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Polystrop Ltd

Polystrop Ltd

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We at ULS are proud to have such a quality manufacturer such as Polystrop helping us to supply quality items, manufactured in the UK

ROUNDSLINGS - Polystrop's comprehensive range of Round slings is available with Working Load Limits from 1 tonne to 200 tonnes.

WEBBING SLINGS - Polystrop manufactures simplex, duplex, quadplex, endless, and bespoke webbing slings with WLL from 500kg to 40 tonnes.

LOAD RESTRAINT EQUIPMENT - Polystrop boasts a vast range of components and webbings combined to provide load restraint assemblies for every application.

Dyneema Slings - the world's Strongest Fibre - Polystrop is a UK distributor for the Extreema® range of Dyneema® Round slings and Protections.

Extreema® Round slings are available with Minimum Breaking Loads of up to 4,000 tonnes straight pull (8,000 tonnes in basket hitch) and with Effective Working Lengths of up to 65 metres.

Extreema® Roundslings have a load-bearing core made up of parallel-laid strands of Dyneema® yarn. The core is covered with an outer sleeve made from either Dyneema®, Cordura® or Polyester.

Each of these materials has its own unique characteristics, enabling an appropriate solution for a wide range of applications. Please ask for the ultimate lifting equipment brochure for full details.