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Officine IORI

ULS Lifting is proud to be a partner of IORI, a European manufacturer offering a quality range of Industrial Quality Scaffold Hoists. The most popular models are the DM200i which is a 110 volt Scaffold Hoist 200Kgs Capacity that can lift up to 25m from ground level at a speed of 25m/min. If a faster lifting speed is required, then the IORI DM200APV is our 11volt Industrial scaffold hoist 150Kg Capacity to go for, it can lift at 38m/min up to a height of 40m, and the added advantage of the DM200APV Scaffolders wire rope hoist is the telescopic top bracket supplied as standard, ideal for when a bigger clearance is required away from the building while lifting bulky objects. If a larger capacity is required then our top-of-the-range 110volt Industrial Scaffold hoist 200kg or DM200AP is the scaffold lifting machine to go for, It will lift goods up to 35m at a fast speed of 21m/minute and again has the telescopic top mounting bracket.

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110 volt Scaffold Hoist 200Kg Capacity


110 volt Scaffold Hoist 200Kg Capacity supplied with a swivel bracket for direct fit to scaffold tubes, a Lifting height of 25m, and a lifting speed of 25 metre per minute. Quality hoist aimed at professional builders and heavy-duty lifting. The DM200I is becoming a favourite among our customers and quickly becoming a Top Selling product.

£954.99 ex VAT

£764.98 ex VAT

£917.98 inc VAT

110 volt Industrial Scaffold Hoist 150Kg Capacity


110 volt Industrial Scaffold Hoist 150Kg Capacity is a heavy-duty Site Hoist that can lift up to 40m. Supplied with a telescopic mounting bracket and a fast lifting speed of 38 metres per minute. making it one of the fasting scaffold hoists available in the UK.

£1,114.99 ex VAT

£874.98 ex VAT

£1,049.98 inc VAT

110 volt Industrial Scaffold Hoist 200Kg Capacity


110 volt Industrial Scaffold Hoist 200Kg Capacity that can lift up to 35m at a fast speed of 21m/minute. Supplied with a telescopic swivel mounting bracket for direct attachment to scaffold poles. Bought by professionals that require a hard-working hoist.

£1,119.99 ex VAT

£948.98 ex VAT

£1,138.78 inc VAT

110 Volt Floor Mounted Scaffold Hoist


110 Volt Floor Mounted Scaffold Hoist is an industrial quality outdoor hoist with 200 Kg Capacity able to reach a 30m lifting height. The DM 200APP is a clever variation of the traditional scaffold hoist with the motor being positioned at the floor lever. No more carrying a hoist up scaffolding & mounting at the highest point.

£1,444.94 ex VAT

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£1,618.78 inc VAT

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Ultimate Lifting Solutions are proud to be a partner of IORI, a European manufacturer offering a quality range of industrial scaffold hoists. A bit of History on Officine IORI. For Nearly For almost 50 years Officine IORI is a company that has been designing and manufacturing Scaffold hoists for the construction sector and beyond, with constant qualitative and technological growth, providing the market with a very wide range of quality manufactured solutions. IORI Scaffold Hoists and gantry hoists have distinguished themselves over the years for their high reliability, and top-of-the-range performance.

They are among the very few world companies in this sector that actually internally produce over 80% of the components of its models. A philosophy that starts from the "MADE IN ITALY" is much appreciated in the world not only for the concepts of taste and elegance but also for the technology and inventiveness typical of our country. This allows IORI not only to meet the needs and demands of customers all over the world but guarantees the total quality of their production in every single component. Total quality transforms into elevators that maintain high initial performance over.

Officine History - Founded in 1963, Officine IORI started its business producing reducers, gears, and components of construction machinery such as tower cranes and concrete mixers. During the 1970s, elevators dedicated to construction were designed and produced. Officine IORI has always oriented its activity in order to directly produce all the components that make up the heart of the machine. In the Albinea site, Italy, not only the mechanical components are manufactured, but also the electric motor is designed for the lifting needs. A wide range of models have been developed that allows to satisfy various needs, moreover the Technical Office is ready to give quick answers to requests for customized productions. IORI Work-shop markets its products all over the world and has long collaborated with numerous large manufacturing and distribution companies in the construction sector.

ULS is very proud to sell a selection of the IORI range of industrial quality scaffold hoists, which are economical priced to offer a cheap scaffold hoist. The manufacturer offers many different models starting with the standard Flag hoists, commonly known as scaffold pole mounted scaffold hoists with brackets. IORI also offer four Ground mounted scaffold hoists, also known as scaffolding elevators, these are basically upside-down scaffold hoist, with the hoist itself mounted ground lever, and only the swivel bracket is taken to the top floor where the wire winch rope is fed over a pulley. All the control is done from floor level, a big advantage is in the setting up, no need of transporting the hoist itself up the scaffolding to set it. IORI also offer a selection of heavy-duty scaffolders hoists or builders gantry lifts, these hoist start at 300kgs lifting capacity, the 500kgs is also a very popular size, but IORI themselves offer scaffold gantry hoists up to 1 tonne or 1000Kgs.

The most popular models are the scaffolders flag hoists or scaffold hoists, and Ultimate Lifting Solutions offer two very popular sizes - The IORI DM200i, is a 200Kgs heavy duty Scaffold Hoist c/w swivel top mounting bracket that connects quickly and easily to standard scaffold tubing. These 110-volt builders wire rope hoists boast a lifting speed of 25mtrs per minute and can be mounted up to 25m from ground level. the Winch rope fitted is manufactured from high-quality 5mm rope coated with a galvanized finish to protect against rusting and weathering. ULS Lifting also offers the IORI DM200APV, which is a scaffold hoist that can lift a lot faster than the DM200i, at 38m/min that makes it one of the faster scaffold hoists available and can lift up to a height of 40m, which is more than enough for most house renovations and house builds. The DM200APV Scaffolders wire rope hoist is supplied with a telescopic top bracket as standard, the clever addition help when the operator needs to position the hoist further away from the scaffolding or the house, this could to lift bulkier items or could be to miss the architecture of the building such of guttering, bay windows and even gargoyles on a church. 

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