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1,800Kgs Hydraulic Furniture Movers - FM180B


1,800Kgs Hydraulic Furniture Movers - FM180B with 250mm lift, have been designed to aid the transportation of all heavy and bulky box or crate-type objects.

£524.98 ex VAT

£629.98 inc VAT

1,800Kgs Small Hydraulic Furniture Movers - FM180A


Hydraulic furniture movers with 100mm lift are designed to aid the transportation of all heavy and bulky box or crate-type objects.

This heavy-duty 2-piece system with straps is easy to use, simply use the two securing straps and secure each strap around the crate/object and lock back onto the frame of the mover. Pump the hydraulic lifter to raise the load off the floor and once lifted these furniture movers make moving heavy loads effortless due to the large swivel castors fitted.

£509.97 ex VAT

£611.96 inc VAT

300Kgs Sack Truck


Great professional quality sack truck with pneumatic tyres making it easier when moving heavy items over rough ground - 300Kgs.

£94.74 ex VAT

£113.69 inc VAT

360 Degree Column Jib Crane 250Kg Capacity


360 Degree Column Jib Crane offers total flexibility within the workplace. The crane arm has full rotation around the main upright column, providing a complete circular lifting aid of up to 6m. Overall column height can be manufactured up to 6m Tall

£1,698.98 ex VAT

£2,038.78 inc VAT

360° Rotating skate with handle


These 360° Rotating Skates or dolleys are great when moving crates or machinery in confined spaces - The all swivel castors and rotating turntable means these skates can position large and bulky items in the tightest of spaces. Create you own moving kit, ie, double these skates up to double the capacity you can move.

£178.58 ex VAT

£214.30 inc VAT

Concrete Manhole Lifting Pin


Concrete Manhole Pins are usually used in sets of three to lift concrete manhole chambers. This style of concrete lifting Pins are supplied with Large flat washer and retaining pins - Other style of pins available on request

£49.98 ex VAT

£59.98 inc VAT

DIN582 Eyenut Zinc Plated


DIN582 Eyenuts supplied tested and certified, are manufactured in accordance to DIN582. with galv finish. Sizes M6 to M64 available from stock.

£0.89 ex VAT

£1.07 inc VAT

Four Leg Wire Rope Sling from 5mm Dia (580Kgs) up to 16mm dia(6.9 tonne)


Wire Rope Slings gives the user a versatile and safe way of connecting loads to most types of lifting aids such as cranes or hoists. Wire rope slings are lighter than Chain slings and more robust than fabric slings. Our UK manufactured Wire Rope slings come with options for the end fittings and choose what length you require the sling to be. All our Wire Rope Slings are manufactured to current legislation and supplied stamped and certified with certification.

£44.88 ex VAT

£53.86 inc VAT

Hydraulic Rotational Toe Jack


Heavy duty 360° Hydraulic Rotational Toe Jack c/w carry handle. 5-tonne and 10-tonne models available (HM50 & HM100), designed as a universal lifting jack or pushing jack, which is perfect for low-height lifting applications or when working in confined spaces. ideal forklift maintenance jack.

£224.98 ex VAT

£269.98 inc VAT

Lashing Chain Kits c/w both chain and loadbinders


Lashing Chain Kits c/w both chain and load binders are perfect for lashing down equipment ready for transporting loads such as diggers, JCBs, Machinery or Steel plates & sections, or any other situation when a traditional webbing ratchet strap would not be suitable or strong enough.

£11.45 ex VAT

£13.74 inc VAT

Lashing Chains with Hook Ends


Lashing Chains with Hook Ends are perfect when transporting heavy and bulky loads such as diggers, JCBs, Machinery, and steel plate & sections. Our lashing chains can be assembled to suit your requirements, choose your capacity, choose your length, and choose your style of hooks - All slings come with certification.

£11.45 ex VAT

£13.74 inc VAT

Machinery Toe Jack


Machinery Toe Jack that can lift up to 6000Kgs on its Lifting Toe / Claw. As the name suggests these tested industrial machinery toe jacks are ideal for lifting heavy machinery or similar objects by using the toughened steel lifting toe supplied.

£194.94 ex VAT

£233.93 inc VAT

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