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Eichinger is a quality brand with a history that dates back to 1904 and has been producing building, concrete and cement equipment since 1946.

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Big Bag Lifting frame

BBL 1097

Universal Big Bag Lifting Frame is designed to lift and transport bulk bags safely and securely. Can be used with an overhead Crane, Hiab, or Forklift. Manufactured as a 4-point spreader beam suitable for 1-tonne builder's bulk bags and other large bags

£444.44 ex VAT

£533.33 inc VAT

Forklift Access Platforms with side gate (foldable)

FLC 1073.3

The FLC1073.3 Foldable Access Platform with locking side gate entry, is a quality manufactured Work Access Platform that fits securely to forklifts to give the operator a safe area to work from when carrying out repair or maintenance jobs up high around the workplace, guttering or roof.

£694.98 ex VAT

£833.98 inc VAT

Geared Coneflow Skip CS 1025H

CS 1025H

The CS1025 Coneflow Concrete Skip is a long standing favourite skip that is ideal for pouring large volumes of concrete with maximum efficiency, due to its geared gate mechanism.

£1,528.98 ex VAT

£1,834.78 inc VAT

Twinflow Skip Geared CS 1020H

CS 1020H

The CS 1020H Twinflow Skip is very useful universal pouring skip. Can be used to quickly pour concrete in high volumes where accuracy isn't a requirement or this model includes a fold away chute, which can be used to direct the flow of the concrete if necessary. 

£1,859.98 ex VAT

£2,231.98 inc VAT

Block Grab with Rubber Pads

BG 1083

These quality manufactured Scissor action block grabs designed with personnel safety in mind are commonly used to lift palletized brick or slab or concrete produce such as kerb stones, paving stones, slabs, steel strapped bricks, etc - The Rubber lined pads help minimize damage to loads and reduce marking or breakages

£2,048.98 ex VAT

£2,458.78 inc VAT

Circular Muck Skip MS 1224

MS 1224

The Circular Muck Skip MS 1224 is able to transport heavy loads, whilst remaining stable due to its safety locking "fingers". This ensures a secure transport and safety for the operator.

£279.98 ex VAT

£335.98 inc VAT

Concrete Column Pouring Skip CS 1034C

CS 1034C

Concrete Column Pouring Skip CS 1034C with Bale Arm is an ultra-versatile skip to aid the pouring of wet concrete into all types of formwork, standard, narrow, and difficult areas, and pouring concrete into columns, walls, and pipe laying work.

£2,096.98 ex VAT

£2,516.38 inc VAT

Concrete Column Pouring Skip CS1034CE

CS 1034CE

Ultra Safe Concrete Pouring Skip with lifting points. Column Skip allows concrete to be easily poured into columns and formwork, it also improves safety for the operator as it removes the crushing points of the bale arm, by using a two leg chain slings to lift.

£2,098.98 ex VAT

£2,518.78 inc VAT

Concrete Step Gripper UH 1546.1

UH 1546.1

The Concrete Step Gripper UH 1546.1 is a quality German-manufactured semi-automatic gripper with universal handles making this item the contractor's choice for lifting bigger and heavier kerb stones, Edging angles, and concrete blocks. Fitted with a lifting eye for attaching to chain slings enabling the ability to lift loads up to 500Kgs. 

£514.98 ex VAT

£617.98 inc VAT

Concrete Step Lifter KL 1542.1

KL 1542.1

A great universal handle designed for lifting and transporting concrete steps, kerbs, edging angles, "L" Stones, and similar. Adjustable opening range and fitted with a lifting eye for attaching to a crane or chain sling

£464.98 ex VAT

£557.98 inc VAT

Crane / Forklift Mortar Skip 360 litres

MS1047.5 - 360ltr

These high quality steel fabricated Mortar skips have been designed to meet all the basic needs of moving mortar and other raw materials around site. Fitted with both lifting lugs and fork pockets meaning these rigid, strong and durable can be used with any hoist, site cranes, forklifts and telehandlers to lift and move mortar or other site materials safely

£244.98 ex VAT

£293.98 inc VAT

Drop Bottom Skip


Heavy duty drop bottom skip, designed for fast and easy movement/tipping of bulk waste materials on construction sites, factories, and farm yards.

£1,029.98 ex VAT

£1,235.98 inc VAT

12 24 48

Eichinger is a quality brand with a history that dates back to 1904 and has been producing building, concrete and cement equipment since 1946.


Their build quality speaks for itself: they do not compromise on quality to achieve profit margin. Many companies are turning to Eichinger to supply equipment for their fleet. Understanding product quality allows them to reduce maintenance costs and increase the equipment life cycle.


Many companies have adopted a 'clean fleet' policy to ensure consistency and transparency within their fleets. Eichinger manufactures everything in-house. We do not have a string of fabricators supplying slightly different designs of the same equipment. This way, you know what you're getting and know it will be good to get the job done.

In 201, Eichinger Equipment Limited was formed to deliver a specific range of construction site equipment purposely designed to meet the UK working practises and legislation - Eichinger's knowledge of the site equipment supply is unrivalled. They employ critical people with vast industry experience to supply the right equipment that meets customer requirements. The Build quality of all Eichinger equipment speaks for itself. They do not compromise on quality over profit margins - supplying quality products from the Eichinger range allows companies to reduce maintenance costs and increase the equipment life cycle.

Eichinger's vast product range includes forklift skips, telehandler skips, mortar tubs, boats and liftable skips. Self-levelling crane forks and block grabs. Kassel Kerb lifters and a large selection of kerb lifters and kerbstone clamps, including universal kerbstone handles and maintenance hole grabs. Also, manufacture heavy-duty carrying cages, portable toilet lifting cages, gad bottle carriers, and big bag lifters: forklift access platforms and access cages. Concrete pipe grabs, maintenance hole ring lifters and maintenance hole lifters. Eichinger offers a selection of Forklift extending jibs, fork-mounted lifting hooks, and fork extensions. Also, manufacture and supply stacking stillages, mesh-sided stillages, solid-sided liftable stillages and stillages with no sides.