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Electric Chain Hoists

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Electric Chain Hoists

Welcome to the Ultimate Lifting Solutions Electric Chain Hoist online storefront. Ultimate Lifting Solutions is a leading UK supplier of high-quality Electric Chain Hoists from all the top manufacturers/ brands such as Yale, Liftket, and Stahl. We offer electric chain hoists for all situations, from industrial use within a factory to heavy-duty hoists for working onsite or outdoors to hoists for the entertainment and theatre sector and we offer 110-volt electric hoists, 240-volt electric hoists, and 400-volt electric hoists. Many of the Electric Chain hoists are available from stock. 

Please do not hesitate to call us on 01384 986 026 or email us, and we will endeavor to help with your requirements.

Stahl ST Electric Chain Hoist - 400volt output


Stahl ST Electric Chain Hoist - 400volt output series from Stahl is an acknowledged top-level quality product that ranks amongst the world's most distinctive and extensive ranges of electric hoists on offer - A robust classic design/layout which proves itself in operation day for day. Powerful, reliable yet undemanding with power consumption and maintenance.

£1,388.98 ex VAT

£1,034.18 ex VAT

£1,241.02 inc VAT



YALE CPV F ELECTRIC CHAIN HOIST 400V available in capacities from 250Kgs to 5000Kgs. Quality built, robust, compact construction makes the CPV Series a versatile unit for INDUSTRIAL USE. Available in 400volt 3Ph 50hZ

£1,554.15 ex VAT

£1,159.98 ex VAT

£1,391.98 inc VAT

CM Lodestar Electric Chain Hoists (110V)

CM Lodestar 110v

The CM Lodestar Electric Chain Hoists (110V) is a tough yet durable 110 volt 1ph 50hz electric chain hoist that is available in lifting capacities from 250Kg up to 3,000Kg. This single Phase Electric chain hoist has been designed to keep working in the most arduous applications.

£2,079.98 ex VAT

£2,495.98 inc VAT

CPV F YALE ELECTRIC CHAIN HOIST 400V (capacity 2500 - 5000 Kgs)


Yale's CPV F Electric Chain Hoist 400V, with a substantial capacity range of 2500 to 5000 Kgs, represents the pinnacle of electric chain hoisting in the Yale CPV series. Designed for demanding INDUSTRIAL Applications, these 2500Kgs and 5000Kgs CPV/F Electric Chain Hoists by Yale Products combine robustness with compact construction, making them the ultimate choice for heavy-duty lifting needs.

£4,756.68 ex VAT

£3,583.78 ex VAT

£4,300.54 inc VAT

Stahl High Speed Electric Chain Hoist

ST High Speed

Stahl High-Speed Electric Chain Hoist, designed for applications that need the hoist to have a fast lifting speed of 12m/minute, is ideal for Abattoir usage.

£3,091.00 ex VAT

£2,349.50 ex VAT

£2,819.40 inc VAT

CM Lodestar Electric Chain Hoists (400V)

CM Lodestar 400v

The CM Lodestar Electric Chain Hoists (400V) is a tough yet durable 400 volt 3ph 50hz electric chain hoist that is available in lifting capacities from 250Kg up to 3,000Kg. This 3-Phase Electric chain hoist has been designed to keep working in the most arduous applications

£2,792.00 ex VAT

£3,350.40 inc VAT

Liftket Star Electric Chain Hoist


The Star range of Electric Chain Hoists from German manufacturer LIFTKET. The Liftket range is a quality built robust hoist which are currently our best selling hoist due to their superior build quality and performance ratings. Suitable for lifting most industrial loads from 125Kgs up to 5,000Kgs 

£1,198.24 ex VAT

£1,437.89 inc VAT

CM Lodestar Electric Chain Hoists (230V)

CM Lodestar 230v

The CM Lodestar Electric Chain Hoists (230V) is a tough yet durable 230 volt 1ph 50hz electric chain hoist that is available in lifting capacities from 250Kg up to 3,000Kg. This single Phase Electric chain hoist has been designed to keep working in the most arduous applications.

£2,079.98 ex VAT

£2,495.98 inc VAT

Ultimate Lifting Solutions have over 40 years of experience supplying quality electric chain hoist to all sectors. ULS provides industrial chain hoists used within the factory and suspended from overhead beams or electric hoists to be fitted to a Jib Crane. Ultimate Lifting can also offer electric chain hoists that can be used within the food industry and wet environment. ULS Lifting offers electric chain hoists in standard 400volt 3 phase supply, and ULS can also offer 110volt single phase electric chain hoists and 240volt electric chain hoists. Most modern electric hoists can now be fitted with a radio remote control. Radio remote control electric hoists offer the operator more freedom to be positioned safely away from the danger area.

Ultimate Lifting Solutions offer Yale Electric Chain hoists, Stahl electric Chain hoists, Liftket and GIS electric chain hoists. Still, we can also provide electric chain hoists from all the leading manufacturers, including Lodestar Electric Hoists, Demag Hoists, Donati Hoists, Kito hoists and many others. 

