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Technical Safety products

Technical Safety products

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More about the brands offered by the UK manufacture Technical Safety Products.

 Ultimate Lifting Solutions are proud to offer a comprehensive range of tool tethering solutions from the TOOL@RREST GLOBAL tethering range.

TOOL@RREST GLOBAL – WHERE DID IT ALL START? - The Tool@rrest Global tethering system was developed almost 10 years ago and was subject to vigorous and in-depth development including a 12-month programme of independent testing at the University of Wolverhampton in the west midlands. The university itself houses a specialist Engineering Facility and the TOOL@RREST tethers were subjected to 2,500 tests completed using the Weibull distribution modulus.

WHY TOOL@RREST GLOBAL? Because it is a quality manufactured range of products, they are safe, they have all been independently tested and all tool tethers are individually serial numbered.

Tool@rrest Global provides a complete solution for stopping tools and objects from being dropped when employees are working at height, the quality tool tethering range centring around an independently tested, statistically fail-safe tool tether encompassing an innovative range of lanyards, tool belts and tool storage equipment.

The “Retrofit” and self-fit tethers can easily and uniquely be applied to almost all existing tools, as well as being available for new tools. The TOOL@RREST range can be used as a complete end to end system, this allows operators to effectively and safely handle tools and can even provide a safe storage solution when not in use or when being transported to and from site.

Ultimate Lifting Solutions are proud to offer a comprehensive range of working at height solutions from the FALL@RREST GLOBAL range including harness, lanyard, height safety anchorage points.

FALL@RREST GLOBAL – INTRODUCTION - The Fall@rrest Global range of safety harnesses, lanyards and associated products have been purposely designed, developed, manufactured, and certified to EN361:2002, EN354:2002 and EN355:2002. Stringent quality processes are adhered to throughout the ISO9001:2015 manufacturing process to ensure that only quality componentry is utilised in the production of these life critical products. The material used in the harnesses and lanyards is high tenacity polyester yarns which are highly resistant to UV, colour stability and wash abrasion testing.

WHY FALL@RREST GLOBAL - Because it is safe, the range is independently tested, and all products are individually serial numbered. Fall@rrest Global provides a complete specialist solution to prevent persons from falling when working at height across a wide range of industries including construction workers, scaffolders, roofer’s utility sector, crane service engineers and in fact any one working off the ground that needs to stop the risk of falling. All products from the FALL@RREST range are rigorously tested, they are all engineered to current standards. choose your equipment via the easy Step A, B, C red, amber, green safe programme. Fall@rrest Global products are the first choice in offshore, renewable energy, construction, and rail sector of industry.