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DSR S Pfaff Wire Rope Sheaves


The DSR S Wire Rope Sheaves are available in a wide variety of pulley diameters, manufactured from high quality wear resistant steel. Supplied with bearings.

£71.21 ex VAT

£85.45 inc VAT

DSRB Pfaff Wire Rope Sheave Blocks


Pfaff DSRB Wire Rope sheave blocks are suitable for both manual and electric driven wire rope winches. These dynamic all rounders with variable rope and sheave diameters and cable deflection op up to 180° can move loads of up to 8 tonne with ease and reliability.

£94.93 ex VAT

£113.92 inc VAT

LB Pfaff Wire Rope Winch - Galv Design


LB Galv Wire Rope Winch is a classic styled hand winch. Designed as a base or console mounted hand winch. The Pfaff LB wire rope winches are from our best selling winch range and used for a variety of both lifting and pulling applications

£158.89 ex VAT

£190.67 inc VAT

LB Pfaff Wire Rope Winch - Stainless Version


The LB Stainless Wire Rope Winch is a console-mounted winch. It is from our corrosion-resistant winch range used for a variety of both lifting and pulling applications in outdoor or wet environments - Designed for maximum versatility and efficiency.

£432.32 ex VAT

£518.78 inc VAT

Pfaff Rotational Jack MH


The Pfaff Rotational Machine Lifting Jack - Great multi-functional hydraulic jack ideal for low height lifting / working in confined spaces or lifting machinery / forklifts that have very low floor clearance - Can be used both vertically or horizontally. The main design plus is the claw can rotate 360° making positioning simple and easy. These jacks fit perfect under most forklifts - Fitted with carry handle.

£275.74 ex VAT

£330.89 inc VAT

Pfaff Silverline Std Hand Pallet Truck

HU 25-115 TS

The Pfaff Silverline HU 25-115TS is a high-quality standard-size pallet truck rated at 2.5 tonnes. These branded pallet trucks stand out from the pack due to their build quality and the fact that spares are available for all parts - These are not throwaway units.

£416.24 ex VAT

£339.98 ex VAT

£407.98 inc VAT

SW-W Pfaff Wall Mounted Wire Rope Winch (SG)


Pfaff SW-W Wall Mountable Wire Rope Winch are well-designed and very robust - suitable for industrial environments, and in construction, agricultural and wholesale applications.

£199.14 ex VAT

£238.97 inc VAT

12 24 48