Typical questions asked about electric chain hoists

What are electric chain hoists? Electric-powered chain hoists are ideal for raising or lowering loads without the operator needing to handle the item being lifted. 

What can I use an electric hoist for? Electric chain hoists are powered units that can lift, lower and move sideways any liftable load without the hoist operator needing to lift the bag himself—eliminating stress and strain on the body. 

What are the different types of electric chain hoists? The standard electric chain hoist is a hook suspension electric chain hoist. Electric chain hoists can also be supplied on a trolley to help move the load up or down a beam within the factory or on a construction site.

What capacity are electric chain hoists? Electric chain hoists can be supplied in many different lifting capacities. From as little as 125Kgs Electric hoists up to 20-tonne electric chain hoists, standard electric chain hoist capacities are 250Kgs Electric Hoist, 500Kgs Electric Hoist, 1-tonne electric chain hoists, 2-tonne electric chain hoists, 2,5-tonne electric hoist and 5-tonne electric hoist, larger electric chain hoists are also available from the 7.5-tonne electric hoist and 10-tonne electric hoists and 20-tonne electric chain hoists.

What voltage are electric chain hoists? The most commonly supplied electric chain hoist is a 400-volt three-phase, 110-volt electric hoist, and 240-volt electric hoists are available.

What advantages are there to purchasing an electric chain hoist? The main advantage of purchasing an electric chain hoist over a manual chain hoist is the speed of the lift; an electric hoist is faster to raise or lower than a manual chain hoist. Another advantage of the electric chain hoist is the operator will have little or no contact with the load, press a button on a pendant, and the bag will move. In contrast, a manual chain hoist will require many effects to operate.

How to choose the correct Electric Chain Hoist? It can be unclear when customers must select the proper electric hoist for their requirements. Ultimate Lifting Solutions understand how difficult it can be to choose the correct electric hoists. ULS has been supplying electric chain hoists for over 40 years and is here to help - Follow the following key questions when selecting the right electric chain hoist. Call ULS today at 01384 986 026 to discuss your requirements.

Questions to ask to help identify the correct electric chain hoist you require.

Capacity required - Max weight of the load to lift - 125Kgs, 250Kgs, 500Kgs, 1000Kgs, 1600Kgs, 2000Kgs, 2500Kgs, 3000Kgs, 5000Kgs. If you require a higher capacity, please call Ultimate Lifting Solutions.

The voltage of the hoist - Electric power supply - 400v 3ph 50Hz. 110v 1ph 50Hz 230v 1ph 50Hz.

Duty Rating - How often will the hoist be used - Light, Medium, Heavy.

Hoisting Speed - How fast the load will move - Single Speed, Dual Speed.

Falls of load chain - Single fall, two falls, no preference.

Suspension Type - What will hoist fit to - Hook, Lug, Push Trolley, Single Speed Electric Trolley, Dual Speed Electric Trolley?

Height of Lift (HOL) - How high will the hoist be fitted - Standard 3m, 4m, 5m, 6m, 8m, 10m, 12m, 15m - If you require a higher height of lift, please call ULS.

Pendant Type - Standard wired-in pendant or radio remote control.

Pendant Length - Measured from the hoist - Standard length is 500m (0.5m), shorter than HOL. I.e. on a 3m HOL hoist, the pendant will be 2.5m

Chain Container - Keeps excess chain tidy and out of the way - Yes, required, not needed.

Weatherproof cover/coat - Help protect against rain or water - Yes, required, not needed as indoor only.

Ambient Conditions - Where is the hoist used - normal conditions, high humidity or wet, dust environment, dirt environment. High temperature. If not ordinary, please call ULS to discuss.

The environment of use of electric chain hoist - Is your electric hoist to be used consistently outdoors? If so, you will need to consider the level of protection you require for your electric chain hoist when using it outside. The most straightforward protection to add to your hoist is a weatherproof cover, also known as a rain cover. Even with a raincoat, the electric hoist probably could do with extra protection. A standard procedure is to add a roof over the parked position of the hoist, also known as a hoist dog kennel; this hoist house will keep the rain off the electric hoist when not in use. The best way to protect your electric hoist is to store it inside and only attach it to the Jib or beam when it is needed to be used.

Power Supply of Hoist - you will need adequate power close to where the hoist is used. The best practice is to have a supply control panel and circuit breaker installed adjacent to the Jib or overhead beam and jump a supply over to a locally mounted isolator.

Hoist Operation is one of the most overlooked questions when purchasing electric chain hoists. How long is the hoist in operation at one time? How many are complete load cycles per hour? how many hours per day are in constant use? What is the distance covered per cycle?

Ask the experts - If you have any doubts or need assistance choosing the correct electric hoist. Please ask an Ultimate Lifting Solutions sales team member before purchasing online at