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Probst Handling Equipment – Ultimate Lifting Solutions Spotlight

When it comes to buying lifting solutions, it won’t be long into any online search that you will discover Probst Handling Equipment, and likewise if you were to visit a construction site or plant, you’re most likely to see a good deal of Probst equipment being used and there’s a very good reason for this.

Starting in the 1960’s Probst have been making everyday life on the construction site, easier with their wide range of innovative lifting products, designed to streamline a variety of everyday jobs. Whether you’re looking for solutions to help with block paving, screeding or brick laying, Probst have it all! Thanks to, in the words of Probst “many important ergonomic and efficiency-enhancing innovations”, Probst Material Handling today are the world market leaders in the field of gripping and laying technology for paving stones, concrete, and natural stone elements.

For construction workers, landscapers and block pavers that carry out a lot of manual work on site everyday tasks can not only be time consuming, but also physically demanding too. Probst handling equipment and lifting solutions enable the operator to not only cut the time taken to complete a job and increase efficiency but alleviate some of the physical stress that manual labour can have on the body. Helping business owners protect and look after their teams better and contractors become more efficient at the same time.  Probst’s easy to use and innovative gripping and laying technology can be used in every scenario, whether that’s in structural or civil engineering, at home in the garden on the street.

ULS and Probst

At Ultimate Lifting Solutions, we’re proud to partner with Probst and offer a wide range of high-quality material handling solutions at market leading prices.

For over 60 years these market leaders having been creating a wide range of innovative lifting equipment and we wanted to take some time in this blog to showcase some of our customers’ favourite and most useful Probst solutions.

Probst – Spotlight VPH 150 – Vacuum Lifter

We’ll kick off this Probst Handling spotlight with a focus on perhaps one of Probst’s most important and enduring innovations – the VACUUM-POWER-HANDY VPH-150-GREENLINE – specifically designed to make laying paving slabs in any environment a breeze. Described by Probst as a “Flexible and powerful hand operated laying device for dense products, such as granite or high quality concrete elements” we’ve heard many of you tell us just how important this lifting product is to your business and just how easy it makes you and your teams lives. A real must have in the toolkit the Probst VPH 150 is powered by a rechargeable battery and is simple and easy to replace parts for with ULS Lifting. This sought-after vacuum lifter is a flexible and powerful hand operated laying device for dense products, such as granite or high quality concrete elements up to 150 kg weight. fitted with a strong rechargeable battery that will last all day while being used.

Probst – A Block Pavers Dream!


We’ve talked previously about how Probst are a block pavers dream; their innovative equipment means that even some of the most arduous of tasks can be completed by one person and even speed up the time taken to complete a job.

If you’ve ever had to level a surface, you know what a nightmare it can be. Screeding in spite of it’s “simplicity” to the uneducated is a complex and skilled task, that’s where the Probst Easyplan EP-UNI One Person Screeding Kit can be very beneficial – a must have addition to any block pavers tool box! This unique hand tool system has be designed to help the user create a perfect consistent levelled surface when used in conjunction with the Probst AZL-EP Screeding Rail sets, that allows one person to prepare the foundations without kneeling in wet sand – avoiding the dreaded “screeders knee”.

The handle on the Probst Easyplan EP-UNI hand screeding system has been specially developed, so the bodyweight of the operator helps exert pulling force in along the full width of the non-flexing strong alum-profile. The Aluminium profile itself offers a non-flexing levelling tool, due to its strong design and even at the max width of 3m you will see no flex.

Here's what Probst themselves have to say on this nifty bit. Of kit “The EP-UNI is an optimal hand-tool for an economical performance of smaller and medium-sized sites. It's quicker, easier and better.

Flanged at the sides, optionally available height-adjustable roller units take the height off existing kerbs, pavers or similar. This is possible not only with the basic element but also with the telescopic elements. No further rail gauges are necessary, thus granting additional time-saving!”

Probst Handling Equipment for Lifting

Lifting paver blocks, bricks, kerbstones, or slabs from floor to pallet has been made easier thanks to Probst with the Adjustable Paver Transport Cart VTK-V. Gone are the days of manually loading up wheelbarrows of bricks to transport to the laying area. This easy-to-use transport cart VTK-V allows the user to effortlessly lift a full layer of bricks within seconds, grip them securely and then safely unload them where needed without any additional equipment.

Compact and narrow in design (just 1150mm), the paver transport Cart VTK-V can be adjusted from 550mm to 1050mm Max to suit the blocks or slabs to be lifted, and the gripping width can be altered. Perfect for tight pathways or smaller building sites, the carts long handles give a favourable load distribution position that ensures optimal operation and easy on the back and body of the operator.

Another favourite from Probst that makes lifting multiple bricks easier is the Probst Adjustable Brick Handle. With adjustable gripping range from 400mm to 670mm and a lifting weight of up to 50kgs, this brick handle is a reliable gripping tool to aid manual transportation of bricks from pallet to laying area without damaging any of the end bricks. This efficient lightweight tool is a must for any bricklayer looking to maximise his time on site.

For moving curbs and edging stones, we recommend the Probst VZ1 Kerbstone Laying Clamp or a pair of Probst BZ Kerb Handle. Whilst they are both a two-person job, the VZ1 can lift kerbstones up to 100Kgs in weight, it is also fitted with a central lifting eye for easy attachment to a site hoists, diggers, and telehandlers etc, making moving and laying kerbstones even easier. The BZ kerb handles can lift weights of up to 150kg and can be used on a wide range of materials from Kerb Stones, Edging Stones, Concrete Gutters, paving materials and other landscaping elements

Probst on Block Cutting

When it comes to block cutting, if you’re looking for equipment that provides a cleaner cut with minimal effort, the Probst STS-33-F Block and Stone Splitter has been designed with more splitting force resulting in a sharper finish. The newly designed triangular shaped cutting blade gives a cleaner more accurate cut compared to that on the previous Probst AL33 Block Cutter which had a square blade.

In a previous blog on Block Paving, we discussed the differences between using a block cutter, or power saw, and whilst both are simple to use and very efficient, the block cutter has a slight advantage in the sense that as the splitter is manual, there is very little dust emitted and does not require any water to operate making it not only better for the environment than a traditional power saw, but also better for the operator too. Also, in residential areas, the cutter would be quieter than a power saw, causing less disruption to neighbours. Simple and easy to use, the Probst STS-33-F Block and Stone Splitter is a great option for anyone looking to do block paving.

Let Probst do the heavy lifting

As well as regular site and paving needs, Probst also cater for heavy duty prefab and concrete lifting needs with an extensive and affordable range of FTZ Grabs.


Both the FTZ UNI and FTZ Multi products feature Mechanical Grabs designed for handling concrete blocks, sandstone blocks and most prefabricated concrete elements, including wide and irregular shapes such as Bus stop kerbs commonly known as Kassel or Trief Kerbs, safely and securely.  

Available with and without rubber grips too, the automatic and powerful grabbing and release mechanism makes light work of moving blocks safely without damage to the elements or operator. Both these innovative lifting products are also fitted with a large lifting pin, enabling the Probst FTZ UNI and Multi to be easily fitted to cranes or hoists by using either lifting chains, lifting slings, or just connecting via the hoist hook. The feedback on these heavy lifting products has been incredibly positive especially from the trade community.

So that is our Probst spotlight! For our full range of products from Probst Handling Equipment including all lifting, laying, screeding and vacuum lifting devices, you can head over to Alternatively, if you are unable to find what you need get in touch with us here: