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Drop Bottom Skip (Forklifts)

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Supplied ready to use once delivered. Various colours available on request. Drop Bottom Stillages will be supplied in YELLOW as standard

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Drop Bottom Skip (Forklifts)



500 Litre to 2000 Litre


Drop Bottom Skip (Forklifts) are bottom-emptying skips with fork pockets that are more compact than standard tipping skips. Easily empty waste via the bottom of the bin. locate close to a workstation, or fit in tight spaces, out of the way and not creating an obstacle to the working area.

£848.98 ex VAT

£1,018.78 inc VAT

Castors available on request

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£648.98 ex VAT

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Drop Bottom Skip


Heavy duty drop bottom skip, designed for fast and easy movement/tipping of bulk waste materials on construction sites, factories, and farm yards.

£1,029.98 ex VAT

£1,235.98 inc VAT

The DBS range of UK-manufactured heavy-duty Drop Bottom Skip (Forklifts) with automatic release is an ideal solution where space is a limiting factor. Fitted with top-mounted fork pockets creating a very portable heavy-duty bin, when the drop bottom bin is full, simply lift up using the company forklift truck and transport the waste directly to the skip or waste truck. Another advantage of using the drop-bottom skip with automatic release is that the forklift driver does not need to leave the driver's seat to aid the emptying of the contents.

A Forklift bottom emptying skip is more compact than standard tipping skips and can be located close to a workstation, fitted into tight spaces, or out of the way, not creating an obstacle to the working area. also used inside warehouses or workshops. When the forklift bin requires emptying, simply position the drop bottom stillage over the waste skip or lorry and once the automatic release flap has been activated the floor of the bin will fall and the content of the skip emptied. (See below for full details on how to release and close the bottom floor. 

Drop bottom bins are designed for collecting waste, waste disposal, swarf, cardboard, paper, or any site debris, and the DBS range of heavy-duty bottom emptying skips are built for both heavy-duty waste disposal and light recycling waste due to their industrial design.

Extras/Accessories Available

Can be supplied with Castors for added flexibility and manoeuvrability - supplied as standard with two fixed castors and two swivel castors. 

All Steel Hinged Lids can be supplied to keep the materials inside protected from the elements.

ModelVolumeCapacityHeightWidthDepthHeight of FeetWeight
DBS50500 Litre1000 Kgs750 mm1000 mm750 mm125 mm160 Kgs
DBS1001000 Litre1000 Kgs1000 mm1250 mm1000 mm125 mm230 Kgs
DBS1501500 Litre1000 Kgs1000 mm1750 mm1000 mm125 mm270 Kgs
DBS2002000 Litre1000 Kgs1000 mm2000 mm1000 mm125 mm330 Kgs

The Drop bottom skip will be supplied in yellow as standard. we also carry Red, Blue, and Green. We can supply other colours on request if the RAL / BS number is given (additional costs may be added to the final price.

As standard, all bottom-release skips are painted in two coats of industrial paint. can even supply a fully galvanised finish if required.

Supplied as standard with two safety restrain chains to secure the bottom release stillage to the forklift while being transported and emptied.

The DBS range of drop bottom skips supplied by Ultimate Lifting Solutions is fully CE marked.

How does a Drop Bottom Skip work? Fitted with two reinforced fork pockets on the top of the bin the Drop Bottom Skip suits most common fork trucks, making lifting the bin an easy task. The drop-bottom skip is fitted with an automatic release flap that once activated will release the floor locking hook and the base or bottom of the skip will fall open. To close and lock the base again, simply lower the whole skip to the floor and the base will close again and re-engage onto the floor locking hook. 

How to use the Drop Bottom Skip? To release the waste from the skip simply lift the skip over the top of the waste lorry or waste skip container. lower down carefully and the automatic release catch will come in contact with the side wall of the larger skip. This will release the retaining hook that locks the base. start to lift the forklift and the drop bottom skip and now the bottom floor will hinge open which in turn allows the waste products to fall out. Once fully emptied, closing the base is a simple task. re-position the now empty bin away from the waste lorry and lower it to the floor, the base will slide shut once in contact with the floor and once fully shut will relock and become securely shut and ready to be returned to the waste filling station 

Key points for the DBS Drop Bottom Skip (Forklifts) with fork pockets.

Heavy Duty Design with 4 sizes available.

reinforced corners, 50mm x 25mm box section all around edges for extra support.

The operator does not need to leave the forklift seat to open or close the base floor.

Automatic heavy-duty release mechanism.

Supplied with feet as standard. can also supply castors.

Heavy Lid Lids are also available.

supplied with safety restraint chains.

ModelVolumeCapacityHeightWidthDepthHeight of FeetWeight
DBS50500 Litre1000 Kgs750 mm1000 mm750 mm125 mm160 Kgs
DBS1001000 Litre1000 Kgs1000 mm1250 mm1000 mm125 mm230 Kgs
DBS1501500 Litre1000 Kgs1000 mm1750 mm1000 mm125 mm270 Kgs
DBS2002000 Litre1000 Kgs1000 mm2000 mm1000 mm125 mm330 Kgs


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