultimate Lifting Solutions are proud to be a key partner with UK manufacturer DtEC Material Handling to offer an extensive range of high-quality manual tipping skips and telehandler self-locking skips. Ultimate Lifting Solutions offers all tipping skips designed to be mounted onto forklifts and telehandlers.

The Ultimate Lifting Solutions range starts with our most popular selling skip. The DTS manual tipping skip; is this super durable yet cost-effective skip that offers the perfect solution around building and construction sites. If a tipping skip is required to be used with a Telehandler, then look no further than the auto-locking skip known as the Original and ULTIMATE Self Locking Telehandler Skip, The Teleskip deliveries the ultimate safety and efficiency by automatically locking and unlocking from behind the telehandler fork heels. We can also supply our ECO Skip, Teleskip with castors, tipping skips with lids and mesh sides, skip covers, and all our tipping skips in stainless steel or a galvanised finish.

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Forklift Self Tipping Skip

STS 1250

Quality-built standard Forklift Self-Tipping Skip that offers a great solution for transferring rubbish or building materials around any factory, construction site, or farmyard.

£748.98 ex VAT

£638.98 ex VAT

£766.78 inc VAT

Forklift Self Tipping Skip (DTS)


DTS Forklift Mounted Tipping Skips, available in five popular sizes and manufactured in the UK for ULS Lifting. Built to a high specification and made to last. Ideal for transferring materials/rubbish on any modern-day building site, construction site, farmyard, or factory environment. Includes a Tip Handle and automatic reset mechanism.

£598.98 ex VAT

£545.00 ex VAT

£654.00 inc VAT

HDI - Heavy Duty Industrial Tipping Skip


Our top-quality UK-Manufactured Heavy Duty Industrial Tipping skips are an ideal solution for storing and moving debris, scrap, or general waste around building sites or factories. These quality tipping skips are manufactured from thick plate steel and have a hopper body with a one-way entry base frame & folded top edge for extra strength.

£798.98 ex VAT

£958.78 inc VAT

Forklift Tipping Skip Mesh Sided Extension


Forklift Tipping Skip with mesh-sided extensions creates an ideal way to store and transfer materials such as cardboard, paper, or similar that have a high volume yet low weight ratio

£768.98 ex VAT

£922.78 inc VAT

Forklift Tipping Skip with Lid


Forklift Tipping Skip with Lid that is hinged at the rear eliminates the content from blowing away or can be used to keep content dry enabling the tipping skip to be left outdoors. Adding the lid to a tipping skip can also reduce the escape of odours as well. Tipping skips are an ideal solution for transporting and storing waste materials or scrap materials.

£848.98 ex VAT

£1,018.78 inc VAT

Self Locking Telehandler Skip


Auto-Locking Telehandler Skip (1250 Litre / 2000Kgs). Delivering the ultimate safety and efficiency by automatically locking/unlocking from behind the fork heels. This allows the driver to remain within the safety of the telehandler cab.

£595.95 ex VAT

£524.98 ex VAT

£629.98 inc VAT

Telehandler Auto-Locking Skip (HDTS TELESKIP)


Telehandler Auto-Locking Skip (HDTS TELESKIP) is a UK-manufactured Heavy Duty Auto-Locking Telehandler Tipping Skip. TELESKIP is classed as the Original "Auto Locking Telehandler Skip". Delivering the ultimate in safety and efficiency by automatically locking/unlocking from behind the fork heels.

£698.98 ex VAT

£584.98 ex VAT

£701.98 inc VAT

Replacement Gas Strut for Telehandler Auto-Locking Skip


Replacement Gas Strut that can be fitted quickly and easily to any telehandler skip supplied by ULS Lifting. All telehandler skips are fitted with a strut that helps lock the forks onto the tele-skip. Unfortunately, this ram can get damaged and just wears out over time

£44.98 ex VAT

£53.98 inc VAT

Telehandler Skip with Castors (HDTS-W)


Telehandler Skip with Castors (HDTS-W) is a UK-manufactured auto-locking Telehandler Self-Tipping Skip with castors. The TELESKIP is the Original Auto Locking Telehandler Skip now with castors for total flexibility for repositioning around any building or construction site.

£824.98 ex VAT

£989.98 inc VAT

FMEH - Altru Fork Mounted Telehandler Hook


This fixed style Telehandler/Forklift hook attachment is a simple and cost effective means of converting your Telehandler/Forklift into a mobile crane.

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DtEC Material Handling Limited specialise in tipping skips. Over the years, they have tweaked the design and manufacturing process to offer a UK-manufactured manual tipping skip built to the highest quality. The company was founded to manufacture and deliver a one-stop route for Resellers to access all standard and non-standard construction equipment requirements. 

Buying a DtEC manual forklift mounted tipping skip from Ultimate Lifting Solutions is buying with confidence. We have vast experience within this sector, so you will be comfortable dealing with a team that knows the industry and understands what you require to get the job done. As the genuine OEM of the Ultimate Teleskip, being a partner of the DtEC allows ULS to confidently champion the best, most durable tipping skips on the market.

DtEC Commitment: To develop, produce and deliver products and services which consistently perform to and exceed our customer's expectations. We have over 50 years of experience providing high-quality products and services to all our customers. From diversified industry sectors, we consistently strive daily to raise the bar in quality and innovation. DtEC is proud to be a British Manufacturer fabricating all of our equipment at our facilities in the West Midlands near Ultimate Lifting Solutions.

Ultimate Lifting Solutions Ltd offer the DtEC range tipping skips.

DTS Super durable manual tipping skip - ULS Top selling tipping skip.

HDI, Heavy Duty Industrial Skips - Manufactured from thicker steel.

ETS Telehandler Tipping Skip: Innovative new lightweight self-locking telehandler skip.

HDTS Heavy Duty Telehandler Skip: The original and ultimate self-locking telehandler skip.

HDTS-W Teleskip with Castors: Our heavy-duty Teleskip with castors allows you to position in tight or awkward positions.

Other than telehandler self-locking tipping skips and forklift tipping skips, Ultimate Lifting Solution also offer the FMEH Forklift Mounted elevated hook - FE Forklift Extensions, FETH Fork Extensions for Telehandlers - concrete pouring skips for Columns and framework, Boat Skips, Self Levelling Crane Forks, Pallet Lifting Cage, Access Cage and scissor Block Grabs - If you cannot find what you are looking for, then feel free to call ULS lifting's sales team today 01384 986 026 or email them on