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Imer Group

Ultimate Lifting Solutions are proud to be a UK Leading supplier of products manufactured by the IMER Group.

Who are The Imer Group? If you have never heard of the Imer group, they are the leading manufacturer of construction equipment and machinery in Europe. Built for professionals designed for industrial use.

What do Imer manufacture? There products are split up into five product ranges, Scaffold hoists, Builders Gantry Hoists, Resin Mixers, Concrete Mixers and Electric Tile Saws.

Why choose a Imer Scaffold Hoist? Manufactured in Italy to high build quality. Imer scaffold hoists are known for their reliability and favoured by the hire trade as the go to builders hoist. 

All products from the complete Imer range are available form Ultimate Lifting solutions. ULS Lifting also supply replacement parts for Imer products. ULS supply spare parts for Imer products. If you need more advise of Imer scaffold hoists, Imer Builders Gantry Hoists, Imer Resin Mixers, Imer Concrete Mixers and Imer Electric Tile Saws, please feel free to contact the technical sales team from ultimate lifting solutions today on 01384 986 026 or email

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Imer ES150 Scaffold Clamp Bolt


Imer ES150 Replacement Scaffold Fixing Clamp Bolt only - Suppled as a set including the 1 x "T" bar Bolt, 1 x Washer and 1 x Nut

£14.98 ex VAT

£17.98 inc VAT

Imer ES150 Scaffold Clamps


Imer ES150 Replacement Scaffold fixing clamps - One pair of scaffold clamps to suit the ES150 - great if you have lost your original clamps or you need a second pair for multi-site positioning of hoist.

£89.98 ex VAT

£107.98 inc VAT

Imer TR225N Replacement Pendant and Cable


Replacement Pendant and cable to suit the IMER TR225N Scaffold hoist. Supplied with 1.5m Lead and control station. Complete Pendant for TR225/N - IMER Official Accessory

£198.98 ex VAT

£238.78 inc VAT

Lifting Wheel Barrow - 200Kgs


Industrial quality Liftable Wheelbarrow, rated to 200Kgs is a safe and easy way of lifting or lowering wet or loose materials via a hoist on any building site.

These units are fitted with a central lifting point for fast and secure connection to a scaffold hoist or any other builders hoist.

£209.00 ex VAT

£194.98 ex VAT

£233.98 inc VAT

120 litre Forced Action Mixer IMER


Quality European built IMER MIX 120 Plus Forced Action Mixer is ideal for mixing a broad range of both dry and wet materials up to 8mm diameter, such as plaster, mortar, screed, concrete and resin

£2,657.00 ex VAT

£2,324.98 ex VAT

£2,789.98 inc VAT

134 litre IMER Rollbeta Concrete Mixer

Rollbeta 1105402

IMER Rollbeta 134litre Concrete & Cement Mixer is an industrial quality machine. Compact & lightweight, perfect for landscapers, block pavers and small building sites or refurbishment work

£349.95 ex VAT

£419.94 inc VAT

Brick Basket (for scaffold hoists) 250Kgs


250Kgs Scaffold Hoist Brick Basket.

Great accessory for lifting bricks and other bulky, heavy or loose materials safely on-site. Frame like design c/w strong lifting eye. Size of basket 600mm x 600mm x 250mm deep.

£268.00 ex VAT

£234.98 ex VAT

£281.98 inc VAT

Bucket Carrier for scaffold hoists - 2 or 4 Bucket options


IMER scaffold hoist Bucket Carriers. two options available, 2 bucket or 4 Bucket carriers that are perfect for lifting or lowering rubble onsite via plastic buckets. These lightweight bucket carriers are fitted with a lifting eye that suits Imer scaffold hoists and any other brand of scaffold hoist or builders hoists. 

£126.00 ex VAT

£114.98 ex VAT

£137.98 inc VAT

ES150 IMER Scaffold Hoist - 150Kgs


The ES150 Scaffold Hoist from Imer is a quality, industry favourite site hoist used by both roofers and builders due to its high reliability. 150 kg capacity, boasting a lifting height of 30m and a fast lifting speed of 18.5m/min. 110-volt power supply and waterproof 1.5m pendant and plug. These quality-made hoists are fitted with upper-limit safety devices to protect from the over the lifting of goods.

£986.00 ex VAT

£864.98 ex VAT

£1,037.98 inc VAT

ET200 IMER Scaffold Hoist - 200Kgs


The ET200 Scaffold Hoist c/w Hoist mounting bracket and Scaffold connection pole from Imer is an industry favourite due to its 200 kg capacity, lifting height of 30m and fast lifting speed of 19m/min.

110-volt power supply and supplied with waterproof 1.5m pendant and plug. These quality-made hoists are fitted with upper-limit safety devices to protect from over lifting of goods.

£1,279.00 ex VAT

£1,119.98 ex VAT

£1,343.98 inc VAT

Imer Tipping Buckets - 3 Sizes Available


Imer Tipping Buckets are our number one scaffold hoist accessory. Available in three sizes, 150Kgs / 200Kgs and 300Kgs capacity and designed for lifting or lowering materials on site. Fitted with lifting eye that easily fits to any scaffolding hoist hook.

£179.98 ex VAT

£215.98 inc VAT

TR225 IMER Scaffold Hoist - 200Kgs


The TR225N Scaffold Hoist c/w extendable mounting bracket and Scaffold connection pole Is the TOP MODEL from Imer. 200Kgs capacity, lifting height of 30m and a fast lifting speed of 19m/min. (TR225N is the newer model and superseded the TR225). Added feature for the TR225 is its low noise motor (only 70db(A)) making this hoist a builders choice when working in noise sensitive locations

£1,593.00 ex VAT

£1,398.98 ex VAT

£1,678.78 inc VAT

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Imer Group products in more depth, supplied by ultimate lifting solutions. 

