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Probst SDH-H Hydraulic Manhole Cover Lifter

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Probst SDH-H Hydraulic Manhole Cover Lifter



The Probst SDH-H-15 UK Hydraulic Manhole Cover Lifter is a powerful and versatile tool designed to streamline manhole access and maintenance tasks. The ULS Lifting kit is supplied with a set of keys and spreader bars making it suitable for both experienced professionals and newcomers.


£1,609.00 ex VAT

£1,484.98 ex VAT

£1,781.98 inc VAT

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Probst Hydraulic Manhole Cover Lifter SDH-H-15 Kit is a heavy-duty professional device. Universally suitable to lift and move away all common sizes of manhole covers, maintenance hole covers, utility covers, and sewer holes. The Probst Hydraulic Manhole Cover Lifter revolutionizes Manhole Access and Maintenance below ground. They are designed to safely and securely lift and remove all standard sizes of manhole covers. Heavy-duty build quality with a galvanised finish to ensure durability. 

The Probst SDH-H Hydraulic Manhole Lifter is a cutting-edge solution designed to transform the way manholes are accessed and maintained. With its innovative hydraulic system and robust construction, this versatile machine promises to streamline operations, improve safety, and boost overall productivity in various industries such as construction, utilities, municipal services, and more.

The SDH-H hydraulic manhole cover lifter has a large breakout force and is suitable for lifting manhole covers with a diameter of up to 950 mm. It features a hydraulic system that creates a pulling force of 1500kgs, making it the largest breakout force in its class. With 3 sets of keys, it is easy to use and provides safe operation of the manhole cover. The Probst SDH-H-15 Hydraulic Manhole Cover Lifter is suitable for covers with diameters from 260 mm to 950 mm. Its powerful hydraulic system enables effortless operation even with such heavy covers.

ModelProbst Part NumberPulling ForceLifting HeightWorking WidthWeight

This Probst Hydraulic Manhole Cover Lifter SDH-H-15 Kit from ULS Lifting includes a set of keys and spreader bars, specially designed for UK manhole covers, enabling most types of manhole covers to be lifted.

 Included with the Manhole Cover lifter is the Probst 54800004  set of keys and spreader bars for UK Manhole.

2 x Key A 

2 x Key B

4 x Key C

1 x Spreader Bar Small

2 x Spreader Bar Large

Key Features and Benefits of the Probst SDH-H Hydraulic Manhole Cover Lifter:

Heavy duty professional device. Universally suitable to lift and move away all common sizes of covers.

Keys and spreader bars are not included at SDH-H-15.

SDH-15-UK: incl. Set of keys and spreader bars, specially for UK.

High break-out force

Can be taken to pieces within seconds in order to be stowed in each car boot.

Durable surface protection by galvanizing.

  1. Powerful Hydraulic System: The Probst SDH-H is equipped with a high-performance hydraulic system that provides impressive lifting capabilities and high break-out force. With the ability to lift heavy manhole covers effortlessly, the machine reduces the physical strain on workers and eliminates the need for manual lifting, thereby reducing the risk of workplace injuries.
  2. Adjustable Arm and Boom: The hydraulic lifter features an adjustable arm and boom, allowing operators to reach manholes of varying sizes and depths. Its flexible design ensures that different types of manhole covers can be lifted with ease, making it a versatile tool for diverse projects.
  3. Intuitive Controls: The SDH-H is equipped with user-friendly controls that enable smooth and precise operation. With intuitive joystick controls, operators can easily maneuver the lifter, raising and lowering the boom to access the manhole cover efficiently. This simplicity of operation reduces training time and ensures that the machine can be used effectively by both experienced professionals and newcomers.
  4. Compact and Maneuverable: The Probst SDH-H is engineered with a compact design that allows for easy transportation and maneuverability on the job site. Its small footprint ensures it can access tight spaces, making it ideal for urban environments where manholes might be clustered closely together. The manhole lifter is easily broken down to pieces in order to be stored in car boot.
  5. Enhanced Safety Features: Safety is a paramount concern in any worksite, and the SDH-H takes it seriously. The lifter is equipped with safety features such as stabilizing legs to provide a secure base during operation, preventing any accidental tipping. Moreover, the hydraulic system is designed with overload protection, ensuring that the machine can handle the maximum load safely.
  6. Time and Cost Efficiency: By significantly reducing the time and effort required to lift manhole covers, the Probst SDH-H boosts productivity and project efficiency. Its impressive lifting capacity allows for quick and frequent access to manholes, reducing downtime and expediting maintenance and repair tasks.
  7. Durable Construction: Probst is known for manufacturing high-quality construction equipment, and the SDH-H is no exception. Built to withstand harsh job site conditions, the lifter is constructed using durable materials, ensuring a long service life and minimizing maintenance costs. Supplied with a set of keys and spreader bars

The Probst SDH-H Hydraulic Manhole Lifter is a game-changer in the field of manhole access and maintenance. Its advanced hydraulic system, adjustable arm, and intuitive controls make it a versatile and user-friendly tool for a wide range of projects. With a strong emphasis on safety, time efficiency, and durability, the SDH-H is a valuable investment for any industry that deals with manholes. Embrace the future of manhole access and maintenance with the Probst SDH-H Hydraulic Manhole Lifter and elevate your projects to new heights of efficiency and safety.

