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Manual Scaffold Hoists

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Manual Scaffold Hoists

Welcome to the ULS Manual Scaffold Hoist storefront. Here, you'll find our top-of-the-line manual scaffold hoists, designed for efficiency and safety on your construction site. Our products include reliable gin wheels, durable lifting ropes, and robust brackets, ensuring you have the essential tools for secure lifting.

We are proud to supply trusted brands at competitive prices with speedy delivery - trust Ultimate Lifting Equipment for all your manual scaffold hoist needs, providing quality and performance you can count on.
Securpulley c/w Fixed Bracket / Kit Bag


Securpulley c/w Fixed Bracket / Kit Bag system is a great lifting pulley kit that fits quickly and securely to any scaffolding tube. The kit comprises a fixed bracket that can fit directly onto a standard scaffold tube and a kit bag for keeping the scaffold hoist clean when not in use, to create an all-in kit.

£319.00 ex VAT

£288.98 ex VAT

£346.78 inc VAT

Securpulley c/w Swivel Bracket, Fixed Bracket & Kit Bag


Securpulley c/w Swivel Bracket, Fixed Bracket & Kit Bag system supplied with two mounting brackets, the standard fixed bracket and an extra swivel bracket, as well as a kit bag to keep everything in one place when not in use. The Securpulley Swivel Bracket and Fixed Bracket fit quickly and securely to standard scaffolding tubes.

£513.00 ex VAT

£444.98 ex VAT

£533.98 inc VAT

Securpulley Rope - 60m long with hook end


Securpulley Rope - 60m long with hook end, supplied fully tested and certified - Manufactured from a quality 18mm Dia polypropylene rope x 60m Long. Supplied complete with a tested lifting hook on one end. NOTE - To be used in conjunction with the Securpulley lifting system only.

£209.98 ex VAT

£251.98 inc VAT

GW10E - Gin Wheel


W10E - Gin Wheel also known as a Builders Gin Wheel Block with Swivel Eye slides perfectly over scaffold tubes and is used on many construction sites as a cheap pulley block. Suits 16mm and 18mm Gin Wheel Ropes with Spliced Eye (sold separately)

£34.50 ex VAT

£41.40 inc VAT

Securepulley Rope - 30m long with hook end


Securepulley Rope - 30m long with hook end supplied fully tested and certified. the lifting rope is manufactured from 18mm Dia quality rope x 30m Long. These ropes are supplied fully certified and fitted with a large Hook to one end to aid in lifting buckets and materials on site via your SECURPULLEY.

£99.98 ex VAT

£119.98 inc VAT

Gin Wheel and Lifting Rope Kit


Gin Wheel and Lifting Rope Kit or Builders Gin Wheel kit that combines both the manual Gin Wheel and a certified Lifting Rope c/w Hook. Ideal for lifting and lowering goods from floor to top of buildings

£69.98 ex VAT

£83.98 inc VAT

Gin Wheel Rope c/w Lifting Hook


Gin Wheel Rope c/w Lifting Hook to be used with the GWE10 - Gin Wheel. The fully certified lifting rope is fitted with a high-quality lifting hook on one end. The other end is sealed to stop fraying and will easily feed into the standard gin wheel. Manufactured from quality Staplespum Polypropylene Rope

£39.50 ex VAT

£47.40 inc VAT

What Is A Manual Scaffold Hoist?

A manual scaffold hoist is a lifting device used in construction and maintenance work to raise and lower materials and equipment on scaffolding. It is manually operated, typically through the use of a crank or lever system. 

Unlike electric or motorized hoists, manual scaffold hoists rely on human power to lift loads. This is done by turning a handle or crank, which winds a rope or cable around a drum to raise the load. Manual scaffold hoists are capable of lifting varying weights, depending on their design and construction. They are generally used for lighter loads compared to their motorized counterparts.

Being manually operated, these hoists are typically more portable and easier to set up than motorized hoists, making them suitable for smaller or temporary construction projects.

What Is A Gin Wheel?

A gin wheel is a simple pulley device used for lifting and lowering loads, commonly in construction and material handling. It consists of a wheel (pulley) with a groove around its circumference for guiding a rope or cable. 

A rope is looped over the wheel, allowing a person to lift heavy materials by pulling down on one end of the rope. The wheel reduces the effort needed by changing the direction of the force applied.

Gin wheels are commonly used on construction sites to hoist materials to higher levels of scaffolding or buildings. They can be quickly set up and used without the need for power sources. Like manual scaffold hoists, gin wheels are portable and relatively easy to set up, making them ideal for temporary or small-scale projects.