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N4950 - Woods Powr-Grip Pump Activated Suction Lifter


The Woods Powr-Grip® N4950 pump-activated suction lifter with a sturdy metal handle ensuring a safe grip is suitable for transporting objects with flat and airtight surfaces. A standard tool in the glass industry for over 50 years! Long-term durability and outstanding reliability.

£103.98 ex VAT

£124.78 inc VAT

N4000 - Woods Powr-Grip Pump Activated Suction Lifter


The Powr-Grip® N4000 pump-activated suction lifter with lightweight ABS handle is suitable for handling flat and airtight objects. The red ring on the pump tappet enables permanent visual monitoring of the vacuum.

£54.98 ex VAT

£65.98 inc VAT

12 24 48