ModelProbst Part NumberPulling ForceLifting HeightWorking WidthWeight

Maintenance and servicing are crucial aspects of ensuring the longevity, reliability, and safe operation of the Probst SDH-H Hydraulic Manhole Lifter. Proper care and regular upkeep not only extend the machine's lifespan but also minimize downtime and potential breakdowns. Here are some essential maintenance and servicing guidelines for the Probst SDH-H:

  1. Regular Inspection: Conduct routine inspections before and after each use to check for any signs of wear, damage, or loose components. Inspect the hydraulic system, hoses, stabilizing legs, and all moving parts. Address any issues immediately to prevent further damage.
  2. Lubrication: Proper lubrication is essential to maintain the smooth functioning of moving parts. Follow the manufacturer's guidelines for lubrication points and use the recommended lubricants. Regularly grease the boom, arm, pivot points, and other areas as required.
  3. Hydraulic System Maintenance: The hydraulic system is the heart of the manhole lifter, so it requires special attention. Check hydraulic fluid levels regularly and ensure they are within the recommended range. Inspect hydraulic hoses for leaks, cracks, or signs of wear. Replace any damaged hoses promptly. Keep the hydraulic fluid clean and replace it at regular intervals as per the manufacturer's recommendations.
  4. Battery Maintenance: If the Probst SDH-H is equipped with a battery-powered hydraulic system, ensure that the battery is charged regularly and properly. Follow the manufacturer's guidelines for charging and storage. Keep the battery terminals clean and free from corrosion.
  5. Cleaning: Regularly clean the manhole lifter to prevent the accumulation of dirt, debris, or corrosive substances that could damage its components. Use water and mild detergent for cleaning, avoiding the use of harsh chemicals that may harm the machine.
  6. Stabilizing Legs: Check the stabilizing legs for proper functionality. Ensure that they extend and retract smoothly and securely lock in place during operation. Lubricate the leg mechanisms as needed.
  7. Inspection of Safety Features: Regularly inspect all safety features, such as overload protection and stabilizing legs, to ensure they are in good working condition. These safety mechanisms are critical for preventing accidents and protecting both operators and the equipment.
  8. Calibration: If the Probst SDH-H features load monitoring or weighing systems, calibrate these instruments periodically to maintain accurate measurements and safe operation.
  9. Professional Servicing: While regular maintenance can be performed in-house, schedule periodic professional servicing by authorized technicians. They have the expertise to identify and address potential issues that might go unnoticed during routine inspections.
  10. Proper Storage: When not in use, store the manhole lifter in a clean, dry, and secure location. Protect it from exposure to harsh weather conditions or extreme temperatures that could affect its performance and longevity.

Always refer to the manufacturer's maintenance and servicing guidelines outlined in the user manual. Following these guidelines diligently will ensure that the Probst SDH-H Hydraulic Manhole Lifter operates at its best, maintains its safety standards, and provides reliable performance throughout its service life.

Probst - Making hard work easier

The Probst brand is renowned in the construction industry for its commitment to excellence and innovation.  For over 60 years now Probst have been a leading manufacturer of high-quality construction equipment, Probst offers several key benefits that make it a preferred choice for professionals in various sectors:

  1. Quality and Reliability: Probst products are known for their exceptional build quality and robust construction. The brand uses premium materials and rigorous manufacturing processes to ensure that their equipment stands up to the demands of heavy-duty usage, providing reliable performance even in challenging work environments.
  2. Innovative Solutions: Probst is dedicated to continuous innovation and stays at the forefront of technological advancements in the construction industry. Their products often incorporate cutting-edge features and design elements, making them efficient, user-friendly, and adaptable to modern construction needs.
  3. Safety Focus: Safety is a top priority for Probst. Their equipment is designed with various safety features to protect operators and other workers on the job site. From overload protection mechanisms to stabilizing legs and intuitive controls, Probst products aim to minimize risks and prevent accidents.
  4. Versatility: Probst equipment is designed to be versatile and adaptable to different applications. Whether it's materials handling, site preparation, or road construction, their range of products can cater to a wide array of tasks, making them valuable assets for diverse projects.
  5. Efficiency and Productivity: Probst understands the importance of time efficiency and productivity in the construction industry. Their equipment is engineered to streamline operations, reduce manual labor, and expedite tasks, ultimately saving time and labor costs.
  6. Environmental Considerations: Probst is committed to sustainability and reducing environmental impacts. Many of their products are designed with energy-efficient features, and the brand emphasizes responsible manufacturing practices to minimize their ecological footprint.
  7. Extensive Product Range: Probst offers a comprehensive product portfolio that covers a broad spectrum of construction tasks. From paving and materials handling to drainage and manhole maintenance, their diverse range allows customers to find the right tools for their specific needs.
  8. Global Presence and Support: Probst has a strong international presence, providing access to their products and services in various countries around the world. This global network ensures that customers receive the support they need, including technical assistance, spare parts availability, and training.
  9. Customer-Centric Approach: Probst places great emphasis on understanding the needs and challenges faced by their customers. Their equipment is designed with user-friendliness in mind, and the brand actively seeks feedback to improve their products continually.
  10. Established Reputation: With decades of experience in the industry, Probst has earned a solid reputation for delivering high-quality, reliable, and innovative equipment. Their brand name is synonymous with excellence, making them a trusted choice for construction professionals worldwide.
  11. Overall, the Probst brand benefits from its unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, safety, and customer satisfaction. By providing efficient, reliable, and user-friendly solutions, Probst continues to be a preferred partner for construction projects across the globe.

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