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Eichinger Safety Restraint Net

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Will fit Eichinger Block Grab BG1083 & Crane Forks 1056

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Eichinger Safety Restraint Net





Good quality safety restraint net that has been designed for use with the Eichinger Block Grabs and Crane Forks.

£124.98 ex VAT

£149.98 inc VAT

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The CS0003 Safety Restraint Net is a high-quality restraint net designed with the Eichinger Block Grabs and Crane Forks in mind. Once fitted, the Eichinger Safety Net will restrain the attached load. Make sure the net is gathered as tight as possible around the lifted load to maximise effectiveness. 

Why use our restraint net - The net should be used on Block Grabs and Crane forks when lifting a load around a construction site - The net is there to safeguard against anything becoming loose from the pallet or load being lifted and prevents the loose material from crashing to the ground - These nets are not lifting nets, they are solely used as fall prevention.


The Height is based on the hanging height once fitted onto the block grabs or Crane Forks.

Eichinger Safety Restraint Net CS0003

The net is designed to restrain the load on the equipment and must be gathered as tight as possible around the lifted load to maximize effectiveness. The net is not designed to catch a falling load.


Eichinger is a quality brand with a history that dates back to 1904 and have been producing building, concrete and cement equipment since 1946

There build quality speaks for itself, they do not compromise on quality to achieve profit margin, that’s why an increasing number of companies are turning to Eichinger to supply equipment for their fleet, understanding product quality allows them to reduce maintenance costs and increase the equipment life cycle.

Many companies have chosen to adopt a ‘clean fleet’ policy to ensure consistency and transparency within their fleets. Eichinger manufacturers everything in house, we do not have a string of fabricators supplying slightly different designs of the same equipment, this way you know what you’re getting and you know it will be good to get the job done.

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