Firstly though - What is a scaffold hoist? A scaffold hoist is a machine or piece of equipment which can be directly fitted to scaffold tubes to create a safe, fast and reliable lifting and lowering point for all types of building materials. A Scaffold hoist, commonly known as a builder’s hoist, scaffold winch, site winch or site hoist is fitted with a long wire rope that can reach to the top of most buildings fast due to the high speed that most scaffold hoists run at.

Imer Scaffold Hoists - The Imer range of scaffold hoists are the go-to scaffold hoist for professionals and builders, known for its industrial build quality with high reliability, these green builders wire rope hoists are the prefect hoist on any size building site to raise and lower hoists quickly and safely. They are even the most favoured builders hoist by the hire trade as well.

Imer scaffold hoists have three models in the range, The ES150 Scaffold Hoist, the ET200 Scaffold Hoist and the TR225 Scaffold hoist. The ES150 Imer scaffold hoist has a capacity of 150Kgs with a lifting speed of 18.5m/min and a lifting height of 30m. The ET200 Imer Scaffold hoist has a capacity of 200Kgs, can lift up to 30m at a speed of 19m/min, there is also the TR225 Scaffold hoist, this hoist with an extendable top bracket has a lifting speed of 19m/min and can lift or lower loads 30m high.

Ultimate Lifting Solutions stock the full range of IMER scaffold hoists, and also supply spare parts and replacement parts for all Imer scaffold hoists, the most common replaced part on a Imer scaffold hoist is the winch rope, this can be supplied by ULS LIFTING and delivery is only 1 to 2 days max. there are also a large range of scaffold hoist accessories available from IMER and again, Ultimate lifting solutions supply these with fast express shipping available - The most common accessories to be used with a scaffold hoist are Tipping Buckets, brick baskets, builders bucket carriers and lifetable wheelbarrows with hoisting point. 

Imer Builders Gantry Hoists - Even though the standard Imer scaffold hoists (ES150, ET200, TR225) are the most commonly bought machines, sometimes more lifting capacity is needed on site to lift and lower builders’ materials. this is where the 300Kgs Imer Gantry Hoist and the 500Kgs Imer Gantry hoists become the ideal lifting hoist system on site. different to the Imer scaffold hoist that fits directly onto scaffolding. The ET300N 300Kgs Gantry Hoist system and the G500 500Kgs Gantry hoist system are idea for erecting onto a flat roof or within a floor and does not need to fix to anything else. These lifting gantries come complete with everything needed and supplied with a running beam for the scaffold hoist to run along, the scaffold gantry can be positioned on the edge of a building and will have a 1m overhang, more than enough to lift heavy, big, and bulky items. The ET300n Gantry system can lift or lower from a height of 30m at a fast 19m/min speed. the G500 Gantry System has a longer cable fitted and can lift up to 42m at a speed of 17m/min. Both scaffold gantry systems are supplied with ballast bins, two sturdy goal posts and a front safety board. The Gantry hoists are ideal for both large contractors completing complex new builds and small builders completing renovation work and needing to lower or lift materials from the floor safely and efficiently.

Imer Resin Mixers - In the old days mixing resin on site was hard, nowadays need not be a hassle when a quality resin mixer is used. Imer has an extensive range of resin mixers. The resin mixers supplied by Imer can blend resin or gravel materials evenly creating a consistent mixture. The IMER Mix 120 Plus is a perfect portable mixer for resin, concrete, and screed. Fitted with a vertical shaft an intended for heavy-duty construction applications. next is the IMER Mix 360, you can achieve an output of 9 cu.ft of mud every 3 to 4 minutes, a perfect mixer for busy and demanding building sites. or if you need a larger drum size, then the IMER MIX 750 which has been designed to mix without needing to halt your project. The mixers are great to handle dry pack, grout, thin sets, stuccos, self-levelling materials and mortar.

Imer Concrete Mixers - Imer supply a quality range of concrete and cement mixers to suit most sized building sites and are suited to both contractors and small builders and even block pavers / landscapers. the Syntesi concrete mixer range has been designed and built to solve problems that most old-fashioned mixers had. Therefore, the IMER Syntesi range are perfectly suited for use on any sized building site to mix concrete and flooring screeds, Available in either petrol, diesel, or electric supply. if a smaller concrete and cement mixer is required, then the Rollbeta concrete mixer will fit that criterion and can be supplied with or without a stand to aid both mixing and decanting.

Imer Electric Tile Saws - The Imer range of tile saws are built to a high standard, these wet tile cutters will give reliability and efficient cutting to most tiles, anybody that buys the IMER Tile cutters will drastically improve productivity at no loss to operator safety. All Imer Tile saws provide a clean and precise cut no matter which one at of the three models are bought. The Imer Combi 250/600mm is a small portable tile saw with a lot of power, that will give accurate, chip free cutting and is suitable for all types of material. Making it an ideal tile cutter for cutting stone materials including bricks and stone and ideal for cutting ceramics. Next is the Combi 250/1000mm this light, accurate saw has been designed to cut larger and more expensive stones and tiles accurately and easily. Lastly, we have the Combi 250/1500, which again has been designed to cut accurately even larger tiles and stones up to 1500mm long.

If you need more assistance with purchasing a Imer Scaffold Hoist, Imer Gantry Hoist System, Imer Tile cutter or the cement mixers and resin mixers – Feel free to contact Ultimate lifting solutions today on 01384 986 026 or email