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Drum Fittings & Accessories

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Drum Fittings & Accessories

Welcome to the U L S online Drum Fittings & Accessories section. Feel free to browse through the web pages to find the items you require, as our pages are packed full of information to help with your decision making process. We have partnered with all leading manufacturers to bring to you products of the highest quality , very competitive prices and all products supplied are CE marked and comply with current legislations and will be dispatched with correct paperwork and EC Declarations so the goods can be used immediately on delivery.

If you cannot see an exact match – Please do not hesitate to call or email us and we will endeavour to help with your requirements, as we have access for 1000s more products than shown currently throughout the website. To purchase via the website, please select from one of the product categories below

Drum Tap Opening Wrench


 Handy little drum tool, can be used as both a drum tap & drum opening wrench all in one that fits all 2″ drum taps and all standard 2″ and 3/4″ drum closures.

£19.98 ex VAT

£23.98 inc VAT

Bronze Drum Opening Tools


Various Bronze Alloy Non Sparking safety drum opening tools, all designed to open the 3/4″ & 2″ bungs on almost all 50, 100 & 210 litre steel & plastic drums. There are four models, DW1 , DW2, DW3B and DW5

£28.98 ex VAT

£34.78 inc VAT

Drum Opening Tool


Quality Drum Opening Tools that are able to open most steel or plastic drum closure apertures ranging in size from  ¾" to 2" including 50, 100 and 210 litre drums. Two models available steel and brass finish

£19.98 ex VAT

£23.98 inc VAT

Non Sparking Drum Opening Tool


Non-sparking, heavy duty, plastic drum opening tool and Drum Wrench, suitable to use around materials that are highly flammable

£14.98 ex VAT

£14.98 inc VAT