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Lifting Equipment

Welcome to the Ultimate Lifting Solutions Lifting Equipment online storefront, offering tested and certified Lifting Equipment with huge discounts. ULS offers a vast selection of Cranes, Hoists, Gantries, Air Lifting Jacks, Spreader Beams, Beam Clamps and Trolleys, and many more items.

Feel free to browse the Lifting Equipment web pages to find the required items. All pages are packed full of information to help with your decision-making process. We offer all leading manufacturers to bring you products of the highest quality at very competitive prices. If you cannot see an exact item – Please do not hesitate to call 01384 986 026 or email us at, and we will endeavour to help with your requirements.

Welcome to the Ultimate Lifting Solutions online Lifting Equipment section, offering tested and certified Lifting Equipment with huge discounts. ULS offer a vast selection of Cranes, from simple Column-Mounted Jib Crane, Wall-Mounted Jib Arms, Low Height jib arms, Clamp-Around Jib Arms to 1-tonne free-standing Jib cranes, also commonly known as 1-tonne swing jibs, floor Jibs, under-braced Jib cranes.

Many crane accessories are available, from festoon systems to radio remote control system spare parts such as BAT-01 Arc Flex rechargeable battery packs and CHR-01 Flex Handset Chargers. If the crane needs to be mobile, we can offer A-Frame Gantries or aluminium Gantries to suit most requirements at Ultimate Lifting Solutions. 

Ultimate Lifting Solutions pride itself as a leading UK supplier of hoisting equipment. We can offer a hoist to suit any lifting requirement within any environment for any sector. For Industrial uses, we can offer Electric Chain Hoists, 400v Chain Hoists, or 110v chain hoists from top manufactures such as Stahl, Liftket and Yale. All electric chain hoists can be supplied with top hook suspension, Eye suspension, Push Trolley or electric travel trolley. If a specialist electric hoist is required, then ultimate lifting solutions need to know your application.

Is it a hoist for entertainment applications, ATEX Applications, wet environments, outdoor use or for use within an abattoir? Other than industry electric hoists, ULS can offer manual chain hoists, manual chain blocks and lever hoists from 250kgs up to 20-tonne chain hoists, and again we stock all the leading brands such as Yale, Tiger, William Hacketts, Viper, George Taylors, Raptor Products and many more for fast delivery. To complement the vast range of electrical and manual hoists available, we can offer beam clamps and trolleys to help move or hold the lifting loads correctly and safely. Again, look around the ultimate lifting solutions lifting online equipment store. Also within the hoisting section are Scaffold Hoists, which are purpose-designed hoists and accessories used on scaffolding around any busy building site, construction site or roofing company. A scaffold hoist offers a very safe solution to raising and loading building materials up and down scaffolding; many scaffold hoist accessories are available, including tipping buckets, brick baskets and builders bucket carriers; we even supply a liftable wheelbarrow that has pivoting arms and a central lifting eye, perfect for lifting mortar the scaffolding via the scaffold hoist. At Ultimate Lifting Solutions, we stock the trendy IMER Scaffold Hoists and IMER Scaffold hoist accessories such as the ES150, ET200 and TR225 scaffold hoist. We also offer the L'Eurpea scaffold hoist range and L'Europea scaffold hoist accessories such as the HE150 and HE235 scaffold hoist.

A fascinating product that ULS LIFTING Offer is within the Air (Pneumatic) Lifting Bags section. Our range of heavy-duty low-pressure air bag jacks is quality manufactured inflatable lifting bag systems that can be used within any environment for lifting most objects. Traditionally designed as airbag jacks for cars and other vehicles, these airbag car lifts have been used in the vehicle recovery industry for many years due to their compact, portable design. The most significant advantage is that no power is required except air to inflate the bag lifting system. 

Apart from hoists and jib cranes, we can supply lifting and spreader beams to suit most applications; with modern technology, a newish product that is becoming even more popular is the modular spreader beams; the modular beams ULSLIFTING supply has been designed with weight-saving technology offering one of the lightest modular spreader beam systems on the market today. And we can supply up to 70-tonne spreader beams within 1 to 2 days

Hand winches are available on fast delivery from many top manufacturers, including tiger hand winches, Yale and Pfaff hand winches. They can be for lifting processes or just winching functions; we can offer outdoor wire rope winches and stainless steel hand winches, and most winches supplied are braked hand winches or spur gear drive winches.

The last extensive section within the Ultimate lifting equipment section is the load weighing and measurement, which is a key and critical process - ULS Lifting can offer loadcells from all top manufacturers, including Crosby straight point and Tractel, which can be wired or wireless - Due to the speciality of load measurement, feel free to call our technically trained staff, that are here to help and assist your application, We can make sure the correct goods are selected.