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The Securpulley Scaffold Pulley is an ultra-safe and modern alternative to the old-fashioned Gin Wheel. These quality-built builders pulley alternatives are fitted with an internal brake that will prevent the load from falling if the rope is released or loosened, perfect for any safety-conscious building site for lifting and lowering building materials to various levels.

These builders' pulleys are the only safe alternative to the original Green Gin Wheel and rope combination that has no braking mechanism fitted and if the rope is released there is nothing stopping the load from falling. The Securpulley scaffold pulley system which is rated to lift 50Kgs is fitted with a patented automatic braking system that quickly stops the lifted load if the rope is released by the operator.

Ultimate Lifting Solutions offers the Securpulley system from stock. The pulley can be supplied with the standard fixed bracket, that fits directly onto scaffold tubing or ULS can supply the Securpulley with a swivel and straight bracket. the Securpulley is supplied with a kit bag to keep it clean when not in use. The Securpulley has been designed to be used with an 18mm Gin Rope. these ropes can be supplied from ULSLIFTING in either a 30m length or 60m length.

If you require more information on Securpulley systems or any other lifting equipment to be fitted to the scaffolding system, feel free to contact our sales team today at 01384 986 026

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Securpulley c/w Fixed Bracket / Kit Bag


Securpulley c/w Fixed Bracket / Kit Bag system is a great lifting pulley kit that fits quickly and securely to any scaffolding tube. The kit comprises a fixed bracket that can fit directly onto a standard scaffold tube and a kit bag for keeping the scaffold hoist clean when not in use, to create an all-in kit.

£319.00 ex VAT

£288.98 ex VAT

£346.78 inc VAT

Securpulley c/w Swivel Bracket, Fixed Bracket & Kit Bag


Securpulley c/w Swivel Bracket, Fixed Bracket & Kit Bag system supplied with two mounting brackets, the standard fixed bracket and an extra swivel bracket, as well as a kit bag to keep everything in one place when not in use. The Securpulley Swivel Bracket and Fixed Bracket fit quickly and securely to standard scaffolding tubes.

£513.00 ex VAT

£444.98 ex VAT

£533.98 inc VAT

Securpulley Rope - 60m long with hook end


Securpulley Rope - 60m long with hook end, supplied fully tested and certified - Manufactured from a quality 18mm Dia polypropylene rope x 60m Long. Supplied complete with a tested lifting hook on one end. NOTE - To be used in conjunction with the Securpulley lifting system only.

£209.98 ex VAT

£251.98 inc VAT

Securepulley Rope - 30m long with hook end


Securepulley Rope - 30m long with hook end supplied fully tested and certified. the lifting rope is manufactured from 18mm Dia quality rope x 30m Long. These ropes are supplied fully certified and fitted with a large Hook to one end to aid in lifting buckets and materials on site via your SECURPULLEY.

£99.98 ex VAT

£119.98 inc VAT

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The brand Securpulley is supplied by the parent company Tornomeccanica located in Genova, Italy.  Founded in the early 1970s, it's a prestigious company supplying items for many industries including Plant Engineering. Automobile Industry. Bolt/Nuts, Submarine, and the Building Industry.

The Securpulley autobraking gin wheel manufactured in Italy is rated to lift loads up to 50 kg, more than ample for hand-raised items on building sites. If more capacity is needed, Ultimate Lifting Solutions suggests looking at our extensive range of scaffold hoists to aid in lifting heavy materials on site. The ES150 Imer scaffold hoist, the ET200 Imer hoist, and the Imer TR225 scaffold hoist are our top-selling scaffold hoists.

The Securpulley system with fixed bracket or the Securpulley with swivel, straight bracket, and the kit bag is supplied CE marked and designed specifically for the building industry. At the time of printing, it is the only builders' pulley that conforms to the safety requirements of the machinery directive ECC 89/392.

What is the Securpulley?

Fitted with a top rotating sleeve that fits securely onto the fixed or swivel bracket and cannot fall off accidentally. this swivel point helps both the operator and the load to be lifted and lowered safely and balanced, as the load will stay directly under the pulley body when used in conjunction with the ULS 18mm gin wheel rope supplied in either 30m or 60m lengths. The load can be safely connected to the hook on the end of the gin-wheel rope.

SECURPULLEY® has been designed and manufactured with the specific purpose of eliminating the risks due to manual handling of building materials up and down scaffolding on all building sites, and moreover to allow the operators to temporarily stop the lifting/lowering process, for rest, for a sudden inconvenience, preventing accidental release, leaving the load safely hanging without fall.