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Mobile Drum Carrier & Rotator

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Mobile Drum Carrier & Rotator



Suitable for 210litre Steel Drums


Manual Drum Lifter and carrier, and added benefit of being able to tilt the drums into horizontal position for decanting. Made from powder-coated steel for 210 litre steel drums or barrels

£314.98 ex VAT

£377.98 inc VAT

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Manual Mobile Drum Carrier & Rotator, with the added benefit of being able to tilt the drums into the horizontal position for decanting.  Made from powder-coated steel for 210-litre (55-gallon) steel drums or barrels.

This model is a multi-purpose machine that not only can be used to transport drums in the upright position, but when required the drums can be rotated into a horizontal position which is great for decanting the contents. The drum Carrier has two locking spindles so the drum will stay safely in its horizontal position.

This drum truck like all others is supplied fully assembled and tested. Operating instructions and certification are also supplied when delivered. So rest assured, you have everything required to use this truck immediately.
Drum Type
Lifting Height
940mm High x 885mm Wide x 1180mm Deep
Steel Drums
"Our manually operated tilter / transporters for 210 litre drums / barrels allows a single operator to load, lift, move, dispense from, and unload 210 litre steel and poly and poly drums.

Lifts, holds, carries, transports, mixes, turns and tilts
Capacity kg: 365
Floor clearance 457mm
One-person operation
Ratchet drum clamp mechanism
Ratchet lifting mechanism
Can be locked in any position for dispensing
Rotates through 360 deg.
Highly manoeuvrable

Two fixed wheels and one rear castor
Dimensions mm: 940 x 885 x 1180

Model No. DTLC45      
Drum type: steel
Operation: gravity / manual
Weight: 41 kg"

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