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Lifting Points

Welcome to the U L S online Material Handling and Lifting Equipment store. Feel free to browse through the web pages to find the items you require, as our pages are packed full of information to help with your decision making process. We have partnered with all leading manufacturers to bring to you products of the highest quality , very competitive prices and all products supplied are CE marked and comply with current legislations and will be dispatched with correct paperwork and EC Declarations so the goods can be used immediately on delivery.

If you cannot see an exact match – Please do not hesitate to call or email us and we will endeavour to help with your requirements, as we have access for 1000s more products than shown currently throughout the website.

To purchase via the website, please select from one of the product categories below

Camlok CLB Side Container Lifting Lugs


The Camlok CLB Container Lifting Lugs, these container lugs are sold in sets of four and are our most popular range of lugs for lifting containers using the side lifting pockets on all standard containers. 

£626.21 ex VAT

£548.98 ex VAT

£658.78 inc VAT

Camlok CLT Container Top Lifting Lugs


The Camlok CLT Container Lifting Lugs for lifting containers from the top Lifting pockets. this configuration allows for the transportation of containers using a container lifting frame (Lifting Slings Required) The main safety feature for this range is that they lock into place by simply rotating the lug through 90°.

£695.91 ex VAT

£613.98 ex VAT

£736.78 inc VAT

Concrete Manhole Lifting Pin


Concrete Manhole Pins are usually used in sets of three to lift concrete manhole chambers. This style of concrete lifting Pins are supplied with Large flat washer and retaining pins - Other style of pins available on request

£49.98 ex VAT

£59.98 inc VAT

Container Lifting Hooks/Lugs


Simple quick and easy to attach Eye Type Container Hooks designed for lifting ISO shipping containers or modular style objects. These lugs should only be used in the side lifting holes only. We sell both left handed and right handed lugs - sold singular or as a set of 4. Manufactured to EN1677-4 and load rated to 12.5 tonne per hook.

£43.99 ex VAT

£52.79 inc VAT

Unikey Manhole Cover Lifting & Stopcock Interchangeable Key Set

Unikey KEY004

Unikey is a Manhole Cover Lifting & Stopcock Interchangeable Key Set with a lifting capacity of 250 kg and comprising interchangeable tips that can be easily and quickly swapped over.

£44.99 ex VAT

£39.98 ex VAT

£47.98 inc VAT

Probst Manhole and Cone Chain Clamp SRG

Probst SRG

Probst Manhole and Cone Chain Clamp SRG is a universal and extremely lightweight 3-leg clamp for lifting, transporting, and installing of large manhole rings, concrete cone elements, and well rings as per DIN4034.

£759.98 ex VAT

£911.98 inc VAT

Automatic Manhole lifter ML 1067.1

ML 1067.1

Automatic Manhole Ring Lifter to enable the safe movement of large concrete shaft and ring style products, such as bases and covers, cones and other shaft rings.

£2,548.98 ex VAT

£3,058.78 inc VAT

Probst SVZ-UNI Manhole and Cone Lifter

Probst SVZ-UNI

The Probst Manhole and Cone Clamp offers the safest lifting aid for larger concrete manhole and cone style products. No additional help required from anybody other than the driver. No one getting on back of lorries or near the edge of the laying area. The driver can pick up , transport and position easily and safely due to the automatic release movement

£2,848.98 ex VAT

£3,418.78 inc VAT