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Probst Pin Extractor ENZ

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Probst Pin Extractor ENZ



Probst Pin Extractor ENZ is a simple but effective tool to pull out string line pins embedded into the ground on a building site. can be used on line pins from 10mm to 30mm dia.

£66.98 ex VAT

£80.38 inc VAT

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Probst Pin Extractor ENZ is a simple but effective tool to pull out string line pins embedded into the ground on a building site without bending the pins, meaning they can be re-used time and time again. the ENZ Pin Extractor safely grips onto the rebar securely, much better tool to use rather than the old method by hand, using pliers or hammers which was time consuming and could leave to injury.

The Probst Line Pin Extractor ENZ has a "V" shaped clamping system that will lock onto the rebar and can be used on bars from 10mm up to 30mm in diameter. It grips that tight the operator can now twist, turn and pull the line pin to loosen and then remove from ground. no real physical effort required.

Fitted with a red plastic hard wearing handle for comfort. Main body of extractor manufactured from galvanised body.

ModelProbst Part NoDescriptionDiameter of barWeight
Probst ENZ51800038Line Pin Extractor10mm to 30mm1 Kgs

Further information regarding the Probst Pin Extractor ENZ

Part Number 51800038

The previous time consuming and often injury causing method, to pull out pins just by hand or using pliers, hammer and such are gone now.

With the Probst ENZ, the pins are not bent when pulled out.

When lifted up, the V shaped clamping system locks to the pin. Now pulling and turning movements to loosen the pin can be exerted without any real physical effort.

Durable surface protection by galvanizing.

Hardened gear segment.

Key Features of Probst Line Pin Extractor ENZ

Probst Part Number 51800038

V Shaped clamping mechanism to maximize gripping force.

can be used on bar from 10mm to 30mm diameter.

Safer than using pliers.

Pins left straight once removed from ground.

Durable surface protection via galvanised body.

ModelProbst Part NoDescriptionDiameter of barWeight
Probst ENZ51800038Line Pin Extractor10mm to 30mm1 Kgs

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